Tuesday, 13 November 2012

online shopping: endless hole

First ever purchase from 淘宝 (Taobao)  and i'm sooo excited for the parcel to arrive!

Currently my items are separated into both air and sea shipment cos there's batteries in both my vintage watches which are not allowed for air shipment ): gonna have some patience waiting~~ oh yeah!

items which i bought..
(all pics credited to 淘宝)

around 16 bucks plus shipping. :)

around 8 bucks plus shipping. :)
holy shit, i wanted to get it when i first saw it at Bugis/FEP (i forgot which one) and it's bloody 30+ -__-
it's Anna Sui iPhone flip case btw

around 8 bucks plus shipping. :)
one of the FB blogshops is sellin' this at 25 bucks, so thankful i didn't buy it on impulse!
lesson learnt: go taobao to get whatever u wanna hehe (;

Got the one in camel (first row) for around 8 bucks plus shipping :)
saw this when i was in Xiamen but i wonder why i didn't get it.................. hmmmmmm

Spent around 50 bucks on my first purchase!
and even before the parcel arrives, I've a list of items which i wanna get and it's NEVER-ENDING 
*forever adding on everyday zzz why char why haizzz*

PG美人網: //tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction/b83094284

PS. Below pics all credited to 淘宝

i might forgo this, sweet-looking (yet useless) pen, LOL

(i know this looks kiddy but i really like the ones in pink/hot pink) 

there's still a couple more (just a couple, yeah serious) but can't seem to load the pics )':

*happiness of a shopaholic* 

On a side note, it's internship interview with the school tomorrow and i'm crossing my fingers for it!
even googled "how to not laugh during an interview" (hahaha wth)
 i'm sooo afraid of bursting out laughing cos i'm gonna face pineapple! tsk :/
long day tomorrow with project work after school! let's go :D

oh, and happy Deepavali! (;

Take care xo.

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