Sunday, 30 December 2012


Friday morning ♥
Pretty much in love with my new spike hairband!
Only $3.90!! From Gek Poh Mall (which i call it kaypo mall cos it rhythms lol!!)

Sizzling Stonegrill @ City Sqaure :)

(credited to S)

Bill: RM64 (or thereabout)

Classic Pedicure (RM35) @ Nails Studio (Holiday plaza!) ^^


S's new pair of slippers which she's TOTALLY in  with!
(shot credited to her!)

Enjoying life like a tai tai yay (:

Group photo ♥

Inception, lol!! 

Cool man #1

Cool man #2

Choosing shades cos it's RM20 for two pairs, :D

New loveeee, <3

Thank you S for snapping both pics :)

Another group pic at Sentosa Plaza, before dinner! 

our ai-yu 冰 <3
the combination of lime juice plus jelly is sooo good that B & I both ordered another cup!

Our passports + covers! 
Mine's the pooh, got it at KSL for RM5.90! 

So that basically sums up our lil virgin out-of-town trip tgt!
looking forward to more trips xx

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