Thursday, 22 November 2012

Carpenter & Cook :)

Finally headed down to Carpenter and Cook after hearing so much about 'em!

Check out the reviews:

Carpenter And Cook

19 Lorong Kilat #01-06 Singapore 598120
+65 6463 3648

Love the entrance and its vintage deco <3
i'm a sucker for vintage stuff haha :D
plus plus, it's so near NP!!
Side note: GRIN AFFAIR, Y U SO FAR LEH *sobs*

Their breads!
They've quite a variety but i didn't get any :/
oh wells next visit then!

Picture would be better w/o my shadow -.-

i would love to bring this home but.... look at the.... price, tyvm 

How they dry/hang th jars

Mad love the wall clock! LOL
the clock's plate is so nice and vintage (told ya i'm a sucker!!) HAHA

They've tables and benches for dining as well.
Good for afternoon tea/catching up with BFFs ♡

Menu :)
i can't wait to dine in! wana try their scones hehe

Lemon drizzle and brownie which i got
don't fancy the lemon drizzle thou it's their signature but i like the brownie!!! (:
i got their tarts as well but i forgot to snap a pic *greedy me*

I like this colorful clock too!!! 
Got the urge to buy and hang it in my room! :(

Looks like some garang guni place lol no offence 

Ah blurry pic tsk :\

Awesome vintage floral tray ♡
i'll get to use it when dining in! yay lol 

this concludes my virgin visit to C&C! 
if i had a party, i'll order pastries from 'em ^^

So, school has been pretty mundane but time passes sooooo fast! i can't even...
it was only last week when i met WY (it feels like ytsd) & i'm meeting her tomorrow for Argo!
Can't wait to catch it cos the story plot sounds so interesting! 
i hope we get a good seat unlike last week :( 
on a random note, my iphone/itunes has been a bitch. i'm v noob at technology and i can't seem to figure out how to delete photo library on my phone. (ps. i wanna delete cos it takes up 7GB of my memory and i can't update my apps) so i googled, managed to delete it and now  it's taking FOREVER to update/dl apps!
 tsk annoyed annoyed annoying piece of shit
OK *chill* oops side track, anyway CT schedule has been released = fuck no it's coming in nooooo time 
2-weeks break soon!
haha self-comfort *claps* xD
ohhhh momo and bro went back to Gran's and they're gonna enjoy themselves at Cameron, leaving me in Singapore with all the shitty assignments and humidity :( 

Okay, i better hit my notes before the whiny mood sets in............ TGIF

Take care xo.

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