Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Virgin visit to Claypot House thou it's only 10 minutes away from my house (lol)~

1 Jelebu Road #01-58/59
Singapore 677743

Been wanting to try cos it looks soooo appetizing

Just like Dim Sum, we'll write down our orders:)

Hot Fav! (according to 'em)
Hot Plate Tofu-铁板豆腐

Errrrrrr. Looks v different from the pic in the menu!
I know all pictures are for illustration purposes but the difference is kinda huge =s
and i'm disappointed!
The taste isn't very impressive tsk.
252 Seafood (at BPCC) 's version is much much better! 

Claypot Rice-瓦煲饭
Just average.. I think Teck Whye's better LOL! 
Don't like the sausages :S

Frog Leg Porridge-田鸡粥
Just... normal i guess? 
Ok i don't wanna be kp but i think Sin Ma serves better frog leg porridge!
Lol seems like all the dishes have some other places serving better than 'em.

Oh wells, maybe their other dishes are good? 
BUT! I highly doubt i'll be trying again =/

My fav. boy <3
So thankful to have him in my life.
Le family always say he's 神's priceless gift to us. :') 

Collages (:

Had desserts after window shopping! 

Lucky Dessert is just one shop away from Claypot House :)
They closed at 10.30pm! 

Le bro's durian snow ice

My mango sago with pomelo :)
I think the first time I had it there with W tasted so much better! 
Still prefer Honeymoon's & Ah Chew's ^^

Le mommy's Italian herb mixed fruits snow ice!
(Okie actually i forgot the actual name, just came up with one myself by looking at the pic HAH)
Not too bad! Got both honeydew and watermelon!

Collage! Seems like i LOVE doin' collages nowadays :p


AGI rehearsal @ YCK Stadium last Sunday :)

Yellow Sunday morning!
I know i look retarded with the backpack! 
Used to carry tote bag for SJ but i realized it's v inconvenient so I've switched to backpacks :)

LJS Breakfast with F & D before heading to YCK
finally satisfied my cravings! 
gosh been wanting to have it since two weeks ago but always wake up late ):

Flag Party training :)
they even trained before we all started ours! 
applause for them! not easy to train with the flag under the scorching sun!
**Pic from IG (@loveatbravery)

First time in pants =x
honestly, i prefer skirts.

All ready to start rehearsal! 
**Pic filter from IG

Quite a stressful rehearsal.
Never felt so grumpy in weeks =s
esp. with the hot sun & ah hong jie's visit (girls, u get it-.-)
so annoying! 

Actual AGI is this coming Sunday! Hopefully it'll all go well! 
Trained to meet le family for dinz @ Northpoint after training!

Had teppanyaki! First time visiting the food court after its renovation.
(**Pic filter from IG)
was so grumpy and upset that night cos the servers' attitude suck.
holy shit
(out of so many things, i had to misplace such impt item-.-) 
worst thing was, i don't even know where/when did i lose it. 
really think i left it in the stadium's washroom :/ *slaps self*
le sigh. all thanks to the girls, settled this problem for Sunday <3
feel so thankful to 'em! 
will have to make a trip to HQ to purchase a new one.

Sigh. All in all, it was a Bad Yellow Sunday


YEP pre-trip training was held earlier today.

Really don't fancy ice-breaking. 
Not that i'm anti-sociable or smth of that sort, but i always think ice-breaker games are awkward.
and true enough, i experience that today -_-
i just think, everyone will get to know one another as time goes by. 
oh wells, that's IMO. I supposed having ice-breaking is a tradition...

Alumni clubhouse for lunch and it's "on the house" :)

**Pic filter from IG

It's around two weeks to Qitao Trip and idk if i'm looking forward to it :/
just hope i survive * optimistic*
basically, i'm only worried about sanitary.
can't stand being dirty and I've to wash my hair at least once everyday. lol
Not 大小姐, just habit -_-
frankly, i'm looking forward to visiting the village + shopping at Xiamen :')


“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” 
― Bob Marley

Till next time, take care :))

Char <3

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