Saturday, 6 October 2012

Friendships ♡

Catching up session with W @ Fosters Restaurant

Taken on the bus otw to meet her :') 

Camwhoring while waiting for her (: love multi-lens!! 
No editing cos all the editing apps crashed after updating to iOS 6 ): 
i rly hope all the bugs will be fixed soon.. the 3G network, the apps, the battery life... sigh.

Fosters Restaurant 
277 Holland Ave
Holland Village
Singapore 278994

Tel: 6466-8939
Fax: 6464-8215

Above pic is their menu in the form of newspaper. Cool right? :) 

Really love the ambiance there.
Very nice and cosy  ^^

Had Earl Grey tea. Missin' fruit paradise!!

We chose their hi-tea set at $11++ per set.
consist of scones, sandwiches, cakes and tea/coffee :) 
the scones were pretty awesome, reminded me of those served at SMOOCH CAFE@72 in NP :)

Collage as usual. (: love the frame! 
reminds me of union jack ;p

Headed to Coffee Club to chill and chat :D 
太太 life hehe.
(Left to right: Mochaccino & Hazelnut Chocolate blend)

Thank you for the past 7 years! I can't imagine life w/o you, babe. 
Thou we're in different school now, i'm glad we're making effort to keep in touch and catch up as often as we can. <3
it means a lot to me whenever we hang out tgt since we both have hectic schedule. ):
Thank you for "delivering" my birthday gift to my house and never fail to rmb my birthday every single year. xoxo
I thank Fate for allowing me to know you and i'm thankful for this priceless bff-ship <3

Being on the topic of Friendships, i'm very appreciative of friends who bother to keep in touch, be it via meet-up, SMS, whatsapp & what's not. :) 
always very happy to hear from friends even when we don't see each other v often.
Just like T, whom i got to know during my MBIO days. Very glad that we're still in touch after 3-4 years.
Time flies, she's into her last semester this October. I still rmb how we got to know each other in 2010. :))
I know people always say, friends come and go. Those who will stay, will stay eventually.
But i believe it takes effort, time, love and patience. It takes two hands to clap. No friendship should be maintained by one party. :) I fully understand when a person decides to let go after being the only person who hold on for so long. It just hurts :\

Putting all the sad stuff aside, Cheers to all friendships in the world
it takes more than fate to know each other so treasure people around u. xo.

Got cupcakes from Plain Vanilla. 

Plain Vanilla Bakery
34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
Singapore, Singapore 277691

The cookies and cream (bottom left) tasted kinda weird imo. :\
actually the sponge cake at the bottom is almost the same for all cupcakes. 
just the cream flavor that's different. i like the red velvet (top right) thou :D


Last session of MOW/CIP last Friday!! ^^

In Superman Tee:)
Taken while waiting for Z & F to get their drinks. Hot day indeed!! 
Will prolly be dehydrated w/o drinks, tsk. 

PS. Should I get a Superman iPhone cover? LOL. 
on a side note, been very into Mustache nowadays. got mustache iPhone cover, necklace, connector ring and PROLLY going for mustache nail art too ^^ what abt a mustache tote bag???? haha those printed ones. 

Took this to upload to QQ. 
Sorry that i didn't rotate it :/ 

Furby @ Courts!! the color is mad love!!
i would definitely get this color if i ever get one, haha xD

SHOOOO CUTIEEEEE *inserts lotsa hearts*

Hi-Tea with le momo & bro @ Blue Mountain Cafe.

Blue Mountain Cafe (B.M.C)
313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road, #03-23/24 

The service kinda sucks :\
the lady boss (i supposed she is since she wasn't in uniform) was so aloof
can't stand it when service staff acts like we owe 'em a lifetime z z z 

Cheezy Potato Wedges.
Not hot enough imo. :S

Simply Strawberry. Yay me love strawberries~

Met the awesome girls for din Fish&Co at Paragon!! (: 
it's been a month since we last saw one another! lots of misses xx

Seafood Chowder! tasted so heavenlyyyyyy!! (':

The Best Fish & Chips! 

New York Fish & Chips.
Too cheesy for me since i'm not a cheese-lover. :/
But overall was great! Love the fries!

[credited to F]

Poach Cod with Spicy Teriyaki

[credited to S]

Group Picture! (i look so shitty with my straight eyes, damn)
The staff who helped us take this pic was so funny lol! 
After taking, he asked F why she can't smile -.-

Great night out with 'em! Can't wait to see 'em all in one week's time!
(thou that would mean.... it's school) 

Been watching Code Of Law these days. It seems like another debut of The Pupil.
Quite a nice show. ;)

[creited to google]

Keagan Kang is quite cool ^^
Been watchin' In Cold Blood 2 too. it rly hurts to watch :\
all the inspired stories are just so sad. 
i can't imagine it irl, all the sufferings, pain, blood.......
Sigh. Life. :/

Working + more catching up next week :)
Need to stock up on skin care! 
gonna get Neutrogena toner and cleanser, oil-free and no alcohol contents ^^

Char <3

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