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hope July will be better than June and i can't for long holiday in August!
Gonna survive another one month plus

Hope July will treat everyone good X
you're halfway thru 2012, hang in there!

My new fav. self shot so it's my current wallpapers :D HAHA self obsession LOL

Headed over to Bosses for late lunch the other day with W!  
the entire exterior is rly dark like secret society (explains its name in fact)
so somehow, you might have miss it when shopping @ Vivo! 

1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-156/157 VivoCity, Singapore
Tel: +65 6376 9740

They've 30% discount for dim sum a la carte on weekdays, 2.30pm to 5.30pm! 
(Last order at 5.15pm!) 
no reservations allowed for this, only walk-in

Love love love the ambiance + not a lot of people that day! 

Usually restaurants will serve peanuts as "snack" but Bosses serves fried fish skin! 
you can order for $3.80 thou! rly good

Tasted superb with the chili sauce! 

Jasmine tea for $2.50/pax

The pro @ work (ordering)
i think i'm only good at ordering for myself but nooo, i'm not selfish. it's cos i can't rmb orders v well so i'll have to keep asking my friends to repeat and usually piss the hell outta them = order themselves 
HAHAHAH wtf what an explanation

This fried noodle is really awesome! <3
(except for all the beansprouts, will remind them not to put the next time i'm there~)

Their signature flow-y custard buns!
Ummmm apparently there were a lot of good online reviews about it but W & I thought it's just average, kinda overrated but oh wells, it's imo!  

great carrot cake! 
the chilil with it is #yummy #delicious
(blogger incorporated with twitter/instagram with the hash tags hahaha xD)
my other fav. one is @ newton food centre!


Siew Mai!
gotta praise this cos it's better than Swee Choon~
(PS. I'm a fan of dim sum in SC!)


Har Gao, one of my fav. dim sum
love it better than siew mai
Not too bad, worth a try :D 

Such nice decorations! 

If only this was in my room! so vintage <3

The bill came up to around 40plus so it's pretty much affordable!
Gonna bring my family there soon ^^

Walked around Vivo and popped in to all the retail shops! 
Gosh some of the Aldo heels are really beautiful, such beauty :|
money money hurry hurry

 Went for hi-tea at Fruit Paradise
those cakes are rly irresistible thou we had late lunch!

Check out those mini hearts! pretty, yes? :) 
their cakes are always so unique and delicious.
plus, they always come up with new flavors.
didn't get to try their new Chocolate Montblanc cos it was OOS:(
it has alcoholic content in it! shall try it soon i hope!
y u no open in the West? x(

Tart Set with tea! Fav. roman chamomile (x
Their tart set consists of 1 slice tart (of ur choice!) with blend tea/coffee/soft drink
FOR 9.80++ ONLY!!

I always order blend tea cos i feel that it goes well with their tarts and will help with digestion! 

[credits to FP Website]

These are just some of the flavors they've and you could order a whole tart for birthdays, parties etc! 
gotta order in advance thou 
i wanna this for my 19th^^
(chanting to mommy)

AND AND they've part of Ajisen, my fav ramen place hehee

FP has 5 outlets in total: Vivo, PS, Raffles City, Orchard Central & Tampines

[credits to FP Website]

Check them out here


Okay better get on with my work! 
Been slacking for the past two days tsk :/ 

anyway on a random note, i just found out not long ago that -.- doesn't mean roll eyes. WTF.
I've been using that FOR AGES thinking it's roll eyes but WHY NOBODY CORRECT ME?:(
ugh felt so retarded when i finally got it right 

ok, last shot before i end

they're one of the reasons why i love going for SJ <3
live, laugh, love
hearts xoxo


Till the next time,

Char! :)
@loveatbravery (twitter/formspring/instagram)
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paperandkisses (FeeCha)

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