Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Work at Heron Bay Showflat last Sunday :D
it was such an enjoyable event and i had real lots of fun with both HY & JY!! 
it's a pity that the location was too far away from my house ): 
took an hour plus to reach and we were late

Early in the morning~
not a lot of people and we were pretty much slacking 

Reunited with this machine. :P
love-hate r/s with it ): i enjoy using it but always get scalded!! tsk :/

Another booth - hot dog buns (so so so popular cos it's FOC HAHA #sosingaporean)

Some deco for our booths :')

So cute hehe! love the burst of colors, so joyful!! :D

First round of food! 
Mad love the breaded scallops, so awesome :D

YAY BUFFET happy iz me (and fat die me)

Another booth - candy floss! 
kinda like making the floss. :D quite fun & i love the sweet pinky color!

new cutie friend, A!
he's so adorable tgt with his bro (below pic) and they came to our booths to entertain us!
he's pretty good looking for his age imo! 长大一定是帅哥 (;
*pls don't judge me as pedophile*

he said: "i'm a child so i can be childish." -__-
he's always getting the FOC hot dogs so he randomly said that he wanna be a hotdog seller in future

PS. We tried stalking him on FB but to no avail ):

A's cutie lil bro, B!
HAHA wth lol i just realized one is A, another is B.

With their cousin, -girl in pink- A (:

Getting ready for magic show!

Pity the magician, Mr K. the kids didn't get his jokes so no one laugh/respond ):
i can imagine my awkwardness if that happens to me sigh

this lil boy was so cute! look at him and his candy stick, lol!

Second round of food :')
i'm so happy cos food makes the world go round~~~
+++ all my fav food hehe

Some entertainers playing games with the kids

OUR FOOD, looks so appetizing hehe
our booths were so close to the buffet line that we kept going over to get food + refill drinks lol
in total, there were three buffets - morning, afternoon, late afternoon
plus, there were different drinks for all three!
lime juice, orange juice and most common - fruit punch :D

second round of magic show by Mr Rabbit!

this time was better cos he totally attracted the kids and all responded to his tricks!

our booths ^^

see! the buffet line haha omg fat die me really
i think we ate the whole day! wasn't rly busy at the booths cos everyone fly to the buffet line when it's ready

it was placed right beside us because there were no space at the tables -__-


So work ended around 7 and we had to clean up the machines!!
it was the worst part of the job ): just so hard to clean up ):
so sticky, oily and what's not. plus it wasn't in our job scope to CLEAN UP.
we went over to the showroom after clearing up and toured the "house" haha :D
i wonder if i'll have the chance to buy such atas condo hmmmmm
home sweet home thereafter :')



Take care xo.

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