Monday, 8 October 2012


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Watching "Find Me A Singaporean 3" in the wee hours made me miss Qitao, a lot. (that explains this post and its title hehe) anyway i forgot if i did watch season 1 and 2... hmm

In Episode 4 (watch it @xinmsn), she went to Yun Nan to look for this male Singaporean (actually i do wonder why they didn't fetch her from the airport hmmmm ok nevermind lol). The village (ka shing i think?) he brought her to reminds me a lot of Qitao...
I miss Qitao
I miss the 11 days there
I miss those days spent with le kids
I miss those tea sessions (plus mini mandarin oranges)
I miss le KTV session 
I miss the English classes (or... singing classes lol)
I just... miss everything there :'( 

OHHH plus there were np and nus students who went there for YEP, yes he mentioned it when they went to see the mural painting done by NUS volunteers. DOUBLE PLUS, their bunks looked similar to ours LOL.

Okay Yes, i do admit that i couldn't get used to the environment in the first few days. evidence below (lol):

That was.. first day (thou idk why the date is 12th zzz) haha. holy crap it's unedited okay!!
"scaring the shit out of me" -.- i'm like laughing at myself, right now, literally.

So that was 2nd day (obvious enough.) 
I forgot why "things turn better after showering" umm pardon my English, tsk.
HAHHA why oh why the irony~~~

I have even thot of just going home. (prolly just pay up full sum and GO HOME) I don't think i'm the homesick kind of person but i rly do miss Home when I was there. Things were pretty hard, no toilet bowl (yah wtf comfort of Singapore), no fans, no western food, no proper heater (only gas which i were ALWAYS afraid of it exploding)......... But things got so much better aftermath, the nature, the scenery, the people. Everything was just so... nice. The 11 days there were rly the best thing out of the entire trip. i can't believe i'm missing that small lil village, i can't believe.

Thank you, for making me a stronger person. ♡

hoping for some time off next yr to visit Qitao again. transportation & accommodation will be a problem but i'm sure things will work out :') it's just amazing there. maybe i can consider to live there after retirement. be with nature, cast aside all the modern technology and lead a simple life. not a bad idea huh? :D

Gonna continue watching other episodes. ;) a meaningful variety show, indeed. love episode 4!! can't wait for more episodes! 

Keeping Faith,
Char. <3

***Read my Qitao experience here.

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