Friday, 24 August 2012

F stands for Freedom~

Yay it's freedom... finallyyyy!! 
2 weeks of exams finally over and it's the start of my six-weeks break! 
oh boy, freedom~~~
such a hectic semester and i'm glad it's time for a breather and to re-charge!!
*Pray* for the best for 14th Sept! 
(it's.. omg.. results.. let's not think about it)

Out on Friday (aka yesterday) to collect SJ pants & met W for dinner! 

Camwhored while waiting for Uncle Johnny!
Gosh the weather was a killer and we waited an hour plus for him, tsk! 
Thou we got rly impatient waiting, still thankful that he managed to make those pants for us within a week (=

PS. After trying on the pants, i rly think skirt looks so much better. :x

Met W and dinz @ Hatched

26 Evans Road #01-06 
Evans Lodge, Singapore
Singapore 259367

We visited the branch at Holland Village but no specific address online ):

[credited to]

Would suggest to make reservations on weekends/Friday nights ^^

Outdoor seat because it was full house! 

love the cutie catalog aka menu!

W's Burly Benedict 

My Sir Benedict

Steak Fries

Don't rly fancy the food except the fries & mashed potato! 
Nothing impressive. :/ 
Bill came up to 40 bucks.

Doubt I would be visiting anytime soon..
(actually, i don't think i'll go back again *bitter laugh*)

Shall try out Group therapy cafe soooonnnnnn!! 
Heard good reviews about their poached eggs :D

Coffee bean for supper & chilling out :) 

PS. I actually captioned "Starbucks" on IG, LOL. Miss star$ too much 

Chicago cheesecake :)
not too bad!
made me miss le Italian cheesecake from a shop house opposite beauty world~

Pure double chocolate, tiramisu & hot mocha

Anyway the staff serving us @ CBTL is really weird!
Reminded me of the 3-days when I worked at Iluma's outlet.
[Now known as Bugis+] 
One of the reasons I resigned was because I was too shy/embarrassed to shout out customers' names for 'em to collect their drinks. LOL. CBTL's.. culture. :S

Packed HV on a Friday night! 
So much like CQ :) Bustling night life x

From IG: Collage of our awesome night tgt <3
Filtered on IG (loveatbravery) and frame/collage from Photo Wonder.


Now that school's out, I'm free to do whatever I wanna :) 
Hectic weekends ahead
Enjoy yours, lovelies!!


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