Thursday, 27 September 2012

beloved 19th!

Read my Malaysian Food Street @ RWS post here.

I'M 19TH (x 
one step closer to the big-2! :/

Celebrated my day right after I'm back from YEP!
Gosh nearly forgot that it was my birthday but i'm glad because I've "surprise" people who wished me! 
"surprise" people because i never thought that they would know/rmb! =x 

Anyway! told le parents that they've given me the biggest gift this yr because they allowed me to go on YEP :) 
My best decision this holiday ^^ 

Now let the 11-days journey begin! 
Can't upload every single picture so shall filter those nice/glam ones!
Majority of the photos are not edited because the photos app on my iPhone crashed -__-
All thanks to the new iOS. now, where's YouTube uhhhhhh? ):
(ok better stop whining)

Warning: Long post ahead!

Checking in @ Terminal 1 :')

23 kg i think!! 
guess the weight when i returned???? 
frigging 30 kg gosh! 

Texas chicken for breakfast before boarding the plane (:

PS. Three of us (with Z & F) were late and were the last 3 who boarded the plane -.- 

Yay food! say me weird but i <3 having food on the plane :')

For Muslims 兄弟姐妹 ;)
*inside joke*

With my two lovelies <3
so glad that they went on the trip with me! 
no idea how to survive w/o 'em.<3


Taken while otw to checking out (':
Reached Xiamen international airport after 4 hours of flying!

Boarding the coach which brought us to Qitao ^^

Toilet break! 


A long 5-hours ride before we reached Qitao!
Damn, i forgot to take a pic of the entrance of the school ): 
it was evening time when we reached! 


First feast - Opening Dinner ^^ 

my fav. among all :) 

Personally i love this shot except for the eye bags ): 
It's edited btw! 
(okie quite obvious wtf)

With J during dinner (:

our bunks! looks.. horrible, yes? :/
imagine my feelings when i stepping into the bunk.
but i gotta say, it's pretty nice to sleep in after a few nights, LOL.

first English interaction class :D
combined class - 八(一)& 八(二)

My SIM card + cheena number :) 
it was so bloody annoying because it "changed" from 30 yuan to 4 yuan within a minute of call wtf.
had to settle with incoming call cos it's free. thankfully.

one of the model compositions pinned onto the class' noticeboard. :)

the best and sweetest class ever - 八(一)
it's a pity we didn't get to take one class shot on the last day )x

Life Journey!! 

romantic hor? HAH

Went for home-stay in th late afternoon and met Lala, 紫慧's niece! :)
she's so adorable and lovely! thou she looked like a male baby :x

Omg look @ my straight eye ): 
Can't edit much wtf but Lala's so cute!!!!

With Lala!
Hard to take picture w her cos she's shy with strangers!

That's what she did when she was angry! :/
Even said she wanna hit us! tsk

With 紫慧 and her bro. :')

Otw to Xie Ma Ting. long mountain up!!

Cup Noodles for lunch ^^ 
the kids were so sweet to prepare lunch for us!
they bought all the food and drink and carried all the way up.
how to not love 'em?!! xo.

With Z <3

Origami night after watching a HK horror movie!
Dk what name but it was an average show.

So glad to have her with us throughout the entire home-stay!
She cared so much about our safety ^^

Going to the market!
Their market is only crowded once in 5 days, lol! don't ask me why... culture:)

very cute irl!

Had dinner in the school canteen.
one of the worst meal ever. :/

My most fav and loved 炒冰!! 
Had this everyday ever since i first tried haha!
really v nice and only 2 yuan for a big cup :')

River cleaning ! 

One of the best lunch (IMO!) :)
whenever we dined out (as in not in school kind), we always get to eat SO MANY DISHES!
when we thot lunch is ending, there's always a new dish coming in.
gosh but why are they still so skinny )': not to mention, they love soft drinks (sprite and coke) plus beer.

YouTiao for breakfast!
i prefer Singapore's version lol.

Homestay dinner :) 
Was a gesture of gratitude to th lovely kids who hosted us for 3D2N! xo

Breakfast near the school. :)
cheap and big portion, me like!

Completed mural :D

All the performing items for closing ceremony! 
Survived Mandarin/Chinese for 2 weeks oh yay baby~~~

篝火晚会 2012 (: 
they were all so smart with portable screen and DJ speaker and everything else!
totally turned the basketball court into a stage!! 

[credited to J]

With my co-emcees who are local teachers. ;)
they were rly nice to work with! 

Halfway thru the awesome night! 

Dinner! Didn't eat a lot but drank quite a bit gosh!
everyone's going gaga that night. should have stayed sober and video-taped everything down!
some are rly funny haha (x

With the discipline master!
i looked so sucky ugh ):

Mr Fang; chairman of closing ceremony :)

VP of Qitao Sec ; 蒋副 :)
i look sucky hence that heart! haha (x

random shots: 

Honeymoon desserts while waiting to board the coach to airport 

Haul :) Got like 3 watches and 2 wallets, lol. crazy shopping! 
imagine if i were to stay a few more days at Xiamen, i would prolly have gone bankrupt. :/

Bling bling nails at 15 yuan ^^
So happy because i've got pretty nails plus the lady boss was so friendly!
a bit of drama mama in the shop but everything else was awesome (:

FAV FAV FAV street food! mutton, lamb, pork and what's not!
super love <3

Citidrink, fav bubble tea :)

One of the prettiest girls I've met (x

Collages with my kids <33

Individual shots were taken on the last day ): 
so glad that i got a shot with 'em if not I'll regret till today..

I've never imagine that I would be upset when we were leaving..
first two days were hell.. insects, toilets..
I've even thot of giving back all $$ and returning to SG myself. (i know, impossible)
definitely teared during the first two days. (yes, that bad)
but things got better as days went by..
it's such a beautiful village with lovely people.
yes, sanitation might not be as good as Singapore's, stray dogs everywhere, cars honking for nobody's business... but I've got so used to it. it's terribly sad to be leaving ): 

What i brought back is more than just friendships and all the memories. 
it's different aspects of life which i got exposed to in Qitao! (: 
from them, i've come to realized that happiness can be simple.
there's no need for luxury goods, no need for lots of $$ to be happy.
简单就是快乐! ^^
thou i'm not ready for a 2nd YEP, I'm certainly ready to visit Qitao again! 
Maybe this Dec?
Maybe next yr?
守这我们五年的约定, 不见不散 <3

A chapter closed, another journey began :) 

Thank you all who made this trip possible xo 

Before ending, wanna thank these girls who made this trip enjoyable and full of laughter. :D

Such a pleasure knowing S, H & J through this trip :) <3
very very #thankful

PS. Can't wait to meet le friends next week ^^

char. <3

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