Thursday, 12 April 2012

to love, and to be loved

B O N J O U R !!!

Taken w/ instagram!
see, told u i'm hooked! 
all the effects seem so good & natural hehe

outta for lunch with mom & bro!! 
been hanging out with them very often (sounds very wrong.. but whatever)
cos i'm.. rly broke. yezzz financial crisis these days 
(explain in details about it later)
you must be cursing me for treating my mommy like ATM!:((

Wanted to have ichiban but bro wasn't too keen so we went to kopitiam instead!! 

AWESOME RIGHT? 6 BUCKS ONLY! (for broke teens likka me)
and super-filling!!

Not only hooked to instagram but multi-lenses too! 
dl free from apps store ^_^ 

fruits for 2 bucks! refreshing after my oh-so-much-calories meal! 

PS. don't remind me that my bangs suck. :'(

waiting for consultation @ Eu Yan Sang! 
You can find out more about them here

decided to try them out instead of going all the way to chong pang! 
plus th place was much more conducive w/o any smell and three cheers to privacy!! 
LOL you can read about my virgin visit to chong pang's here 

so apparently the medication is MUCH MORE expensive and also MUCH MORE bitter
tsk nearly puked on first try ughhh one of the reasons why i hate TCM
still hope that after so much pain & torture, my skin allergy prob will heal SOON! 

Dinner with family loves as usual on sunday night!

Wore my hearts leopard preens ring! hehe mad love~


MULTI-LENSES, yet again! with ma sis this time round
don't say i'm biased! :P

Headed over to Cheong Chin Nam Road (bukit timah) for Sin Ma Live bullfrog claypot porridge!
you can read about my first try here

Sin Ma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge
3 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599730
Tel 64677317

bro's luo han guo & my lime juice

their sambal kang kong is absolute love!
for those sambal kang kong lovers, u should try this out. :) 

Instagram! (again)
some fish thingy (kinda obvious) 
errrr i don't eat this so idk how it taste right but its appearance isn't very appetizing. 
BUT there's a saying goes "never judge a person by his/her appearance"
am sure can apply to food too. lol. 

This is good but not the best i've tried. :x

"main course" 
seriously on our first try, there isn't any slices of ginger in the porridge!
but this time round, *faints* there's like small slices of it! tsk can't eat at all

the staff said that we could request for no gingers but who the hell knows when there isn't any on first try -.- 

to those anti-gingers peeps, do rmb to request should you try it out! 
we'll rmb next time round. SWEAR.

"main course"
this pot contained 3 frogs. can't believe right?
it's so little!! we had 7 frogs in total = 30 bucks!

No idea what's this called but it's good. the gravy/sauce at the side was even better!! 
enhancement to the entire dish. awwwww my english HAHAH wtf
chim-lish (show u a video later about it)

spent like 90+ for dinner! 
the fish thingy & last dish (which idk its name) is the most expensive, fyi. 
overall, 4 stars! :) 

before movin' on, this is the video about chim-lish:

bro showed me this video and it cracked me up! 
kinda funny XD 
do spare a few minutes to watch if you haven't ;)

Chanced upon Ladies Inn a few days back!
and i'm in <3 with their affordable yet chic accessories:)
you can check them out, they've apparels & bags too!
most imptly, it's all affordable!! how awesome, shopaholics? *inserts lotsa smiles*

How the homepage looks like. 
the floral prints are so cute right? :D
not to mention the pinky site, feels so princess-y! 
suitable for girlies like you & me!! makes shopping happier hehe

below are screenshots of some of the accessories i'm ordering next week. :D
(click to enlarge) 
their prices are like bugis street's! 

as the saying goes, 积少成多.. (not positively in this case..) 
thou it's all 2.90/3.90/4.90 etc, i'm spending a total of 30+ on accessories! -___- 
MAYBE, just maybe, i'll give up some next week when i place my order
*crossed fingers*


Above 3: adding on to my leopard preens collection! 

See, i'm so lazy that i noted them all the serial numbers so that i don't have to browse thru again next week! haha lazy shopaholic but i guess i'll still look thru again in case i decided not to like some of them! ( in my dreams, probably ) 
yeah, comforting maself that i won't be spending THAT much

Adding on to my sorrow.. i'm getting 4 iphone casings which will be arriving in mid-April wtf

This is cutie!! 
12 bucks for one silicon case + 3 buttons (only can choose 1 thou, rest of the 2 is random pick which is fine with me)
i chose the red one and spongebob button. =D

bumper! 3 for $15! (would have prolly mention in one of my posts)
 bugis street sells like 18 bucks for ONE! WTFFF?
getting the black, pink & blue :) 

Smiling as i'm typing all the items which will be mine soon.
but am sure i'll be sobbing soon when $$ becomes receipts. 
maybe i should work PT when school starts! extra income! worth a consideration

OHHHH Did i mention that mommy got me a new portable charger?
kitty somemore!!

Front. pinky kitty! :)
i think my nails suit the charger AHAHA

Back. :)

Disney phone! :D
and it's only for 12 bucks! 
but after using for two to three times, i realized the voltage isn't strong enough to charge ma phone till full bar. :/ 
then again, what can i expect from a $12 charger? would be happy enough if it can last me till i'm home. 

Another celebratory news:

i look like a happy ghost here. 
expression + sepia effect
advance 7th month? =x

i'm so happy to receive this pay slip :D
it's just sooo saddening that i'm not richgirl93 thou pay just rolled in.
:( yknow shopping, bintan & bills. 

as i mentioned above, yes, in a financial crisis status right nao, *bitter smile*
so sorry to those whom i rejected meeting up (and not to mention, coming up with crap excuse that my mommy is going into labour and that i gotta be by her side.) :(((
yes, that pathetic lo.
BUT! After precise calculations, i realized i would be over this crisis by end of april. :D
so i gotta scrimp & save till then. (: 
you must be scolding me in your heart right nao, why would i wanna go bintan when i'm that broke right? le sigh. yeah i'm scolding myself too. ): can't resist "FUN"
OH THERE'S LIKE EARTHQUAKE AT ACEH! pray for everyone's safety xxx 
i hope Bintan wouldn't be affected! 
On another note, I'm going tmrw hehe mini getaway :) will be back on Sunday night! 

SJ POP rehearsal!! 
Really gonna miss this batch #justsaying 

(will upload a video of them marchin' in the next post :D)

my only photo:( cos i was busy with recording most of the time.
and prolly gossiping too! LOL

F's polaroids! Cutie design

Time rly flies. (i know i'm always sayin' this but i can't help it)
new batch gonna take over & the cycles continues. 
glad to say, there's gonna be BNCOC this year! hopefully i'm able to attend! :) 


impromptu trip to JB with dearest mommy! 

nice & cheap food + shopping

Apparently mom said this is famous but the shop is like.... so empty

Lol kinda contradicting plus it was lunch hour
nevertheless, it's yummy imo so who cares if there's ppl or not -.- 

Love the ingredients and the soup!! :D
One bowl is like 8 bucks aka 3+ in SG. And it's medium-sized so i think it's pretty worth it :')

Address: 30, Jalan Segget, Johor Baru Town
Hours: Daily  (closed on Saturdays)
*do note that it's Non Halal

[address credited to]

a lil bit of shopping and i got new lipgloss with leopard preens cover lol!
RM18.90 @ SASA

Sweetie pinky color. most imptly is the leopard preens! HAHA
i hope it's of good quality. ;)

A random photo which i took specially for S, in the wee hours somemore
Coincidentally, we have the same teddy but different names (duh) 
yezzzz our bears have names lol, sounds like a 9-year-old kid instead of 19 

One of these days, mom had Mac's crispy chic for late dinner!
the 2 for $4.50 deal! or 1-for-1 deal (whatever it is called)
virgin try and it tasted like mcspicy (without th spiciness of cos)

Ending off with this old pic of me, myself lol. photobooth ftw! hehe. 

Shan't give more details but i'm rly excited so STAY TUNED! :D

[credited to google]

(pls don't remind me that there's school uh-oh) 

jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Char! :)

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