Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Popped over to Asia Grand with C the other day. :) 
we were both craving for dimsum badly! 

331 North Bridge Road, #01-02 & #01-05/08 
Odeon Towers, Singapore

P.S. The logo looks like QR code (lol)
P.S.S I thought it was called Grand Asia till i saw the signboard (double lol)

Reservations are recommended (esp on Sunday!!) as there were quite a lot of people during peak hour. 

It was pretty much accessible if you know that place well. :) 
(if you're like me being an idiot in directions then you'll need some time to locate haha!)
it's of walking distance from Bugis! (where C & I both met before headin' over) 

really love the ambience esp. the light! 
so pretty like those for emperors in those dynasties haha :D

their dimsum menu! 

Mini egg tarts! 

Prawn chee cheong fan! (my favorite :))

Char siew buns! 

Baked custard buns!

Har Gao a.k.a Prawn dumplings

Xiao Long Bao!

Fried pan guo tie! 

P.S. There's a stall @ bukit timah which sells delicious guo tie & xlb!

Carrot cake (my favorite too hehee)

Their food wasn't too bad except the custard buns which were not to my liking. :'S
Spent about 22 bucks per pax. 

Other than food, their service was more-than-perfect (not sarcastic)
i think they suffer from OCD or smth of that sort (wtf)
every now and then, there'll be servers coming over to put th menu & number tag in place and "tidy up" the table :/ 
for example, i placed the menu at the side so that it wouldn't be in an awkward position which blocked our dishes but the servers had to put it back to original position -___- 
&& they'll put the dishes in nice positions when we shifted them LOL! 
i guess it's nice of them to do that but it's really distracting because we were chatting
(you'll have to dine in to experience that)
good thing was, there's always people re-filling our ice water w/o us calling for them :)

So nice catching up with her <3
it's amazing how we stay close (in heart) to each other thou we don't meet up often & don't study in the same poly :') 
and best of all, we've endless topics to chat about!! just like those good ol' days in CCKSS!
 it takes two hands to clap so i guess it's all about making efforts to stay in touch!
thankful for her, so much love XOXOs

Headed over to The Float to collect my NDP tickets! 
(YES MY MOM GOT 'EM!!! ballot successfully!!) 
very thankful that C accompanied me there 'cause i suck at directions!
so apologetic that she had to walk with me tsk! 

At first i wasn't too sure if we got the preview or actual tickets so i went over to the preview collection "counter" and I WAS VERY PLEASED WHEN THEY TOLD ME IT'S ACTUAL!!! :') 
Will be going with mom and we're sitting at the blue sector (duh, from the color of the tickets LOL!)
mom actually said she's gonna dye her hair to red just for this hah! feel so lucky cos we take part in the balloting EVERY SINGLE YEAR but this is the first time we got it! 
and mom feels LUCKIER cos she's the only one who gets it when all 5 of us took part in it! 
<3 <3

PS. Don't wanna be too greedy but i'm still hoping for tickets to NE show/Preview :D
well, no harm going for it twice?

We went on separate ways after collecting the tickets. 
headed over to Somerset to get an exchange for my iPhone. 
so so glad that i found the place after one round of walking lol! ^^
usually i'll take so damn long and then i'll have to call mom/ask passerby before locating the place successfully :/

Glad that my home button is working perfectly well now! 
oh wells it's new and supposed to work right? ;) 
anyway the counter guy was really funny & nice! made me feel so happy haha 5stars service!
plus the waiting time was short, like 5-10 mins! 


Gotta get on with my report! yes i'm still not done with it when school's starting :(
le sigh gotta step on it and focus focus focus! 

Till the next time,

Char! :)
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