Monday, 19 November 2012


Finally back to dark-colored hair ever since i DIY-dyed this blonde shade (from liese) LOL!
the lady at the salon was like, did you bleach it yourself! :/ 
pretty happy with the hair lenth but i'm still getting used to the color! it's so dark and.... so black that i can't... stand it
anyway only costed 50 bucks to dye and $3.80 for my hair cut (snip off the grass ends pff) 
i'm hoping intern company will allow me to have dyed/highlighted hair so that i can have mix violet streaks hehe


PS. Only 28 bucks for rebonding (ALL LENGTHHHHHHH)

Caught Ah Boys To Men, the talk of town these days ever since its screening! 

*all pics credited to Google*

I rly find this movie so relatable, esp when some of the lines by th casts were so familiar! lol!
it makes me think of those good ol' times in SJAB, when i was still a cadet with a bunch of wonderful people. no doubt, things were tough at times ( just like army ) but everyone was suffering tgt, which made things so much easier. i find this scene particularly funny cos the lead actor aka Ken Chow, reported sick with one of his buddies and he said that even thou they were "sick" and unable to do corporal punishment (aka pumping), they were made to do STUPID thing........ and next scene (showing the stupid thing) was BUDDHA CLAP HAHAHA WTF i rly LOL at this part cos i find it so funny! *ahem* i used to do that as well and made juniors do that too! LOL! a lot of things were so familiar and it rly made me feel so nostalgic!
things such as...


Water parade! 
gosh during the old times (in the past lah i'm not v old anyway), we were made to recite the water cheer a few times before we were allowed to drink. 

There were so many more stuff like "room, diam!" "everything you've to ask permission" "knock it down now(my fav line hehehe *evil laugh*)" 

Not to mention, the theme song was so so so catchy!!

Comedy level was *two thumbs up* but plot was............... partly cos i don't like it when there's part 2 to a movie and i feel like i'm left "hanging in the air" with no ending :( such a pity! guess i'll have to wait patiently for part 2!

Go watch it if you haven't! 
Have a great laugh and forget about all unhappiness/worries :)

Can't wait to watch Argo!!! :D

Off to lunch,
Take care xo.

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