Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Back To Blog x Iskandar Site Visit

Finally back to the blog! 
Wanted to blog earlier but somehow, can't get transfer the photos from my phone to cuzzie's laptop (didn't bring my mac over to M'sia) :/

Oh wells,

So before I left for Penang, the whole class (our lecture combined classes plus some from other courses) had a site visit to JB! First time having site visit out of SG! LOL :)

Had to change to Iskandar's tee so everyone was wearing the same one =x 

Our first stop was at Iskandar's information centre. 
Nothing much there, explored a little before we had a talk by the VP.

HAPPY F! HAHA dk why she was sooo happy lol! 


Admiring my own nails while the guy was telling us about the development :P

Having two chipped nails on my right hand :(
Sigh, can't wait to get CNY nails at Milly's (still a long way to go but looking forward alr hehe!)


Look at the spread! <3
it's so nice of the people there to prepare this for us. :)

Raining cats and dogs so we had to bear with the cold + rain while waiting for the bus!
Watched badminton mini-cum-friendly matches but no pics :( 

Back to SG when the bus arrived & that concluded our exclusive site visit out of town hehe :)

Writing about Penang & Thailand soon! 
catching up on dramas first hehe

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