Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Bulletin found on one of the group QQ chats which i find it very meaningful! 
May all of 'em over at Qitao be healthy and happy always :')

Jack's Place (Marina Square) for 木冰 birthday dinner 

Jack's Place
Marina Square 
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 6338 8292
Operating Hours: Daily 11am - 10:30pm

怡萱's ice mango and strawberry cooler ($4.50)
tasted kinda herbal :/ but the mango bits were awesome :')

Crispy fried calamari ($7.50)

*Typical* fish & chips ($14.50)

Jack's seafood spaghetti ($14.50)
Quite nice imo :) 

T-Bone steak ($24.00)

Forgot what spaghetti this was :\

Birthday cake from awfully chocolate :D
Oh love the chocolate~~
so sinful yet so awfully good~~


Collage via PhotoWonder.
wonder what's wrong w the app :/ it crashes when i wanna edit my photos.
plus, look at top left that blue rectangle. dk why it's there. :/
so retarded z z z 

Oysters natural shared with 怡萱 :')
pretty good! 4 pcs for $14.50. 
rly think we could have gone for 12 pcs haha 

*all prices w/o GST & service charge*

we just slacked at esplanade after din and chatted till midnight (or, close to midnight)
thankfully i caught the last bus home!
great night out :)


Second last CIP this afternoon! Last lap on Friday! (:

Sipping on caramel frappe after CIP! 
Feels so good having a cold drink after walking the whole afternoon!
so sad that mocha frappe isn't available ):

Can't wait to meet W and the girls tmrw/Friday respectively :D
I'm gonna enjoy this week to the fullest cos i'm starting work next week ):
very regret (even before starting tsk) but i shall suck it up ):

Okay, last 11 days of the break! Let's go!!! :D

Char. <3

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