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NTUC Family Recreation & Fun Carnival '12

Went for NTUC Family Recreation & Fun Carnival '12 on 24th June :) 
(PS. I know it's nearly a month but late better than nothing right?^^)

There's quite a number of days which this is held:
3 Jun 2012 (closed)
24 Jun 2012 (closed) - WENT FOR IT! 
25 Nov 2012
8 Dec 2012
9 Dec 2012
10 Mar 2013

For different dates, there'll be shuttle buses at various locations to pick us up to Downtown East. :D
YES, the carnival is held there for ALL days! 
If you & your family are keen, you can visited NTUC website for more details. 

Woke up sooo early that day and was all grumpy because the queue for shuttle bus was horribly long thou i thought we were pretty early tsk!

The driver even drove the wrong way and had to make u-turn before reaching downtown east.

They gave an umbrella as "free gift" -.- those long, home-use kind. 
expect us to bring it around? so inconvenient. 

Kids' playing area in the main hall. :)
There was this lil girl who tried the rock climbing, climbed till the top and couldn't come down.
in the end, the staff had to climb up and rescue her.
Imagine if i were the staff, i wouldn't have the courage to go up. :'( 

We stayed in the main hall for quite so time (forgot what we were doing)
headed for lunch and shop around before going for WWW.

This Beijing 101 giving us a hair analysis. LOL.
i've oily and unhealthy scalp. ):

Gave us these goodies when we bought a 28 bucks treatment voucher from her.
Will blog about it soon! so comfortable and shiok ^^

Had coupons for bowling so we went for it! 
Long long queue (thou ya, the lanes were all empty -.-)

there were many other stuff to play with but majority is kids area hence we didn't try 'em out! 
f&b vouchers were provided as well, so we got free meal! (: 

High tea while waiting for lanes! PIZZA :D
used the f&b voucher to get pizza! hehee
*typical Singaporean!*

YAY FAV. COLOR! *ignore my ridiculously small eyes :/*
no editing at all )x

Played a few rounds before going over for some other stuff. ^^


Headed over to our last stop - WWW :)
Couldn't take any pictures of cos but we had a hell of fun time in the pool! 
headache at the end of the day cos spent too much time in water, tsk
not to menton, the washroom was packed like sardine cos we left close to closing time!

Papa picked us up and we went for tze char dinner X

Such fun time with le ohana <3
been so long since we had such enjoyable day tgt:)
they are the people whom i trust, rely and depend on XOXO

Endin' with a self shot :D


School's been so hectic! (not dying yet but VERY VERY hectic!)
i know everyone's goin' thru the same thing but i can't help but whine le sigh
deadlines, assignments, projects, EXAMS (in three weeks wtf)
wonder why there're soo many projects when it's nearing exams!
so when will we have time to revise?
During the one week study break? WTF )x

Looks like it's gonna be crunch period till exams end!
can't wait for end of Aug! :))

oh and i can't decide if i should take french next sem!
decision decision decision :/

(PS. miss corp training a lot a lot!) 



Till the next time,

Char! :)
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