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[credited to GA]

YAY momo dearest surprised me with Grin Affair (GA) the other day!
Ok technically it wasn't a surprise cos i told her to get 'em for me when she went Chinatown but when she came home, she told me she didn't buy 'em cos she couldn't locate th shop -__-
(disappointed tsk)
BUT...... that evening after dinner, she "presented" the four bottles to me!! 

Thank you so much, lovely momsie <3

Left to right: 
Dark Chocolate, Lychee Passionfruit with Sea Salt Pistachio (unique name!), Strawberry Custard and Cookies and Cream

Picture has no filter/editing :) Purely taken with iPhone camera!
The bottles are lovely and cute!! 
Take-away packaging is soooo unique! Mad love!

Edited by DecoPic (my new fav editing app. now PhotoWonder is second, oops.)

Momo commented that it's so cute & pretty that she can't bear to eat!
I second that. :)

PS. I call my mom "Momo" in case u think it's my cat or whatever pets. 
But anyway i'm always changing the way i call her LOL. 
sometimes i call her 娘. HAH like those dynasties. wtf.


Dark Chocolate. It's kinda bitter for me. :/ 
Those who love dark chocolate will like this. 
Gotta say the layer of soft chocolate cake below is good! 

Strawberry Custard.
(PS. Kept typing as star berry -__- annoying the shit outta me.)
THIS. IS. AWESOME. (for strawberry lovers like yours truly)
prefer this to dark chocolate.
Love the sweet taste & the strawberries! Would definitely get it again :')

***Pic from IG (@loveatbravery)

Cookies & Cream!
not too bad :') 
love the crunchy cream cookie bits at the top layer (shown in pic)
the cake is really moist & soft, love love love!
oh not to mention, the awesome dark chocolate cookie base :D
not a huge fan of dark chocolate but this tasted alright. would definitely order again yay.

Lychee Passionfruit with Sea Salt Pistachio!
love how taste of pistachio blends with the entire cake :)
awesome for lychee+passionfruit lovers! 
th taste of lychee and passionfruit is really strong IMO! not too bad for myself:)

Overall, I love Strawberry Custard most <3

GA was introduced on one of the variety shows on Channel 8 previously.
(Sorry idk which show -.-)
And obviously it's unique because it's cakes in bottles!!!
Plus point is GA loves the Earth
Consumers can return the empty bottles to 'em and get a free cake after returning 5 bottles!
Save the Earth, <3

Oh one point to take note is, 
if you're planning on taking away, GA don't provide carriers for 3 or less bottles. :x
Get yr carriers/bags ready & save the Earth with them, <3

Since i didn't visit that place personally (which i'll.. soon), i took some pics of the lil shop from internet. :)
Momo said the decoration is kinda turn off and a bit of old school! 
i believe it's vintage :)

[all credited to various websites - from search engine]

grin affair

[credited to GA]

Their address & contact number.
You can SMS them yr orders (below 100 bottles) and collect 'em :')

Do visit their website for the various flavors and pricing! 

Can't wait to visit that lil vintage shop soon!! ^^
And of cos, try the other flavors.

AND AND AND, I'm gonna try The Tiramisu Hero. :)
Desserts make me happy! 

The Tiramisu Hero

[credited to TTH]

Char, <3

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