Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Come To Poppy French manicure

My current set of French nails :) 
am loving 'em!

Inspired by S's set of french nails after i saw hers on Friday after MPR paper!
(oh damn, i'm so glad it's over and i hope i'm done with it.. once and for all. 
shan't jinx it, so pls pray for the very best!)
So at night, while chilling, i went to try my first set of DIY french nails :')
didn't have white nail polish so i decided to use one of my fav. color from OPI - Come To Poppy

Actual swatch below:

[credited to google]

I think I got it at 10 bucks from smoochiezz's flea event @ FEP :)
Mad love!! 

Went to research a bit and found out that French Manicure was founded by Jeff Pink

[credited to styleandrelax]

French tips are still the ultimate in nail chic and it was initially named “The Natural Nail Look”
It was only changed to French Manicure when Mr Jeff Pink wanted to honor his new friends from Paris :) 
Popular till now and a must-have in any nail salons! Cool right?!

Tip (from yours truly LOL): 

If you don't wanna have chipped and ugly nails like below:

No offense to whoever nails are those, they're all from Google! :/

You can put a layer of polish everyday (just once will do) and a layer of top coat so that it stays good & pretty :) 
That's what i do if i paint my nails myself! It's not a chore at all, don't be lazy!!
世上没有丑指甲,只有懒惰的主人 ;)
(there's no ugly nails in the world, there's only lazy owners, oh yeahhhh baby~)

Let's say u visited the salon to have 'em painted and don't have the nail polish yourself, you can just apply a layer of top coat everyday :D

Gelish nails will stay longer as compared to normal nails ^^ 

OK, that's all, main focus is to show u my pretty french tips HAHAHAHAH 

PS. can't wait to have galaxy nails after exams!! ^^

Char <3

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