Thursday, 15 November 2012


Such a depressing Thursday. :( 
i really wonder if i'm fated with happiness. everything was good on Wednesday, was truly happy the entire day. but the next moment, everything went down. It's always like this. whenever i'm truly happy, i'll have to be prepared for sadness/anger/disappointment/frustration. i know nothing is perfect but do i have to deal with rain and rainbow at all times? why not just.. rainbow?
People are selfish, in one way or another. people would always care about themselves first, isn't it? (me included, of cos) i'm cool with that but i just can't take it lying down, esp when it came from someone whom i face every single day (ok, almost everyday) I've always thot that you are somewhat more matured, more sensible in thinking, but that had to come out from your mouth, that tinge of selfishness. feeling disappointed is definitely an understatement. i don't deny that i'm selfish and self-centered at times, but do you have to be that obvious? do you rly have to make me feel so bad? i'm sorry, but from that moment onwards, i'll definitely see you from another point of view. and oh, define "friends".......


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