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(My practice vehicle during one of the practical lessons^^)

Proud to say, glad to say, it's finally over and i'm a licensed driver nao. :')

The journey has been a great one and i'm super thankful to all the BBDC instructors who had taught me before! So let me take u thru my journey ;)

PS. All details/tips below are based on my experience & all in BBDC! I'm NOT sure if it's th same for CDC, SSDC etc! All fees are based on the records so subject to changes!


Before you decide to enroll for driving, make sure you know:

1. which class you wanna enroll in (motor car / motor bike) *this is like, DUH*
2. auto or manual (for guys, i suggest manual! girls, doesn't matter, lol.)
*for manual learners, you can drive both manual & auto cars in future*
3. school or private 

it's best to decide before you pop by the driving school because it's quite tedious to sit there and think! there's a lot of people waiting so it's stressful too. that's imo! best to decide beforehand, you could ask your friends/parents/relatives for advice etc! :D

I enrolled in BBDC (near my house yknow lol) on 6th October last year! 
Enrollment fee is $96.30 so make sure you've that in NETS! (:

PS. In case you're wondering why i've such photogenic memory to rmb the details (date, $$ etc), it's cos the transaction details all in BBDC portal -__- tsk don't have good memory, wth.

So you register with the counter staff etc and deposit money in your account so you can book lessons! the membership will be valid for a year so TRY to pass by then if not have to pay that amount again -.-
(imagine how rich the owners of driving centers are)

I took auto car and was a school learner. :)
mom suggested that i take private cos my neighbors' kids took private and all passed on the first try! but oh wells, idk where to find instructors etc. save all the hassle, GO FOR SCHOOL

After enrolling, they'll give you a package to tell you how to book, the procedure, what to do etc etc. don't have to feel lost (: 

So i went for my first theory lesson (BTL 1.01) on 7th October
 (ya, next day after i registered, typical kiasu Singaporean HAH)
Completed all 4 lessons (YES, COMPULSORY LESSONS- BTL 1.01, 1.02 & FTL 1.01, 1.02)) before i booked for BTE and BTT! 
(PS. for school learners, it's COMPULSORY to pass evaluation before taking test!)
i only passed my BTE on my second attempt! Zzzzz!
one "method" is to go for practice right before yr evaluation so you can rmb!
 the booklet was of no use to me. :( 

Misplaced my FTT booklet and had to get siblings to help locate pfff!

(Spent a total of $136.96 for lessons, evaluations & practices!)

Took my BTT on 30th Dec & FTT on 28th Feb.
6 bucks each so both tests = 12 bucks.
Tip: Book way beforehand because slots are limited and will have to wait! Have to pass BTT before applying for PDL. 

Apply for PDL for 25 bucks at level 2 counter after passing BTT! 
the PDL expires in 6 months so TRY TRY TRY to pass practical if not waste 25 bucks )':
With PDL, you can now go for practical lessons (YAY, I was very very excited then!! HAHHA

My first practical was on 16th January! 
I rmb i was very nervous, excited, happy, scared and all the !@#$%^&*() feelings, LOL! 
I booked the last session at 9.20pm! There's 8 sessions in total! 
Everything was pretty well i suppose! (what can you do on your first lesson, right?)
but anyway, i love the feeling of sitting on the driver's seat ^^ 

Side track: IMO, no need to fix instructor cos you wouldn't know who's the BEST till the end!
I thought my very first instructor was good but i ended up disliking him (wtf)
and also, you will waste time waiting for his slot... (he has other students as well -__-)

(A picture of my bro & i, in case you're bored by all th words HAHA :P)

So i continued all the practical lessons and took 26 in total! (exclude revisions!)
you might get instructors out of your group (you'll be assigned to a group via the system; pay $$ if you wanna gold class group) depending on their shift and if anyone on urgent leave etc etc. 

all the instructors whom i got were pretty much awesome except for 3! 
one was an old uncle.. he was sooo boring omg. nearly dozed off while driving! 
plus that day, i rmb clearly that i rushed for driving lessons after work so i was shagged! 
(ok, usually they'll chat with you when you're driving so you would be entertained!) 
just so unlucky -.-
second was my FIRST instructor... -.- i.. just dislike him and i've no idea how to explain (every lesson, i prayed hard not to get him)
third was this instructor whom i got quite often.. he's strict and lack of patience -.- 

BUT BUT other than those whom i dislike, of cos i've favorites HAHAH!^^
one was this motorbike instructor who entertained me for the entire lesson ;) 
very nice, very patience and overall, GOOD! but only had him once... 
second was this good looking one, haha!! he's so nice and he actually smiled secretly when i said he was good looking lol! 

Ok enough of that...

Before booking TP, you'll have to go thru one lesson of Driving Simulator ($13.91)
(PS. I heard you can book for TP after first few practical lessons or smth, better check w counter!)
Will have to complete Subject 2.11 to book for DS. 
(you can read my DS experience here)

Booked my TP on 18th April and the test date was 22nd June (aka 2 days ago).
so as you can see, you'll have to wait for one month plus unless you're rly lucky there's slots.
(even if there's slots, maybe the timing isn't suitable)
i waited longer cos i didn't dare to take the May slots due to school. tsk
(just checked the portal.. now left Sept slots! imagine if i failed.. i'll have to wait 3 months)
Session 3 to 7 is the best for tests as according to one of my instructors :) 
i booked session 3! 
($186.92 in total: booking fee is 20 bucks, warm up is $33.14 & vehicle rental is $133.75)

TP requirements (at least 5 days before actual TP):
-Completed ALL theory lessons
-1 DS session
-ensure PDL is valid till the date of TP! (IMPT!!!!)

Prior to the test, i had 3 revisions! 
(My test was Friday, went for revision on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday haha kiasu!)

For my TP experience..
Reached BBDC at 8.45am (22nd!), warm-up at 9.10am :) 
after printing my slip at Allocation Slip Terminal (near exit/entrance), went over to practical test warm-up waiting area, next to counter 6! 

(I was pretty much nervous but, Yah, still have mood to take pic. A different stress from exams in school!)

My warm-up instructor was really friendly and funny. :') 
he laughed and cracked jokes throughout the session to relieve my stress! 
ended at around 9.50am and headed to level 2 practical test waiting area!
PS. warm-up is to get familiarize with test car. yes same car for test! better rmb the number

Got called by tester at around 10.10am! 
(i was not mentally prepared cos i was watching YouTube videos wtf-.-)
*test route 2 for me*
headed over to test car (nearly went to wrong one cos there was two there!) and got down to the test! 
the tester will brief you of the procedures (OBEY HIM!! HE'S THE KING!)
Tip: Do not start the engine till he's in the car (according to my warm-up instructor)

So off I went!! No emergency brake + slope :) *pleasant surprise* 
S-course -> vertical parking -> directional change -> ramp -> crank course -> parallel parking
kinda did smth wrong for parallel parking le sigh.. car was very close to line and a lil slanted but i didn't have the courage to adjust (afraid of hitting kerb: WORST!) 
mistake: Fail to confirm safety @ parallel parking :'( 4 demerit points wtf!!

it felt so good to have cars giving way to you when you're on test! haha felt so loved! LOL!
there was this driver who reversed his vehicle and let me do parking first! 
PS. he's alr gonna do it! 

Went to the road and everything was pretty smooth including lane changing & overtaking! (':
no drivers horn & do anything funny (sabotage yknow!) 
except for all those safety stuff! ):
on a side note, i was very afraid that i'll piss the tester off if i ever ask him to repeat his instructions. 
(like turn right after traffic etc!)

Was very happy when th tester talked to me while heading back to BBDC! 
Reason being: if I've immediate failure, i'm sure he would be too pissed to talk to me. 
immediate failure might cause accident/harm to others.
*thankful thankful thankful*

Ended the test at around 10.40am and got my results soon after ^^

You'll receive your test report and you can head to apply for yr license ^^
(have your passport-sized photo + NETS/cashcard with ya!!)

Settled everything before noon!  [YAYAYAYYYYYY]

Now, for some other details..

Before going for TP:
1. Have your IC & PDL with you (just like goin' fo practical lessons)
2. passport-sized photo (handy if you pass!!)
3. $50 NETS/cashcard for license (if you pass!!)

If you pass, CONGRATS!! 
Watch the frigging bloody graduation video (super eww with all the accidents/blood -__-)
*not compulsory anyway but i watched entire thing stupidly*
proceed to level 2 to apply for new license (real one alr hehee!!!) 
The remaining amount in yr account will be sent to you via cheque :) 
(apparently i only have $3.88 left LOL!)
membership will be terminated automatically, you don't have to do anything.

If you fail (touchwood of cos), book 2 more revisions (compulsory) and TP right away! 
don't have to wait till you attend revision then book TP. 
can just book straightaway as long as you book two revision. you can choose not to attend revision but waste $$ only -__-

Tip: SAFETY IS TOP PRIORITY!! I had 12 demerit points (18 max) and out of my 8 mistakes, 6 are safety (fail to confirm safety, fail to check mirror before slowin' down etc!) 
Second is CONFIDENT! Don't be nervous, just do it like normal practical ((: 
make full use of the warm-up, it'll help! 

PS. you can do all bookings at BBDC portal after enrolling :))

With that, this chapter of my life is closed and a new beginning ahead :')
to all those learning, all the best, enjoy the process and stay safe

Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen - they are caused. So Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent.  
 ~Ernest Greenwood/Author Unknown

Till the next time,

Char! :)
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