Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Nails therapy @ Goobynails!! 
*second visit*

It's a home-based salon and you can check it out here.

Engrossed in looking thru her nail arts album while i'm getting my nails painted!

Painting. :)

Really love this pastel pink color. Looks better irl. :P

"end product" hehe (: 

SO SO SO IN LOVE with my mustache nails!! :D

PS. the mustache decals started peeling off 3-4 days later. :( 
nails looked too ugly so i removed it..
can't wait to paint my nails with my new FaceShop polishes! yay

Had prawn aglio olio at pastamania with the ladies after our therapy. :) 
so frigging hungry cos we spent 2-3 hours at her house & it was almost 10 when we had dinner/supper

Painted my toe nails in coral shade :) 


Visited the newly-opened Malaysia Boleh at JP. (:

Jurong Point 2
1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-28
Singapore (648886)

Uncle used to buy it for us as breakfast when we stay at Gran's :)
Good ol' days! hehe
Tasted kinda different from those at Penang.

It's sooo crowded!! 
we were there at lunch hour so the crowd was insane!!

However, we went back to takeaway food at 3+ and th crowd was still the same -__-
the place is too small and everyone was just pushing around:( 
the queue was horrible too!!

Had claypot chicken rice :) 
not too bad imo! worth the queuing time + all the shouting z z z

Chili wasn't too bad but not authentic Malaysia chili, lol.
well, i did expect the food to be similar since it's "Malaysia cuisine" :/

Had longan drinks!

Thou the place was bloody crowded and noisy, i guess it's worth a second visit and i'll definitely go back to try the KL hokkien mee! it's in black unlike those in Singapore! :)
But quite disappointed there wasn't any desserts.. should have chendol or smth :x

snapped pictures at a full-length mirror in a shoes shop lol!
got a pair of pumps and a pair of leopard-preens slippers at 35 bucks (;


First week of school is coming to an end (no school tomorrow yay)
Guess it has went quite well, nothing too stressful (not... yet) 
hectic weekends ahead & i'm pretty looking forward to it (:

Peace out xo

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