Monday, 13 August 2012

Aglio Olio!

Whipped up Seafood Aglio Olio on one of th days for dinner!! 
(ok technically mom cooked while i just stood by the side likka queen HA)

Got the recipe from:

(Was given to me by one of my friends, S! Thanks so much sweetheart~)

You can choose any ingredients u wanna :)
But i don't think the taste of ham suits the entire dish! will not be putting it the next time!

Second serving was so much better with more garlic as compared to first! 
Oh how i miss aglio, one of my fav. pasta!
very common but not all places serve good aglio :/
personally prefer Pastamania's and Zesty's 


Finally my Mary Jane t-bar wedge arrived! 
Met up w X, the seller last weekend ^^ 
she's sucha sweet girl! from NP too!

Her blogshop:

Kinda satisfied with this lovely pair (:
it's too tight for my left feet thou, sigh.
Guess i'll have to prepare lots of plasters when i wear this out!


To everyone out there, hang in there <3

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