Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Saiseriya & Tiong Bahru Bakery

All ready to meet T for catching up dinner at Clarke Quay (one of my fav place in Singapore lol)

PS. Rly sucks to be wearing jeans everytime i'm out cos of all the disgusting marks/scars on both my legs
le sigh :\

Suggested to visit Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe @ Liang Court because i've always wanted to try this Italian restaurant! :D
don't rmb how i got to know this place but it was written on my sticky notes LOL.

 Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe (Liang Court)
177 River Valley Road
#02-22 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Tel: +65 6337 9001

Apparently they've other outlets too.

Grand Menu :)
There wasn't a wide variety of food but was good enough imo.
Affordable prices too :)

T's mushroom soup. (:
Tasted rly good, better than my seafood chowder (below pic)
It was $2.90 i think.

Seafood Chowder ($3.20)

Pineapple and bacon pizza
We shared this 9 inch pizza and it was pretty good :') 
$7.90 if i rmb correctly

Appetizer: Cheese sausages. 
Pretty average but the potatoes looked rly pitiful/sad/lonely ):
that was what both of us thot, lol. should have come with sauces or condiments.

Shared the food and total bill came up to $22.20. :) nice food, affordable price.
PLUS PLUS this restaurant don't have GST & Service charge. yay (: 
oh we had free flow drinks for $2.80/pax. there's soft drinks, coffee, tea and orange juice.
would definitely visit again to try the steaks and pastas hehe

Headed over to Harry's for a drink and to chill out.

Used to be A971 Cafe - the one which i worked at two years back.
it was my first F&B job after leaving Prudential (my first ever job wtf)
there wasn't much changes to the layout. everything looked the same haha great memories :D

Ordered Harry's brownie with ice cake. 
sorry for the dark pic, i forgot to turn on flash :\ 
(but anyway iPhone flash sucks)
whenever i wanna take photos at night/in the dark, i rly wish i've got a decent camera ):

My pina colada (': 
T had sex on the beach!! (the drink of cos!)
i first tried pina colada when i was working at A9 and sex on the beach at Sentosa lol!

beautiful Clarke Quay :)

Chit-chat, reminiscing those good ol' times during my first year in Mbio.
so thankful that we're still keeping in touch despite being in different course and having hectic schedules! 
i still rmb how we got to know each other on the first day of school! holy crap i cried on the first day wtf
yes i didn't cry during my first day in primary & secondary school (not even kindergarten according to my momo)
but i cried on my first day in poly wth :\ 
things were so much better when we got to know each other and coincidentally, in the same class!!
(we met in combined lecture) 

Playing with Powercam. goddamn lots of effects!

I love this shot! <3
made her go closer to the camera so that my face wouldn't be so huge!! she has tiny face ):

how can i leave out self-shot? :)

Awesome evening with her, as always. wishing her all the best in her internship!! <3

Came home to this new (and cute) ibanking device!!
prefer this new device to the old one, definitely! so cute :)


Woke up early to have breakfast with momo at TBB!!

Yay finally visit the highly-raved TBB!! it wasn't hard locating this bakery!

[credited to TBB website]

There's a new outlet at Raffles City. (:

It's quite a small bakery in terms of space.
The distance between each table is pretty near so privacy would be a problem.
well, no one wanna others to hear their conversations, right? :\
maybe the outlet at Raffles City is bigger!

Self-service bakery whereby you'll order at the counter and bring back yourself.
Like fast-food restaurants! however, they would bring your drinks for u. :)

Ham & Butter. $7.00
the ham is so awesome!! but the bread is too hard ): 
not to my liking. bro likes it thou!

Chocolate croissant ($3.20)
ordered this because i read a couple of good reviews online.
it was average imo. should have tried the plain croissant :/
(next visit yessss!!!)

MY MOST FAV - Kouign Aman!! ($3.50)
same reason why i ordered this - good online reviews
frigging awesome! bought another back home hehe :)
would be good for people with sweet tooth! the sweetness isn't smth you'll get tired of. :)

Momo's regular latte. ($5.50)

My hot chocolate ($7.00)
so pretty, tasted not too bad!! (:

utensils and cold water. it's self-service so u can just refill the water yourself.
there's also sugar, jam and butter available!

Yay splendid virgin visit to TBB ^^
Would definitely visit again!
Total bill came up to $26.70 (no service charge for TBB)
PLUS POINT: service staff are all smiles & friendly! (加分!!)

Go try go try! 

Doing what i do best while waiting for momo hehe camwhoring (:
the weather is such a killer that i just tied up all my hair tsk

many thanks to YY for th lovely rainbow cake! so pretty & lovely right? (:
she's such a sweetie! appreciate it!

[credited to facebook]

Heading over to Goobynails (second visit!) for nails therapy tomorrow with S & Z. :')
(check out her crazy rates -above pic- and her pretty nail arts here)
pretty excited cos i'm gonna get mustache nails!! hehe. my new love after leopard prints!

Example of how it'll look like:

[credited to google]

Hopefully it'll be as pretty as above! (: 
Pictures on IG (@loveatbravery) once it's done :D

Okay nails aside, i'm pretty disappointed that the time-table changed esp for Friday ):
was so happy that Friday ends at 2pm because that would mean i can head down for SJ..
but things just changed (Friday ends at 5 instead) and now i can't head down on both cca days sigh my life
I wouldn't mind if everyday end at 6pm but i would hopeeeeeee for at least a day down to SJ ):
not greedy, just one day would suffice!!! 
OKAY BETTER STOP before i start a long essay on the sucky schedule
-UPDATED- Now Wednesday has no break from 9pm till 4pm (mad or what?!) 
shall only check back on Sunday for latest version tsk

Off to bed x

Char. <3

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