Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Virgin visit to EWF!!
heard about it since forever but never got round to trying :(

Finally met up with H for din :)

Everything with Fries
40 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: 6463 3741

Advisable to make reservations cos it was pretty crowded for a weekday :(

Ambiance was average but i find it too noisy :( 
place was rather small and with the blasting music, it was so hard to chit-chat tsk 
BUT BUT, their service was sooo awesome
personally, i think hygiene & service is highest priority in a restaurant. 
the servers were so nice and friendly! :D *2 thumbs up*

skinny wings. quite good imo. :)
10 pieces for $6.90++

H's cheese burger! 
U can choose yr choice of fries (:

My lamb burger! not too bad! $11.90++
not recommended for people who dislike taste of lamb thou :/
had original (aka bbq) shoestring fries

Was too full to try their nutella tart, sigh :( 
next time next time~
headed over to CBTL to chill & chat :D

Her classic tart 
(why is it named... tart? hmmmmmm)
it was nice!! never tried before (i think) thou i worked there previously 

My hazelnut ice blended :) 

With H :)
i rly hope we can visit bkk tgt next yr :( :( 
i get all excited whenever i think of the cheap shopping!!! 
*fingers crossed*

A long Wednesday (class since 9am) yet awesome evening. 
Amazing how we got to know each other thru YEP trip and now having dinner & chit-chatting tgt
<3 #thankful


School internship interview next week!! (sigh)
it was unexpectedly fast (we only submitted the form last week) and i'm feeling the jitters! 
gotta dye my hair to a more decent color (now is kns duo color) and get treatment for my grass roots (lol) 

Been working more often lately and idk if it's good or bad
Got another event but gotta go for briefing zzzzzz i dislike briefings so much. waste of time and transport fare
oh wells, time to focus on schoolwork, it's November = one month to CTs (double sigh) 

Hang in there, it's weekends soon!

PS. Visit for cheap stuff like rings and iPhone covers. :)

Take care xo.

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