Sunday, 11 November 2012


Skipped lecture unintentionally last Friday :/
(le girls didn't believe me haisssss whyy leh )
holy crap i swear i was shocked when i jumped up at 12.30pm *class at 1pm*
So i decided to continue slacking (duh, can't be rushing to school right?) and joined the girls for makan at a later time :)

Thankfully i didn't rush to school for lecture cos it ended in less than 1.5h zzz 

Wore my braided head band for the very first time :')
Ready for NPCO's east meets west concert in the evening!

#aotd Accessories of The Day :)
got the blink blink hot pink watch from 大田 for less than 10 bucks

Had pizza hut at clementi! 
it was located at such a ulu place (inside Courts) which i didn't know of its existence -.-

451 Clementi Avenue 3  
Singapore 120451
6235 3535

free flow of pepsi for student meal ^^

SH's Hawaiian pizza
Both F & I can't stop giggling after knowing she's gonna order pizza.
can't exactly put it into words as to why we laughed, lol! 

S's & TW's curry zazzle baked rice

Honey roasted wings, yums

my prawn aglio olio hehe
miss it so much!!! how i wish Zesty is still around in school :(

F's Chicken Royale Baked Pasta
looks so appetizing!!!

hut's platter! 
fried tempura, spicy wings, criss cross fries & calamari *loves*

Camwhore using S's camera!

i MUST MUST get a camera which can take camwhore pics!
would prolly take it everywhere i go hahaha 

Pretty cherry plant! <3

we slacked and walked around the mall to kill time before going back to school for the concert! can't believe we spent 3-4 hours there! got my fav toffee nut frappe before heading back (:

Beautiful windmills at night! 
i know this is ridiculous to say it here but i "stole" one red windmill home :P
(but sigh, it's damaged and i chucked it aside)

Music box @73

Photography was not allowed so i had to snap two sneakily :/

idk why but both S & I were giggling/laughing throughout the concert -.-
gosh we couldn't even maintain ourselves tsk . 
plus the auntie behind us didn't maintain too ahaha
never heard of most of the tunes CO played but i appreciated 屋顶, 我要快乐 & their encore piece, 那些年 :)

For the performing babe, WY :)

Quoted from my IG:
"Tonight was nothing short of amazing with the girls <3 i can never imagine school w/o 'em, their presence makes things so much better in my mundane school life. ;) our share bits of jokes, laughter and gossips. <3 our fourth semester tgt, and may our friendship grows stronger every single day. lots of love xo"

can't be more thankful for them (':


Headed for training on a Saturday morning. (:
so glad that the doctors were sooo nice! 
thankful for their help (:

Rushed over to ECP for work aftermath!
holy shit, Singapore isn't very big but travelling from one end to another was like... hell
took me, i think, two hours to reach. & i was late for work 
thankfully the run started at 4.30pm

Setting up the booth!

Passion Run '12

company i'm working for. :)

Colorful balloons!
wanted to take pics with the balloons but didn't get a chance :(

Cool guy in shades Fixing the 100+ backdrop

Used the fan the entire day cos i was sweating profusely
damn the sun, ALSO CAN'T MAINTAIN zzz

Families/couples/friends/individuals came to take pics at our photo booth :)
so heartwarming to see the whole family going for the run tgt. 
my wishlist if i ever get married and have kids. :D

the queue also can't maintain, never ending from the time we started -__-
there was this time when the queue was almost ending and i, having the hobby to camwhore, wanted to play with the photo machine BUT SUDDENLY THE QUEUE WAS SO LONG YET AGAIN 

this was the queue at 7+ 
sigh lady boss asked me to go and queue to STOP the frigging queue so that we can 收工

Can't rly see clearly but that's the queue for free popcorn
it was horribly long & never ending
wonder what time that popcorn guy ended work

test shot with lady boss :)
it's smth like polaroid with the 100 plus backdrop + " i have outdone myself by completing 9 km today "
oh wells, there's 1.2km kids dash, 5km fun run and 9km
so it depends which distance the people ran
should have taken one solo shot when people haven't start queuing :(
oh wells, next time!!! 

So i took another 2h to get home. legs were aching and stomach was growling (only had mcdonald breakfast in the morning)
lesson learnt: never take up events which are too far away!!! *bear that in mind*

second last event before CT in December.
it's rly time to focus and do well before internship. *thumbs up*

Off to shower and usual family dinner later xx

Take care xo.

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