Sunday, 14 October 2012


[credited to FB!]

Starting off with a group pic we took before checking in for our flight. :')
(Ok, this pic has nothing to do with the topic lol)

Ought to be sleeping but i just suddenly thot of "sistership" and decided to blog... k #random

I've always wish to have a sister (still do, because i just told my momo in the afternoon that i wanna have an elder sis). A sister whom i can have h2h talk with, whom i can go shopping/movies with, whom i can go for nails therapy with..... don't get me wrong, i love my brother but there're some stuff which i can't do with him duh (manicures for example) and some topics which are inconvenient to discuss with him (mensus/pms for example). I've always visualized having a sister, how she would look like (like me hehe not that it's good-.-), how much fun we would have, all the quarrels, h2h talks about guys, retail therapies tgt etc etc.  I've always envy friends who have elder sisters (i wanna one too). when i read tweets like "manicure and shopping with sissy! (insert pic of 'em)" i've always thot how nice it would be if i could do the same. you might think girlfriends could do all that, yes i second that, BUT sisters would never feel the same, yes? i wanna an elder sis whom i can rely on, whom i can talk to as and when i wanna. how nice it would be if my elder sis and i could share clothes/shoes and talk about GUYS.... oh well, i guess that would never happen (duh) but at least i've my momo whom acts like my sis at times HAHA, just that i can't shop nor have nails therapy with her~~~ (girlfriends hehe)

PS. why do people name their sisters as "sissy"? hmmmmm it's not just ONE friend but MANY who do the same! (on twitter/fb etc) ok that's beside the point.

Ironically, I DO HAVE A SISTER. (maybe u would think i only have one brother but noooo!) i have a younger sister. HOWEVER, whatever that i mention above, she can't do it with me........ she has no interest in doing her nails (why oh why), she has no interest in shopping and best part, we don't have any h2h talk for 17 yrs of her life. even my bro listens to me more than she does. i'm not blaming her, different people have different character but sometimes, i just wonder WHY...? people have sisters, i do too.. but why the difference? we've the same blood. certainly not age gap, because we're only 2 years apart. it's definitely character -we're worlds apart- of cos, despite all that, i still love her (well, blood thicker than water ya? hehe)

Even thou i can't have a sister to do all of that with me, i'm thankful for my momo and girlfriends :) 

Cherish your sister because there're people out there who yearn to have one :) 



It's a new school semester tomorrow (last one before internship) and i guess.. i'm ready. Are you? (:

I hope every tomorrow will be a better day for you & me :D 

Goodnight x 

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