Monday, 1 October 2012

Food + Drink Fix

Read my China (Qitao/Xiamen) experience here.

Met E at Starbucks for a catching up session!
oh finally i miss it so much~~~ and her of cos xD haha.

White choco mocha frappe + new york cheesecake!
My fav. combination<3

Out for le ohana dinner on mid-autumn festival :)
the moon was oh-so-round-and-bright!
happy belated mid-autumn, everyone xxx

Edited with new app, GirlsCamera!
It's FOC and i absolutely love love love its frames! (:

Had my fav carrot cake at Newton Circus!!
Mom actually asked if i were starved for two weeks over at china! 
had so many cravings to satisfy~

& of cos, can't leave my fav dim sum, swee choon!! 
they should totally change location cos the parking there is so horrible :/
papa is usually very turn off so we always choose take away

Swee Choon - Shanghai & HK dim sum
191 Jalan Besar  
Singapore 208882
6294 5292

Great for people who love supper because it closed at 6am, lol.
can have breakfast directly! :D


Very lazy to work! About 2 weeks to start of new semester!
Oh gosh it feels like the break just started :/ 
shall stop whining and start making full use of two weeks! 


Till next time, take care <3


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