Saturday, 20 October 2012



First week of school wasn't too bad, nothing too stressful nor tough
(except for this bloody module which is all about physics)

first thing i saw when i stepped into NP. <3
So beautiful!! 
Even more awesome when there's wind and all the windmills start to spin.
Easily contented lol

Ice milo from Munch :)
it's only $1.50 and such a huge cup!! 
was late for first day of school, bad start -__-

Had a 3h break so we decided to head to Ivins. :)

Ivins Nyonya Specialties - peranakan casual dining
21 Binjai Park  
Singapore 589827
6468 3060

For this outlet near NP, it's opened from 11-3 & 5-9
Close on Thursday :)

Had this fishball soup 
too salty imo =s

Lunch set, nasi kuning with all the other dishes :)

the lunch set came with dessert so had chendol too. :)

First day of school went by so quickly & it was lecture day -.- 
lecture from 9am till 5pm zzz 
i guess the obstacle this semester would be BSE.
All about physics and i know nuts :/
i felt like i was in a foreign language class whereby i don't understand a shit...
worst still, everyone else seem to understand holy crap

Work after school and this was my dinner provided by company. (: 

After work; waiting for bus to meet momo for supper <3

Had mango pomelo sago (my all-time fav) and steamed carrot cake.
the carrot cake was so mad loved that we ordered 2nd serving!!
can't wait to go back and eat again lol! fat die me

Yay 3-days school-day next week ^^
no IL lesson on Tuesday (my lecturer's still as funny as ever lol) and Friday is Hari Raya Haji 
hectic weekends ahead, seminar on Saturday & work on Sunday!! $$

let's go *pumps fist* :')

Take care xo.

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