Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Caught Argo at Cineleisure with beloved WY! :) 
It's a film directed by the lead actor, Ben Affleck.
He's sooooo charming in the movie!!! :D

[all pics credited to google]

Anyway, i think he looks more.. manly with his beard. If u get what i mean. LOL.
we were deciding between skyfall and argo and for some reasons, we chose Argo. 
the beginning of the film was so.... that she dozed off & i was checking my phone every now and then :/
it was so documentary feel since it's non-fiction
it was till the middle part whereby it got all interesting (': 
nerve-wrecking as well when they were checking in! (u'll only know when u watch haha)

So thankful that we didn't leave halfway thru. I wanted to suggest that D:
it's a happy ending and i love it :) 
nobody like sad endings right?

Accessories from Editor's Market :)
it's one of girls' best friends for it always make our outfits & personality stand out x 

Walked over to FEP for dinner!
Decided on Wong Solo cos WY said her friend recommended this place for Indonesian cuisine. (: 

Wong Solo Ayam Bakar
14 Scotts Road
#01-26/27 Far East Plaza
Tel: 62350523

My ayam penyet. ^^
I couldn't take the chili :( it's so bloody spicy 
the meat was awesome thou! :)

WY's ayam bakar, wong solo's signature dish ^^
it's rly nice except the chili lol!! too dry and spicy :\
would definitely go back for the chicken hehe

side dish: fried calamari 

With my mango juice. 
it's more like mango ice blended and i don't fancy it ): 

Their menu!
Overall, i think it's worth another visit for the main dishes aren't too bad and i like the ambiance of the entire place. thou it's a small place, it wasn't too squeezy and there's benches at the back. :) 
I googled on "Wong Solo" and found out that it's very famous in Indonesia and Malaysia. They've around 90 outlets in Indonesia alone!! So glad it has opened an outlet in SG :)

Went for nails therapy (check it out here) and mini supper aftermath!
chee cheong fan at the small food kiosk near SHIHLIN
it shouldn't be hard to find cos it's pretty visible and near the exit/entrance :)
the prawn chee cheong fan is to die for!!! i wouldn't mind making a trip down just for it hehe

On a bimbotic side note, i was surprised to find that NP is soo near to town! =x
 Yes, it wasn't my first time traveling to town from NP but that day was exceptionally fast
I reached in around 20 mins! gonna head down soon for Sour Sally (haven't get round to trying it) and get my hands on NARS blush/illuminator!!! :')
oh hello NARS, you're finally in Singapore *inserts hearts*


Momo and bro went over to Gran's and then to Cameron Highlands for 2D1N.
She's such a sweetheart to get these for me:

Smaller version of 恩, the one i have at home :D
SHO CUTE LEHHH & my fav color somemore yay 

In purple :)
Bro got one in blue and it's sooo cute!! 
Can't wait to see it when they're back on Thursday x


Gorgeous pair of silver glittery heels from Payless. (credited to their website)
looking forward to field trip tomorrow so that i can visit Payless at changi city point.
(YES! We're going all the way to changi to visit.......... cold storage. lol)

One camho shot before i sign off xx

It's CT in 2 weeks' time & i really need to focus. :(


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