Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Went to Kranji Primary School for a Chinese cultural program :)

Was so tired by th time i reached the school! tsk. 
apparently i didn't know that 307 will reach there thus i walked all the way from yewtee :/
thankfully i wore slippers if not i would have prolly cried cos of the heels (which i changed into before entering the school)

Worst still, when i left the school, i realized it's sucha short distance away from CCK Sports complex -.-
could have alighted there and walked over. oh wells, lesson learnt!
very thankful that i made in on time!

Class that i would be taking with my partner :) - 2I

Briefing by their teachers.
Those kids were so adorable ^^

My class. Hehee.

Settling 'em in class! 

Clay Modeling. 

Dragonflies which they did using strings. ;)
I had to learn it on th spot cos i couldn't understand the video -.-
tsk, no flair for handicrafts. 

Focusing on their models. :D

In process: Making penguin. LOL.

Little girl with her watermelon. :)

Apple & pear! (as according to 'em LOL)

They were such delightful and lovely bunch of kids! plus smart because they picked up those skills easily!
No doubt they were noisy and had short attention span, but very adorable and nice to teach :)
oh not to mention, there was mix nationality in the class! 
supposed to be a Chinese class but there was Indian, Filipino, Korean & Myanmar kids in the class! cool or what?! :D 
so fun to chat with 'em and they've got so much to talk about despite being only 8 yrs old! 
what's with 8 years old talking about wooing another girl from another class and asking the teacher about her boyfriend?! LOL. totally cracked me up :)

Hopefully there'll be more chances interacting with primary school kids :)
Maybe i should be a primary school teacher? haha wth. 
*considering in process*


Less than a week to Qitao and i'm 101% not prepared!
Gotta start getting all the stuff ready (esp th souvenirs)! 

Bye lovelies xD

Char <3 

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