Monday, 10 December 2012


ME x ME x ME 

Mad mad mad love the new Reflection app which i just downloaded :)

When the world says, “Give up,” 
Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.’


Had ultimate breakfast at cbtl after PCB paper aka first paper a couple of days ago.
(the strawberry jam is to die for. i'm not a fan of jams but this was rly awesome!!)
ohhh back to PCB paper, it was pretty demoralizing i must say =x
felt even worst after hearing from some other classmates that it was a relatively easy paper. :/
sighh i only can hope for the best and pray that whatever i wrote makes sense. 

Time flies and it's gonna be one last paper in two days!! 
which means to say, one more step to freedom!!

Had lunch at fish&co after SMM paper. 
Can't be bothered to snap any pics cos i'm sooo disappointed w it -.- 
Shan't talk about it and i'm quite certain it's my first & last visit to fish and co @ JP!! -.-

Slacking at BK while waiting for buyer. :)
visit for awesome prices and items hehe!

Got this new pair of sandals from Pstique.
(Not a person who fancy bright colors BUT I LOVE LOVE THIS GOLD!!)
PLUS PLUS It's on 20% discount. :)
My third pair from 'em and i'm ultra satisfied with the quality!! 
their shoes are always sooo comfortable! no blisters, no pain :) 

Jurong Point 2
Tel: 6316 9626


Back to mugging. :(

One last lap, one last paper, two more days to...

F R E E D O M 


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