Saturday, 19 May 2012

in life, there's always love ♥

Went for E's church event 2 weeks back! :) 

Wearing my black polo tee (SUPER HOT-.-) cos i'm heading to work aftermath :)

All proceeds and donations went to the church & it just renovated earlier this year! 
VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL ;) kinda toured the church hehee

E's breakfast! 

My breakfast! Very very glad that i had breakfast cos work was frigging hectic that i didn't have time to have toilet break, not to mention, lunch! 

This DUNK A HUNK game was funny! i'll never dare to be the "hunk" 
so in case you dk how it's played, there'll be a guy sitting on the "top" of the tank (yea, it's water inside)
and the players (aka me and others!) will have to throw the ball & aim at the handle! 
so if you aimed nicely.. and accurately, the ball will hit the handle and THE GUY WILL BE THROWN IN! 
exciting much? ;) 
except the fact that the guys up there weren't any hunks.. HAHAH wrong name of the game
ok #justkidding

Walked around and i feel like i'm at a funfair! 

CUTIE DECO!! coconut tree!
PS. coconut tree is the only thing i can draw cos i learnt that when i was in lower sec. 
as for the rest, i can't draw for nuts! 

Got an orange poodle! (which i accidentally stepped on it durin' work and it was.... gone pfffff)

UHM... crooked smile, lol wtf! 

Enjoyable morning with her (: 
Plus, her church is sooo near my house! 

Headed to work at Raffles place! 

Apparently i wore my new bracelet out but it snapped during work!!!!:(( 
so sad cos it's new & it's my first time wearing! nevertheless, i'm a genius cos i salvaged it & brought it back to life HAHAHA! thou it isn't as pretty as before, still can wear ^^

DBS Marina Regatta 2012!!! :) 

it's DBS annual family day when staff can bring their families & enjoy their Sunday tgt. 

the first thing i saw when i was there!! 
but i found out that it's named water zorb ball instead of hamster ball -.-
so many kids played it!!! cute cute cute

the booth beside mine! there was this cute dbs guy too ;)

virgin experience

Started camwhoring cos the machines didn't arrive by 11! -__-

Finally the machines and ingredients arrived & we got down to work! :D
(more of HY got down to work since idk what to go with those stuff lol!)

My machine for the day! 

YES, these are all the ingredients to make popcorn! 
corn oil, corn sugar, corns (duh) & sugar! 

the candy floss machine! it's very cool to see people operating it
but when you do it yrself.... oh well a different story~

So i asked HY how much of each ingredients to put and she said "agar agar" (roughly roughly) 
LOL! but i guessed it tasted fine since the queue was horrendous and i didn't receive any complaints!
pray that no one got tummy upset or anything similar... #justkidding

Queue wasn't very long at the beginning so i had the luxury of time to snap pics of the stilt walkers! 


I couldn't take a pic of the popcorn's queue (imagine people queuing under the hot sun & i still take pic.. not v nice hor?) so i decided to take one for the booth beside mine!
the queue was so horrible that we didn't have the time for toilet break or whatsoever ): 
not even a chance to walk around "visiting" other booths ): 

All the coupons, cash & what's not. 
most of them are free so yknow.. Singaporeans ;)

Thankful that the dbs people brought OCK over! dying of hunger.
and i can't eat those popcorn cos i don't trust myself (wtf i know)

Uhm, i tried to scan for the cute guy in this picture but i can't find him -___-

HY with her candy floss machine! she's sooo petite! =x

There was this short period of time when it was drizzling so i thought it was time for a rest! 
(i mean like.. since it's raining there wouldn't be anyone queuing right? it's outdoors anyway)
those queuing started opening up their umbrellas and continued queuing tsk :\ 
QUEUE STILL AS LONG:( that's what happens when it's $1 popcorn. or even, FOC.
but anyway, i had a pretty fun time operating the machine! 
NOT TO MENTION, there's a cute guy at the booth beside me!!!! *bigsmile*
he's so nice friendly kind helpful cute & everything else. HAHAH wth
he helped with the "closing up" of tents cos it's raining and still gave us drinks! :)) 
too bad i didn't have the courage to ask for his FB -.- 
AND AND there was this cute lil boy who stayed at my booth and asked tons of questions! 
"why will the popcorn pop out" (ummmmm, POPcorn)
"why must you add this, why must you add that" (because i'm supposed to)
"can you give me some raw corns" (wtf)
kids nowadays are rly so different. i don't rmb myself talking to a stranger and asking SO many questions! 
he's gonna be a smart kid in future (or rather.. he already is.)

Overall, it was a good experience! 

PS. I'm working tmrw at JUNCTION 8 as popcorn "seller" too! 
(IT'S FREE! 12pm-8pm)

Had Bishamon with E on one of the afternoon!
I guess it's the day which i skipped POM (oops)

E's curry rice and she said it's yummy!! 

Gyoza!! my fav my fav! love those from OCK! 

can't be more thankful for a friend like her. <3

This BB cream was the sample i got from CLEO!
Tried on one of the mornings but damn, it was a shade lighter than my usual. -.-

Work near Chinatown on one of the evenings! 
(the shades are for picture purposes lol, obviously i didn't need them at night)

Had hell of a time trying to locate the place.
yes, not surprising since i'm always losing my way in.. Singapore.
Thankful for iPhone map and that girl (the one who contacted me for the focus group) if not i'm gonna be stranded in Chinatown and most likely, cabbing home w/o going for it. 

Finally reached that place and i was late for 15min BUT GUESS WHAT? 
There were ppl who are even later. tsk 

Pizza and drinks for dinner before we start! 

Couldn't snap any pics cos it's inconvenient :'( 
this was my 2nd focus grp! and it was rather fun thou i thought my first one was better! 

the lady conducting the focus group was pretty charming ^^ 
i wonder if all of them in this industry are good-looking cos the Caucasian conducting my first focus group was darn good-looking. (you can read my virgin experience here)

MY PAY $$$$$$$$$ ^^ (the most impt thing of all haha!)

LJS Breakfast with mom when my school starts on 1pm on Thursday! 
rly enjoyed mornings like this when i get to spend time with mommy love!
we can chat about anything under the sun (and maybe above the sun too) and never get bored with each other! *inserts lotsa hearts

[credited to Tumblr]

SCHOOL... the usual routine all week long

School's been rly hectic. :/ deadlines after deadlines, assignments after assignments.
there're some point of time when i feel like giving up, when i feel like just... not doing anything anymore.. but i know i can't, not now, never. just three more weeks, and everyone will have their well-deserved 2 weeks break (yeah, might have projects to complete but at least no waking up at 7 and squeezing on public transport) i do hope that there'll be job assignments thou! $$
can't wait to lay my hands on that beautiful pair of Melissa! 

when you wanna give up, just think of the reason why you held on in the first ever place.
life isn't a bed of roses but everyone is going thru it. 
maybe that's why i'm persevering. sometimes i don't wanna know how did i go thru all of these.. 

OOPS. sidetrack.. back to school!!

All focusing on discussion except ONE.. (look for the guy smiling to my camera HA)

No idea what our eyes were doing ahaha! 

Taking the internal campus shuttle bus to Makan Place 
(nope, we weren't lazy. we were just fully-utilizing the services provided in NP ^^ if not later the uncle will be bored in an empty bus ):)
and cos we were the only two in th bus, the uncle asked if we are alighting at blk 50 lol! 
and i went like "no uncle, we wanna alight at makan place pls" HAHAH LIKE TAXI, WTH.

Smiley S who said she can draw piglet better than me ^^
(if u believe her that is HA)

One of those days when i go crazy w Z during lecture (guest speaker somemore wtf)
WELCOME TO IMH. (dumbass hairstyle)
actually idk why th hairstyle is soo nice for small lil girls BUT WAI I LOOK SHOOO IDIOTIC WITH IT?!! :( 
Here's evidence!

[left photo credited to google]

SEE WHAT I MEAN??!! Ok, th girl isn't VERY cute but looks nice & decent with two side ponytails. 

Ok.. forget it...

PS. My current desktop wallpaper hahaha see myself everytime i use my lappy!

 Nomming in class esp on Fridays!!
SPA + EHM lectures can kill back to back esp when i don't fancy those lecturers.
 school's driving me nuts but students are driving Andrew insane (i think)
 he's getting more lame with silly actions of his.

S came over to my place and we camwhored with my kitty glasses + shades! :D

there're sooo many more photos of us but i will upload another day. :) 

Lazy Saturday afternoon and i'm stayin' in to complete all that need to be done! 
(good news: french is ending in another two more lessons!)
Breakfast with the guys tmrw & then work! hopefully there'll be fair bit of people if not i'm gonna die of boredom:( 
OHH & i'm gonna get the new hello kitty from McDonalds! HAHHA it's rly cute

Before i end.. 

[credited to Tumblr] 

jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Char! :)


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