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It's been halfway thru 2012 and i hope 2012 has been treating you guys well
Life isn't a bed of roses so no matter what happened for the next 6 months, persevere and just hang on. <3 
Always rmb that there're always people who are less fortunate than u, and who need help more than us.
Your story is never the worst. 

You can give in to the failure messages and be a bitter deadbeat of excuses. Or you can choose to be happy and positive and excited about life.
-A.L. Williams

So i haven't been updating what I've been up to before CT!
YEZZZ CT is over (u might have guess from my previous post)
it's been a hardcore half month tryna mug and mug and mug :\
so glad it's all over! gonna be less stress (i hope) next term since i only have 2 examinable modules.
that said, projects do kill too, no?
3 projects with 1 individual report (damn) and not to mention, i've to complete all overdued revit assignments! yes, speakin' of that, i've to make a trip to school to re-install wtf
Double Damn. :/
Okay, school aside...

Went for BNCO '12 on 1st June after school!

Met up with C to get dinner for the rest! 
(that's the bad part for "reporting" late oh wells :'S)
so so so glad to catch up with her that day! been so long sweets!
one of the reasons why i'm thankful that i joined SJAB. *inserts lotsa love

Can't wait to meet her for our dim sum lunch tomorrow XOXOs

X came over for CS! 
so thankful for his help! :') 

PS. I'm always saying i'll learn ever since last year but it's halfway thru 2012 and i still haven't get down to it, tsk. ok maybe resolution for 2013: LEARN CS. haha wth

(i'm referring to the trophies above the cupboard, not all the orange shirts thou orange is my fav. color LOL)

Expert at work ;)

All his materials! How i hope I've all those cosmetics :'(
it's the same cosmetics which girls use to make up!

All the casualties! our dear SM decided to take a pic sitting down cos she's supposed to suffer from "miscarriage" tsk excuse to sit uh-huh! :D

Anyway after that day, i realized that iPhone camera sucks like shit with flash! 
Couldn't take a decent photo of triage because it was too dark at the foyer. :'(

SEE! This is with flash. POOL OF BLOOD, WTF.
X tried to take with his iPhone and it came out blue. oh yea clear blue sky

worst thing was, Samsung S2 took beautiful and clear pics with flash!! :( 
okay, time to get a camera 

Had to ask them to shift to a place with better lighting. :/

See! SM still sitting likka queen ;)

Simulated crash fracture. 
(i hope u didn't eat before this..)

Time for.. punishment!

With Sir Tan & C!

With Sam & C! 

Good old memories.
I used to like writing on the whiteboard, every single morning of the camp.
 (ok actually three mornings only since 3D2N lol) 
And then, i'll take my own sweet time writing the programme of the day & other info etc. 

fav. time of the day cos aftermath is sleep time! ZZZ

Cookin' hot milo (: 
Ahhh good memories. 
During my sec3 instructor camp, i went to cook milo (yes, me) and sorta escape punishment lol! 
i shan't say who i cooked with. ;) 
BUT it was a great cooking-milo experience HAHAHA wth xD

LL was telling C that i'm snapping away. (;
or rather, warning. 

Buddha clap! 

fire drill briefing :D
love love love fire drill because i love to see how campers react when they're forced to wake up in the middle of the night. of cos, i didn't love it when i was a camper -__-

they must be looking at our "natural enemy" erhem

So i left after fire drill and was glad to reach home in 10 mins :') 
the cabby was super fast cos he was rushing to knock off haha! 
Hopefully BNCO '13 wouldn't clash with CTs so that i can stay overnight! 


Swensen's lunch with loves as a reward for his studies (:

Citibank is loved by most merchants! <3

Clam chowder! our all-time fav. ^^

the beef tasted kinda weird. :\ 

pepperoni pizza! bro's fav! 

mac n cheese :') gonna try their aglio olio next time! 
i miss Zesty's crispy chicken aglio :(


Met up with E after my last paper (happy iz me)

She had this milk pudding with chocolate!
tasted weird, imo :/ 

my all-time fav, seafood ramen with no vege & beansprouts!! :') 

She said we're in Hokkaido in this pic with our ear muffs! LOL! 

Shopping @ Daiso!! rly love Daiso cos everything is 2 bucks
and cos of that, i'm always getting a shock at the counter! $$$ 
spending on useless stuff :'(

Went over to her crib for dinner this evening! <3
Thanks for inviting me over and YES, NEXT TIME ROUND, DELIVERY WOULD BE BETTER!
upload photos next time!


getting back to report about rats! :'(
doing this report in the wee hours causes me to be paranoid about havin' rats in my room 
oh wells wish my classmates & I luck! it's a 15% individual report! 
(PS. Hope i'm on the right track)


Till the next time,

Char! :)
@loveatbravery (twitter/formspring/instagram)
xxitscharxx (YouTube)

paperandkisses (FeeCha)

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