Saturday, 4 August 2012

New In Photos: Verger Généreuse

Been a while since a proper post! 
Haven't got a "good life" recently because it's all about school, tutorials, deadlines, presentations and all that shit (you get what i mean!!)

nothing much going on as i haven't been out with my girlfriends nor shopping Le Sigh
Quoted from one of my lecturers: NO. LIFE. 
I just hope 23rd August will come soon (it's my last paper yay!)
cannot wait for holidays plus my Qitao trip! 
(sort of.. lookin' forward haha)

Now here's my new in photos to keep this space alive:

Red Lips for dinner on one of those Sundays! But damn, sis had to throw a temper cos of her tummy upset. we ended up at teck whye for din. so much for dollin' up wtf
Edited using Photo Wonder and Filter Mania 2 (fav. apps!)

This is one of my To-Do in class durin' lectures HAHA so much for listening tsk
Taken usin' Multi-lens and edited using Photo Wonder :)

Wednesday evening when we were waiting for pa to pick us up to visit Mommy <3
So glad she's all fine now! Let's pray for a positive report XOXO

Received the Army brochure in le mail! 
Army Diploma Sponsorship Seminar 2012 @ The Ritz-Carlton :)
"Every Soldier A Leader"
SAF <3




New accessories from
Gold Wings connector ring & S's Heart gold bracelet !! (: 
@ $2.90 and $3.50 respectively!!
Got a pair of swirl shades, one rose ring & juicy couture inspired gold bracelet as well ^^
Shall post some pictures of those soon~
Do check 'em out! Affordable & chic!
Not to mention, its owner, Jamie, is sucha sweet & patience girl :D



Late lunch with E & A @ BPP Swensens
#7 : Salmon & Mushroom pasta, Fish & Chips, Salmon Pesto (or smth like that), Spicy Wings and meatballs (: 
Their student meal & 2.30pm promos are rly worth it! 
One main course + one free side! 
#8 : Desserts! 2 for $9.90, awesome or what?! *yums*

NDP rehearsal (:
My Love, My pride

Taken while waiting for presentation (lol)
Apparently Z commented that my brows & eyes looked like Crayon Shin-chan (aka 蜡笔小新)  in this photo
love le colors thou!

Queen Of Camwhore In Class (wtf)

Red lips for SPA presentation :) 
Can't wait to lay my hands on Bobbi Brown's Black Raspberry lipstick! 
my new fav: neon colors yay (effect by Photo Wonder!)

Dinner last night! 
good food as a reward for surviving another tough week :)
All from Bukit Timah food centre: 
Top left = Chicken chop with coleslaw & potato wedges
Top right = Chic & bacon aglio olio (sucks like shit, FIRST AND LAST tryin')
Bottom left = Fried Hokkien Mee (all-time fav! the uncle is always nice to not put bean sprout for me!)
Bottom right = satay! (mom's fav hehee)


PS. You can now view my IG photos at the side bar -> 
IG @loveatbravery

Craving badly for dim sum & tarts at fruit paradise! )x 
gonna try Victor's Kitchen soon (i hope)! 
Alright, proper post soon!! 
Stay tuned! 

“The good times of today are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.” 
― Bob Marley

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