Friday, 17 August 2012


The Great Harmony Race 2012 was held on 14th July @ Hong Ling Park :)
It's like an amazing race whereby participating teams will have to run around Singapore (areas near town district thou.) 
*we didn't go all the way back to west!*
each team will have 5 members and MUST have mixture of ethnic races!
(explains the name of the race haha :) ) 
should any members be unwell that day, entire team will be forfeited )': 
members range from as young as 10 to as elderly as 70!
(according to my boss)

i heard from my team mates that they signed up thru their community clubs!
but i don't think BPCC had that! or maybe I've never bother about their emails... oops


With F as facilitators! 
Totally adore the warm effect from Photo Wonder (:

We were there as early as noon! 
(okie maybe noon isn't exactly v early but the event started at 2+)

My boss as emcee of the event! 
Hopefully next yr the shirt will be in orange or smth, haha.
(self-centered cos orange is yours truly's fav color)
all yellow bananas that day~ 

Our event crews pass, we had to wear it the entire day! 

Registration began and it started pouring too wtf -__-

Why participants in orange yet we were in yellow ): 
on a side note, got to keep the crew tee but never wore it out before

Each group will have a joker card which the team can use to double their points!
however, can only use once and must declare before the game master reveals their task!
(as u can read from the rules!)

yes, total of 6 stations this time round *varies from year to year*
each station will have different tasks which the team must complete :)
and they'll be awarded points!
highest points + fastest group = WINNER = 1 iPad each!!!!!!! 

At each station, after completing the task, the game master will give out the next clue to where the next place will be. :) 
basically, all we (facilitators) had to do was to follow 'em, record those scores and ensure their safety! 
they could go to the wrong place but we can't do anything cos we don't even know the exact place -.-

Our score sheet.
it's like the lifeblood of the race, lol.
i'm always checking for its presence at every station :D

MP Indranee giving her speech :)
she's so hyperrrrrrrr

Our ez-link cards for the race!
COOL RIGHT? HAHA that's like my fav item out of all!
took public transport like nobody's business! 
each member will have 1 card each, only allowed to take buses/trains :')

Preparin' for the start of race!
(thankfully the rain stopped. can't imagine we all head home cos of it -__-)

First station! 
Was to decode this Malay passage about racial harmony in SG (:

Tryin' to get an explanation of the task from the station master!

So while they're carrying out the task, i'll take pic of the surroundings :) 
well, i can't help 'em anyway 
(we've been warned not to!)
plus it's rare for me to visit those cultural places! 
out of 6 places, i only have been to one wtf 

Must have non-Malay to read out and translate to English.
Look how serious Uncle was ^^

THE ARTS HOUSE - former Old Parliament House
(virgin visit there! very artistic place)

One member had to read out passage and other members had to listen attentively for mistakes and stop him/her immediately. 

Tryin' to find out the next venue. (:
they could use the GPS/internet to find out th directions/places!

Piecing the puzzle!
thumbs up for this young girl! 

Some Indian temple

Searching for some stuff (i don't rmb lol)

last obstacle before ending :)
had to blow up a balloon so that it could go thru the hole!


Closing ceremony :)

Apparently some officers were there as well and they got first prize gosh! 
holy crap they were the fastest with highest score! 

Us - before & after.
Didn't get to take more pics of other venues! 
sometimes, at some stations, i was so tired that i just sat there and stoned HAH

Had BK for dinner @ The Central! :)
Mad love the Hershey's Sundae Pie!!!! (it's my fav)

This was is, by far, the most tiring event job I've ever done.
I've never felt so physically & mentally strained when workin' -.-
from place to place, we had to run (literally, not exaggerating) and we were like center of attention cos there were a few busybodies asking what we were "playing" :/
(ok maybe not busybodies but curious people)
It was just so physically demanding esp when yr team mates run and you have to catch up w 'em.
Great exposure thou F & I decided we shall volunteer to be game masters next yr :') 

Disclaimer: The race varies from year to year so it might be different next yr!! 
in case you're reading this and so coincidentally, participating next yr 
just a rough idea (: 


GOOD NEWS CAFE with F when we were at cckss for corp training (:
Their ice chocolate is awesome! 
don't fancy their chicken mayo sandwich thou :/

@ Uncle Johnny's!
So glad our pants will be ready by next Sunday!! :D

My Juicy Couture inspired gold bracelet finally arrived in the mail :) 
the owner sent me the wrong color (silver) so i requested for an exchange and she was so polite and nice! 
second deal with 'em and i'm so in love this new bracelet of mine.
to be frank, the picture doesn't do it justice cos it's so much prettier irl :) 
love those beautiful charms! 

SHOP AWAY @ LADIESINN.COM , you pretty honey <3


OK so it's my final final final paper next Thursday and i'm so done with first sem of year 2! 
i can't describe in words how time flies! 
i still rmb that day when mom & i sat with my mbio director (or someone with high authority) discussing about my bad results and re-repeated failed module. zzz
those who know always ask me to forget the past & move on (which i did) but i wanna rmb that lousy feeling cos it serves as a motivation for me in HLFM. :)
"if you slack off and don't work hard, you'll feel the exact same way two years ago"
one and only sentence to myself whenever i feel like giving up ^^

Meanwhile, take good care everyone! still the crunch period for many!
to those who are "friends" with freedom, ENJOY CHILL & RELAX <3

Till next time,

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