Thursday, 27 December 2012

Part 1: Penang

Gonna write about Part 2 (Thailand) another day so that it wouldn't be a long ass pics+words post hehe!

Taken on the coach!! 
Yes i took a 12h coach to penang! cray cray crazy ass i know! 
i rmb i was quite ok with it when i was younger but now that i'm older, i get paranoid about.... washrooms :(
FYI. there's toilet breaks (of cos) but it's only at specific places & usually it's highway so the driver won't be able to stop in case of.. emergency :(
Nevertheless, i survived!!!

Reached Yong Peng before midnight & had my fav kuaytiao soup for supper!! :D

It's my must-have whenever we stopped over at Yong Peng :)

So i practically spent my journey watching Rookies Diary, listening to music & sleeping..
We reached BM at frigging 5.45am (or thereabout) -__-
either the journey was damn smooth or the driver was speeding! (ok or maybe both)
couldn't call aunt to fetch us so we dragged our zombie bodies to the nearest food place with our luggage :(
like 无家可归 pls :(

Had mee tai mak for super-damn-early breakfast! 
This is superb especially with the chili!!! omg *drools*

Finally waited till 6+ before we called aunt!! (:

Gran's place! 
Oh, i rly miss living with her :( :(
I hope she's doing well at the other side of the world, with my grandpa <3

Omelette rice for lunch! 

Loklok aka 串串 :')
MUST-EAT at penang!! 
it isn't the taste nor food which i like but the fun having lok lok haha!

Dim-sum with great-gramps. :')
the century egg porridge (last pic) was dope!

Another must-eat!! Malay mixed rice and veggie!
Never tried dining in before (bloody infested with mosquito btw)
The crowd is forever crazy and we've to go there at 11am (buying for lunch leh) if not there'll not be any food left :( -not exaggerating tyvm-

MINE hehe
Less than RM10!

colorfullll Armswagggggg! 
otw to pick papa up from the airport!
and while on the way to the airport, we met...

it's a confirm-don't-have sight in SG! 

Seafood dinner at night :)

MY FAV MY LOVE!! Idk its name thou

With great-gramps! 
if only Gran was in the pic, it would be perrrrfect!

Power of Sixx.
We only see one another once a year (maybe twice if we're lucky) but i'm so thankful for this precious kinship which i'll always always keep close to my heart ♥♥♥

Had Buffet for lunch the next day at only RM10! Crazy or what?!
Haha what a steal!! :D
Even thou it's sooo cheap, the spread was reasonable and there's still desserts!

Went over to Jusco mall after lunch (:

Had a couple of hours of snooker and i love le family bonding time ♥


That's all for Part 1 and i'm moreeee excited to write about Thailand trip! (: 
Stay tuneddddd!

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

Long day tomorrow! JB trip with the classmates! ^^


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