Saturday, 7 April 2012

life is good.. w/o school


outta with mommy for food marathon @ old airport road! (mainly for 老伴豆花)

(NOTE: the weather is so frigging hot that it's best to go there in shorts, sandals & light make up)

i always wonder if my lenses & make up will melt under such fiery sun. that's why i prefer staying in at times. (= killer weather, wth, singapore.

the other time we went to Maxwell, it was ALL sold out. :/
so this time round, we went to old airport road. they only have 2 outlets! 


 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-91 
Maxwell Food Centre,Singapore

Old airport road:
51 Old Airport Road, #01-127 
Old Airport Road Food Centre, Singapore
(they've sorta two stalls there, and one of them is the main one!)

the couple pic is sooo cute (th pic on the left) 

i tried both the original & almond!
love the original, hate the almond.
no, it isn't that it's not nice, it's just ME who hates almond.
apparently mom said it's good. LOL.

we wanted to get more to bring home but it's closed till 530! -.- 
so technically their opening hours is..
11.30am - 2.30pm 
5.30pm - 8pm

i think lao ban is comparable to rochor original beancurd. 
both are relatively awesome but i think rochor's pretty inaccessible w/o cars. :(
then again, i think they've two outlets, geylang & upper thomson. 
never tried upper thomson's. daddy always bring us to geylang's. 
go try go try~

Had this 老夫子炒粿條
it's pretty famous. you can find good online reviews. :)

the best 炒粿條 i've tasted. 
mommy said it's kinda too dry but i think it's alright.
not a fan of 炒粿條 but i love this. :) esp with chili :)

the queue is horrible thou. :\
will have to spend 5-10mins queuing, more than that during lunch hour.
but mommy did the queuing aha! so i get to sit and enjoy my tauhuey while waiting fo her

had this Tiong bahru Lor mee as well.
Queue is as horrible but I did the queuing. :) 
i've no idea why they named it tiong bahru when it's obviously @ old airport road.
but i suppose the main branch is at tiong bahru? never heard of it before thou

i love the gravy/soup, whatever u call it. 
very nice esp with garlic, vinegar & chili. awesome stuff

There's too many good food at the market. can't try them all in one day tsk 

kinda explored all the good/recommended food in this holiday. :) 

Headed over to Bugis alone after all the eating!
need to shop & walk around to burn all calories. 

Got like 3 pairs of earrings & 3 rings! 
All for 10 bucks only. (: 
1 for 2$, 3 for 5$
and it's mix&match so you can get anything you like, be it bangles, necklaces, rings, earrings etc
idk what shop is that thou. somewhere on the 1st level, air-conditioned area.

My loots! 

Yezzzz i love leopard preens so much that i got 2 rings & 1 pair of earrings of that prints!
spot them all in the following pictures. :D

the silver-greyish flower ring(first one on the right) : simple, nice & cheap - 2 bucks


I find this cute. plus i can wear it on both my pair piercings. 
cupid heart!

AHHHH THIS. nice right! if only there's no gold lining around. 
looks sooo old with it :/ but i still love it hehe

Bugis street is rly the heaven to shop for affordable stuff! 
there's just so many things. 
only bad point is that, it isn't air-conditioned (first level) and FRIGGING LOTSA PPL.
seriously there's always a crowd there, i've no idea why.
everyone no need study? (like me lor)
everyone no need work? (also like me lor)
so conclusion: everyone there like me lor -.-
no lah, my bullshit theory, basically cos there's more tourists (i think)
but 2nd & 3rd levels are much better, in terms of crowd & ventilation.
of cos, bad point is that their items are priced higher. tsk not good for shopaholics

SEE! So many things. :( 
if only my $$$ is as much as those items! 

And i'm glad i manage to control myself and leave before it's peak hour = no seats on the bus

Some random stuff..

This looks so good! 
I'm gonna get it for bro's 11th so that i can eat too. hehe cunning 
my fav mango & strawberry
taken using instagram, absolute <3 for the effect!
kinda addicted to instagram! i hope i don't spam till i annoy ppl :'(
find me @ paperandkisses (instagram)

Reading it for 2nd time, still as beautiful (: 
i rmb the first time i read was when i was sec3, during the period of hospital duty
haha remembered so clearly cos N & I skipped one day (aka our last day) and we stayed at one of the void decks near Changi Hospital and slacked the day away~ haha good old memories
the movie isn't as good as the novel thou, always the case
same goes for twilight, eat pray & love etc. 

Me in my new specs!
not a decoration piece, it's degreed! (have no idea if it's called that)
i think i look like a professional in this specs. prolly teacher?

my optician said i look good in it! hehe

love the side design! it's in purple (not my fav color but doesn't matter)
and there's this butterfly design!! (refer to above pic)
total change from my previous specs

Anyway! This is my fav song currently:

[credited to Youtube]

1D's What Makes You Beautiful

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know Oh Oh 
You don't know you're beautiful

wtf, th original MV has 90 millions hits! gosh 
i <3 1D! :D

Oh and i caught "The Vow" on funshion a week ago (i think) and i watched it again ytsd
(ps. not that i love the show, just boring nothing to do lol spoiler no offense) 

i rly dk if there's any difference between the actual one (aired in theatre) and the one in funshion
but i find the plot not strong enough, yes it's sweet & all though but smth is amiss 
maybe she can marry to her ex-fiance? lol wtf
i find the part which Paige's mum mentioned about "I chose to stay with him for all the things he did right, not leave him for the ONE thing he did wrong" 
(okay you'll have to watch it to understand..) 
I find it rly sweet & brave of her, to forgive her man for betraying her.
how many women can do that? 
which makes me think of the current 9pm show on channel 8,
the couple of 30 years splitting up just cos their characters aren't compatible.

but how can a couple use that as a "reason" to divorce after FUCKING 30 YEARS?
(ok ah, i'm not angry, just emphasizing haha) 
you don't know your characters aren't compatible during first few years of marriage, isn't it?
no? or even during dating. NOT after 30 years of marriage, what a joke tsk.

but mommy is right. 
maybe they're staying tgt for their kids. 
staying tgt for RESPONSIBILITY, not LOVE anyway. 
what a tragedy, imo. le sigh
i can't imagine facing the person i dislike for 30 years, waking up to his side every single morning.

I hope this doesn't happen to me in future, whether or not i find my Mr Right. 

Okay that's all! Happy Sunday, folks! Have a good one! 

jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Char! :)

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