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NDP '12 : Loving Singapore, Our Home

*inserts endless hearts*
(belated of cos haha!)

[credited to NDP organizing committee/google] 

My nails for nation's 47th :) 
all the mini hearts show my love to my beloved country! 
* patriotic*

PS. It's just nails foils. I'm not that expert to paint that myself. :/ can't wait to get new set of nails after finals! GALAXY NAILS YAY 

So as I mentioned in this post, mom got the tickets for actual show via balloting.
thus, this year i got to watch the actual show instead of usual NE shows for the past few years! 
words can't describe how happy we are! happy iz us :)

PS. Please be prepared for lots lots and lots of pics of the parade! the rest are just fireworks :X

YAY our tickets! Blue sector!! 

#OOTD red outfit! if only i had white shorts then i can be BFF with our flag HAH!

Reached The Float @ 4+, close to 5pm!
i know it's pretty late and hence couldn't get a good view ):
nevertheless, we enjoyed (actually more-than-just-enjoyed!) the entire show! 

While queuing for security check :D

Was so humid that i tied up all my hair tsk. :/ 
the weather was a killer before the sun set! 

Love my swirl shades from (:

Beloved her. <3
all decked in red, ready for the show!

Of course, like duh, my priority is the parade parade & parade HAH (': 

Raising of National Flag, that moment of pride (=

Feels so apologetic/guilty to be snapping away when it was the time for national anthem. 
pls forgive me ): it's once in a.. year..

RSN; Naval Diving Unit <3
one of my fav. shots that evening! 
(from IG @loveatbravery)

YAY another of my fav. part! 

Singapore, my home, your home, our home 

Love th idea of Singapore island map on the screen :D
salute the committee's creativity every single yr!

Didn't get a close shot of SJ )': 
next year, next year.. next year!

PS. just watched the parade (again) on tv! so proud of 'em <3
Just realized the supporting UG contingents formed "NDP 2012" with the umbrellas!
didn't get to see on actual ): i rmb NDP '08 was "MAJULAH"
i understand the frustration, the sweat, the unhappiness, the agony training for months before the actual!
(please don't comment "it's just marching and turning". just imagine that we've to repeat same old thing every Saturday and while you're resting at home, enjoying air-con etc, we're under the scorching hot sun doing drills. no, i'm not complaining. I'm just saying because I've heard people saying "IT'S JUST STANDING AND TURNING HERE AND THERE" and felt so unfair for everyone! pff)
BUT! it's that pride, that love that keeps us goin' on & of cos, people around us training w us :)
very very glad to be part of NDP 2008! 

Snapped this because Singapore is so tiny yet beautiful :') 
can't be more proud to be a Singaporean!
*patriotic again*

Pardon all the blurry and low-quality performance pictures.. it's just iPhone camera :/



Just look @ the tilted heart!
 idk if it's supposed to be a heart but LOOKED LIKE so i don't care!! 

One of the theme song singers ; Miss Natanya Tan
she's so cute!!!! 

Another theme song singer ; Miss Olivia Ong
Not exactly a fan of her but her voice is real good! 
Just listen to The Little Nyonya's theme song,<如燕>!

When everyone got tgt~~~

This is home, truly ~~~

Ended at around 8+! 
Off to dinner @ Singapore Food Trail

Singapore Food Trail, 新加坡路邊攤
Singapore Flyer  
Singapore 039803
+65 6338 1328

Love that place because of its vintage feel & deco!
back to 80s haha! 

Ice Kachang 

Bird Nest drink
*common at pasar malam*

Hokkien Mee
(it's as delicious as Bukit Timah food centre's but "wetter"!) 

Bak Kut Teh :)
Not those herbal kind, it's pepper! 
I'm sure papa would love this hehee

Finally goin' home and everywhere around The Float is still crowded! 

VERRYYYYY thankful for this awesome opportunity to watch it live! 
can't wait to get involved in NDP again next yr :')
*fingers crossed*

Here's a few nostalgic pics from NDP '08:

9th August '08 :)

Behind-The-Scene: Our fav. activity HHAHAHAA gosh LOL-ing after seeing this pic!
it was so epic that the photographer had to show us tsk!! 

<3 <3


From @disneywords :) 
my motivation for finals! 

23rd Aug will be here soon, for now, hang in there <3


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