Sunday, 21 October 2012


Job briefing after school on Tuesday.
Damn, life's rly a joke.. 
When i'm not taking 184, two came.. EMPTY and 75 next, also pretty empty wth
*thankfully there's seats*
15 mins might not be long but usually i ALWAYS see 52 (thou that's when i'm not boarding)
so.. life's a joke *full stop*

Too bored on the bus. 
Takes like half an hr to bishan interchange.

While waiting for that kids-are-irritating guy.
so we were waiting for D (the one who's gonna brief us) but T (this guy) took over instead.
i must say, he was so... amusing.
both of us can't help but kept giggling and he commented that we were happy-go-lucky -.-
th way he talked and words he used were so funny (that roll-eyes kind), like he said "ok give u two time sheets each in case u screw up one of 'em" zzz or "i hope u're okay with kids because kids might be irritating yknow.." 
and and and he was going thru the agreement w us but halfway thru, he said "ok this entire part you don't need to know, all useless stuff" Z Z Z 
and the way he said was so funny!! ok maybe our humor level is low, lol

some cakey-love for le family from icing room.
oh, Katherine tiramisu is mad love!!! (the round one)
can't wait to try cupcakes from The Marmalade Pantry tomorrow yay food makes the world go round :')
not to mention sweet treats hehe


Universal Coffee House for dinner on one of those family nights aka Sunday :)

Had Tze Char - 包公XO鱼头米粉
It's one of the stalls in the coffee house.
not exactly sure of address but it's at clementi area. (:

Sambal kangkong!! My fav veggie other than broccoli HAHA :D
on a random note, it's rather amazing how i love broccoli now cos i used to not eat it as i thot its hairy "appearance" would tickle my tongue LOL wtf am i thinking

their specialty - XO鱼头米粉
so amazing :) 

White hor fun? LOL not sure of its exact name
*thumbs up* one of their specialty dishes too

Ngo Hiang (五香)

fried chicken wings

their new drink - ice jelly lime honey
basically it's just lime juice with jelly LOL

i always love Sunday dinners with le family cos that's the only day when Papa could join us for dinz :) 
we might not go to luxurious restaurants but i'm contented as long as we're dining tgt hehe <3
sounds cheesy but I've only learned to appreciate & cherish family time 2 years back. 
to everyone out there: cherish and treasure because you'll regret when it's gone. (:

Take care xo.

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