Saturday, 26 May 2012

When destiny calls you, you must be strong.

(title credited to @disneywords)

My FB cover picture xD
rly love love love this shot MAX! 

Camwhore photos with S when she came over to my crib the other day! (: 
continued from here


I finally caught Avengers with bro after his exams ended! 

Used the free GV ticket which R gave us for appreciation after Gemsfield event. :) 
And cos GV has DBS/POSB promotions, tickets are priced at 7 bucks instead of 8.50! 
Not sure if that applies to weekends cos we watched on Wednesday =x

GV @ Yishun is sooo weird :( gave bro& i the creeps when we were purchasing our tickets. 
apparently the counter had no one tending to so we just walked in to the theatre area. that explains why the tickets are intact -.- no one bothered to check our tickets. i wonder what'll happen if anyone just enter w/o buying the tickets. 

thankfully we bought our food earlier. cos the queue was horrible when it's nearing to the start of show.  both of us spent half an hour slackin' (and of cos, PHOTOS!!) cos we were too early :\

The Avengers was really AWESOME (actually, still IS awesome)
A for Avengers, A for Awesome. :)
really enjoyed the show thou idk any of the superheros. 
(well maybe with the exception of Iron Man whom i thought was Ultraman when he first appeared in the show wtf) 
I did watch Iron Man previously but i couldn't recognize him :( 
i had to ask bro the names of the superheros whenever they appear. thank god i watched w him (:
I shan't talk about the plot in case you haven't watch ;) 
don't wanna be spoiler but lemme tell u, it's PURE XTRAORDINARY xxx

Overall, 4.5 stars!!! 
the ending left me hanging and i hope there's AVENGERS II pleasee!!! 

My favourite boy! -loves-


Anyway.. i went for blood donation few weeks back at the community club opposite ma house :)

the "stations" are pretty much standard even if different places. 


the form which is forever the same
everyone will have to fill it in before moving to registration (:
do take note that if you're under 18, you'll have to get yr parents to sign the consent form 


At this station, there will be personnel checking yr NRIC and registering you for donation. :)
 it's a very short process, will prolly spend less than 3 mins at this station excluding waiting time. 


this is the last station before going for your donation. and of cos, before donating, they'll have to check yr iron level. 
pain level: ant bite. no joke.
so if you're wondering why i don't have photos of my donation etc, IT'S COS... 
reason being, i went to Bintan a month ago, and it is a Malaria-prone area. (in fact, Batam too.) 
PS. I typed "i went to Malaria.." just now, LOL
SO YA, i can only donate 4 months later, WTH.
i know i can't blame anyone but this is pure frustrating cos this is the second time i got rejected. :( 
first time was because i had herbal medication (TCM)
I'm glad that the CC is organizing another blood donation in August & November. :) 
Will be donating then! Will you? 

In case you're keen,
You can donate yr blood at..


Health Sciences Authority (opposite Outram Park MRT Station) 

11 Outram Road 

Singapore 169078


#05-07 WOODLANDS CIVIC CENTRE (opposite Causeway Point)
Singapore 730900

Check out their website here and you can email them if you've any enquires. :)

Alternatively, you can check out community clubs near your house to see if they're having blood donation. 

PS. Pain level is really bearable! At most, ant bite. SO DON'T WORRY!! :D


Yezzzzz popcorn machine operator. (sounds better than popcorn seller eh?) 
read my virgin experience here! More fun:)


It was really boring at J8. I've no idea why a Starhub shop required free popcorn =s
Not many people came to take from me except for kids occasionally. :( 
very very boring towards the end. i nearly went shopping. =x
and so, i went for two hours lunch wth. wanted to get the kitty so i had macs. GUESS WHUT!! 
no more stocks. D:

there was this father & son who were playing "scissors paper stone" to determine who'll come and ask for popcorn from me, lol. apparently the son was tooo shy. -.-
and there was this girl who was soo adorable! she just stayed with me while her parents went to M1, lol.
she asked "why you don't wanna serve yourself when you serve other ppl?" 
hahaha i nearly answered "because i don't dare to eat the popcorn i made" LOL!

Pa&mom surprised me at work!! :) they just called me suddenly and asked me to step out of the shop lol!
pleasant surprise <3 went for dinner tgt before headin' home :') 

the orange lighting rly made me look so creepy. :/
for once, i dislike Orange. Tsk, 
my leopard preens earrings + flats (loves)


PS. All the food pics are makin' me hungry in the middle of the night :( 


Went over to Cheenatown with F!

I can't believe two different places had the same address -.- (except for postal code i suppose)
couldn't find Fengshan cos i thought it was at the other side.
i was still sooo happy that i found the place, tsk. no wonder i couldn't find th shop, just that block. wtf
thankfully F came over to fetch me. 

Shopped around cheenatown while waiting for Fengshan to make the trophies.
if only they didn't do the wrong ones in the first place. -__-
I shall shop there after common test! really a lot of things esp. perfume!! :') 
i've always thought chinatown is meant for tourists... *bitter laugh* 

YUMMY LUNCH @ maxwell food centre!

Maxwell Food Centre
 1 Kadayanallur Street
Singapore 069184

Decided to have this cos there was a horrible queue at this stall, lol! 
i didn't know what's nice there so i just followed suit :) #sosingaporean
costed 7 bucks for that packet omg! but it was worth it, yumyum! 

Waaa thankfully she's good at directions, if not we'll be lost at Chinatown.-.-
i'm always losing my way unless i'm at West area.

Since I went all the way to cheenatown, i'll be letting myself down without getting....


Ordered via SMS the day before I went! :) 
You'll need to text to order if you're going to the outlet at Maxwell! 
(if not you're gonna be disappointed... 
CONFIRM GUARANTEE CHOP don't have. No; not exaggerating tyvm)
Here's the number: 8299 8211 (:

They've two other outlets @ 

Old Airport Road 
51 Old Airport Road, 
#01-127 Old Airport Road Food Centre, 
Singapore 390051


Raffles Place (new!!) 
One Raffles Place

When will they open an outlet in the West? Or even Rochor Beancurb?
Or they waiting for me to franchise? (haha wtffff) 
I'm wondering if they did open an outlet at.. say, BPP or Lot1, will it be popular? uhmmmm


met up with W for nails therapy plus dinner @ FEP :) 

All my bling bling~
PS. Just got a new accessories stand! Stay tuned till the end of post to see it! Supa cute rilakkuma

Had prawn chee cheong fun while waiting for W :) 
the shop's located at basement.
not too bad but i guess kinda overpriced :/ it's 4 bucks for one packet. 
or maybe i'm cheapskate... :x

Nails therapy @ Dazzling Diva. :)
We got Groupon vouchers, 25 bucks per pax for gelish manicure OR pedicure with free return soak off. 
both of us chose manicure!! 

 Dazzling Diva Nail Spa
14 Scotts Road 
04-80 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213 

If only i had all these at home or .. a room specially for my beauty stuff!! (yah, in future, maybe, just maybe)
that would be like a princess room, pamper my nails every single day. 

pink princess chairs!! 
anyway #justasking.. why is pink associated to girls? why not purple? 
look at the chairs.. why aren't they in purple? or orange? or any other colours?
hmmmmmmm and then, why is blue associated to males?
not saying all girls like pink nor all boys like blue
just generally (:

Choose color 15 from the palette above but i told the manicurist 45 instead wtf. 
it looked so much like 45!! i was sooo dumb :( 
the numbers started from 1, 2, 3 blah blah.. how could it jump to 45 suddenly?

UV light nail lamp. 

i was pretty much shocked when she said it's done. was like "wtf, why not purple" :(( 
but i couldn't say anything nor blame anyone cos i said the wrong number, wth.
W kept asking me to chill cos i kept complaining that i dislike bling bling nail colours. 
i prefer solid colors or nail arts. 
BUT! i think i'm lovin' it the more i look at it, everyday. 
HAHA rly love gelish nails. longer-lasting and doesn't chip easily. :D

Unfortunately, I'll never ever patronize Dazzling Diva again. 
(except for my free soak off. typical Singaporean lol)
Service pretty much sucked. the manicurist was soo rude/aloof -_-
i miss Citibella so much when i was there. the staff there are so much more friendlier! 
and WORST THING, I hate it most when the UV light lamp is placed on our laps. 
so uncomfortable wth. 
Citibella will put it at the side arm of the chair instead of our laps (: 
That isn't the main point thou. MAIN POINT IS - SERVICE SUCKED. 
rly don't like it when they show those "you owe me a million" faces. :/

Dinner at Puncak after a bad first-and-last-time experience at DD nail spa.

14 Scotts Road 
05-94 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213 

Pretty affordable. ^^

My seafood ee-mee (i think that's what it's called)

We shared this fried you tiao + dumpling (?) have no idea what's the name of that. 

W's fried mee. sorry for the blurry pic 
and i forgot the price :(

Shopped around FEP before going over to Tangs 

this girl couldn't decide which cardi to get and i'm surprised that the auntie was so patient hahaa!
if i were her, cfm slap the customer. (ok.. just kidding. maybe slap mentally LOL!)
YAHH maybe the auntie was swearing and cursing in her heart! 

While she couldn't decide which one to get, i camwhored in the shop ;)

popped over to Tangs and checked out those beautiful Melissa flats!
looking forward to the arrival of MELISSA ULTRAGIRL x JASON WU II
Love the one in purple!! can't decide between I and II thou!
Shall wait for the retail coordinate to beep me. ^^
You can check out the pictures here

Went to New Look at ION! 

In love with this leopard preens maxiiii! 
it's so pretty :') 

60 bucks thou :( 

tried this pants too. very comfy (= 

sorry, my pooh is like destroying the pic, hahahah it can't stop swaying when i wanna snap 

love th colors combination of this dress
New Look, sales soon pls? ;)

Such a good evening with W <3
always v thankful for her. 
can't wait for our dimsum breakfast during my term break!! 
have a safe trip to Nepal (in advance xD) 


Went over to TBL building for FEECHA's session :') 

Didn't take very long to locate that place (one of those rare times hahahaha) 
but i was still late Zzzz
building's kinda old though

The office is rather unique! everyone just sit around this long rectangle table and work there!
like their work station. 
To be frank, the office looked so creepy from the outside. 
it has this black curtain which scare me a little D:

gotta take off shoes before entering. same goes for staff :) 
that's kinda nice imo! 
and the office wouldn't be dirty yay

Self-obsession (lol) while waiting for M.
thou i think i looked constipated in both pics. 

The smaller office i was brought to. 
dk why the naked mannequin is with a guitar

another naked mannequin with hot pink hair

they've nice couches for us to sit while we chatted. ^^
such a comfortable environment and both J & M were rly friendly!! 
Had a good session with them and we were practically saying what's on our minds, and laughing like mad lol! Esp when i got to the topic of LBO!
Thank you so much for inviting me over! <33 
and THANKS for the exclusive iPhone case/T-shirt! :)

in case you haven't heard of FEECHA, it's a geo-blogging social media app created by The Ching Chong Group!

You can check them out @ their website, facebook & twitter


can't wait for th updated version of the app!! TRUST ME, it's gonna be so much more awesome! 

Dinner at the nearby food center! 

This wasn't too bad but i miss the one at bukit timah market ;( 
when will the market be ready again? and why all the same tenants be there?



Newton Food Centre
500 Clemenceau Ave  
Singapore 229495


My first shot at top left looks soo weird.. :/

Ahh self-obsession again.. will it ever stop? =x

My leopard preens clutch from E & wedges from Batam! <3

MY FAV!!! Carrot cake! love it more than the oyster ;)

Prawn noodle. The boss is always so cute! 
he'll go like "total is $10.00 without GST & service charge" hahaha (X

Corono Xtra with bro! <3

Tsk, are you even... 18? 

Oyster! the chili is pure awesome. can't do w/o it! :)

S was craving for it during class one day and i showed her this pic to tempt her even more

Ahhh my loveeeeeee <3

Can't be thankful enough for this family of mine. 
Yes, Pa isn't the richest guy in the world but he gives us everything we need. He put US as his first priority and always care about us even though i don't see him at home often. (PS. speaking of that, the new air-con will be installed next week, yay^^ say NO to humid weather!)
And of cos, my bff - my mommy! 
she's that special friend of mine who will listen to my crap & laugh with me! we can chat about anything under (& above!) the sun and never get sick! :') 
my siblings who NEVER EVER fail to annoy me at times (actually most of the time.. -.-) but i can imagine the loneliness w/o them :( i'll have no one to shout to (like verbal abuse lol), no one to fight with and no one to annoy when i'm bored (esp. when i go crazy after mugging HAHAH) 

oh my.. so side track from my post lol!
in short, i'm thankful to have them by my side (no matter what happens) and i'll still wanna be part of this family in my next life xoxo


THANKS SOOO MUCH TO E who bought this for me from Malacca! 
it's so fantastic that we cleared it within 2-3 days! :D
Thanks sweets! 

Subway wrap for breakfast during my french class break! 
my virgin try and it was... (Y) 

tried the newly-opened tutti frutti outlet at BPP :)
Costed like $10 for a small cup but thankfully there's 20% opening promotion.
just wondering.. why does yoghurt cost so much? 
sames goes to sogurt, froyo etc! hmmmm
nevertheless, it was nice & bro loves it! :D

My new blue toe nails ^^ 
and i didn't step on my bag when i snapped this lol 
this is to WY who commented on that when it was on Instagram (@loveatbravery)! 

One of these days when we went to watch Confession Of A Shopaholic during break :') 
i've no idea how many times i've watched it lol

AHHHHH my new rilakkuma accessories stand! CUTE NOT!!!
Got it for 6 bucks @ Plush Street :) 
if you're a fan of rilakkuma, you gotta check them out! 
lotsa lotsa rilakkuma love! GO GO GO! 

there.. nice? :)
looks so cute on my "beauty table" hahaha

Just wondering if i should get another stand?
this seems a lil small for all my accessories! some extras couldn't fit in :( 

Finally back to SJ! <3

Feels so good to be back! (: 
Can't wait for the camp this coming week! 
& & & kinda happy that EHM tutorial is canceled so i'm able to head over to ccks in the morning before going to school! YAY

Our annual SCOUTS+GG campfire happening on 22nd June this year! 

Fans of buffet!! This is for you. :D
I'm going for it during the term break, hopefully! 

This was taken on the day bro came back from his 3D2N adventure camp!
Damn, so not used to him away from home. ):
it's his first camp yeah yknow! so happy that he enjoyed it thou he don't wanna go for it again lol!
miss leisure camps with those rock climbing, abseiling, flying fox etc! 
yes i've phobia of height but i love to go for all those activities after a long time of inner-debate lol wtf!

Hi, 嬌嬌 is my name. 
My new companion ^^ 
Hambulgar from McDonalds. :) 
Looking forward to getting Grimace too! 
YEZZZ collecting all 4! i shall tell u why i name her 嬌嬌 after i get all 4 :)

snapped this during tutorial and i think attention is more on the pretty lady behind HAHAHA
she said she's a "white bitch" double lol xD
but i like this shot! 


Last week of school before CT starts! 
(GAMBATEH TO ALL POLY KIDS! and to those taking exams! we'll, we'll, survive)
Gosh time flies and we're almost halfway thru 2012!! 
How's life treating you? 
Remember, when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. :)
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
Jiayou to everyone!! 


jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Char! :)
@loveatbravery (twitter/formspring/instagram)
xxitscharxx (YouTube)

paperandkisses (FeeCha)


  1. Eh be careful about not only about Dazzling Diva! There are many shops in Far East Plaza under the same management! Check it out at for the other outlets to avoid :) hope this helps!

    1. hello :) I've checked out the website :) thank you for your advice :)