Saturday, 27 October 2012


didn't rly "celebrate" cos imma not exactly a Halloween type of person and i don't fancy getting spooked :P
quoted from one of my lecturers: "i don't understand why do people dress up to scare people and get scare too??? i rather sleep at home."
HAHAH i don't "rather sleep at home" but just not spooking people (and getting spooked) (x

Ok.. back to post

Rmb the job briefing here? (:
it was for an event at Nanyang primary school
pretty tough to locate the school cos it was all the way inside those atas houses :x

FINALLY!! we reached on the dot yet....

the gate was locked and there wasn't anyone at the guardhouse ):

Taken while waiting for the teacher to open the gate

Slacking at the back of the hall while the P6 students were having th talk :')
was so long and tired till i "napped" and asked F to wake me up when th talk ended tsk

Took class 6F with F and they were such lovely bunch thou some guys were noisy & always talking nonsense -.-
they were supposed to fold stars (pic below!) and write their names/ambitions on their own stars.
so i went around and asked about their ambitions. some jokers actually told me "ah long (loansharks)" and WORST STILL, one said "deceased" -__-
they must have gone mad from studying for PSLE (just completed theirs) and their brains are fried. 
th girls were rly good and helpful thou :)

End Product. (:
all the individual stars connected to form this hexagon shape.

Before we went off. :)
A good two hours working with F & those students.
I still prefer lower primary kids hehe. :D


Met up with W to catch up at ION Orchard. :D
Fish & Co for dinz cos she was craving for it! hehe

crispy white baits. 
not to my liking. ):
worst part- i was the one who suggested to order it -.-

My Italian fish & chips. not too bad! (: 
I've always wanted to try their pastas but fish & co is known for their.. "fish dishes" so... yah

We walked around the mall and finally went over to Orchard Central to chill :)
wanted to go for star$ at 313 but it was full house sigh
so we went over for CBTL instead! had berry'd treasure (pic above) :) 
it was my fav drink when i was working w 'em hehe

we were so epic cos we boarded that 190 which was quite full (no seats)
and just so coincidentally, there was another 190 in front of ours which was EMPTY!!
(wtf, interval wasn't that long, less than 3 min)
so we decided to alight and hop on when our bus took over it! HAHA
so worried cos what if we missed both buses?!
 the bus was rather empty and we just LOL cos we were talking about some guys SHIOK

so fortunate and blessed to have her in my life :) 
it amazed me how both of us make effort to stay in touch despite being in different schools (actually not much of a difference cos our schools are just side by side HAH) and having such hectic schedules. 
lunch date w her this coming week <3 pros of studying so near each other hehe


[credited to FB]

meaningful quote by Audrey Hepburn :)

hectic week ahead cos it's odd week and i'll have practicals :/
working on Saturday at Sentosa (pretty much excited ^^) and training on Tuesday :)
OH YESSS before i end, do kindly help me with this survey:
it's for my school project :)

Good week ahead, everyone xx

Take care xo

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