Wednesday, 4 April 2012

c'est ce qu'on appelle... vie


(PS. Look @ my timetable and be sad for me ty. if you're in the same shit, then we be sad for each other okay? *hugs* le sigh)

On a side note, this ISN'T the first sucky timetable but i can't help but to be whiny.
NP, we appreciate yr efforts but NO 3 HOURS BREAK PLS. 


Okay actually i was quite happy that S and I are in the same class. or rather, we ASSUME that we were in the same class till we realize the studying period is different tsk.
i rly hope i do know someone in the class. :( 
*sounding really anti-social wtf*
why can't np just let us be in the same class, studying at the same period?
is NP a supporter of #foreveralone ????!!!!!!!

Unsure if i'm happy or sad that i got my first choice but i kinda felt that i chose it on impulse.
(find out why i chose it -on impulse- here)
for those who know me well, you'll know that i'm not exactly a language person except sometimes when i wanna learn Malay (lol) 
so idk if i'll survive French but i'll try (no choice too-.-) and hopefully i'll fall in love with this beautiful language and visit France one day. :D 
If i love French after this sem, i'll continue taking French for foreign language next sem. :)
sounds good eh? 
voulez me porte bonheur

i rly appreciate days like this. :)

PS. left hand in awkward position/area lol 

My new hot pink LED watch for 5 bucks only!!
bought exact same one in hot purple. :) 

plus point: it's in stainless steel, and it's cool as normally it's just a mirror screen (look at the above pic)

bad point: you've to press a side button for the time to be shown so sometimes you're eating halfway, and you've to put down yr utensils to press that stupid button. 

love the colors though. (=

tried new tze char at Jurong area. 
recommended by the TV show, i think. or newspaper. 

the address. ^^

fried fish skin: THUMBS UP

steel board (?!) tofu : THUMBS UP

PS. all direct translate hahahah i know sounds weird

curry fish head : THUMBS UP

ngoh hiang : AVERAGE

steel board (?!) deer meat : it's good but it tasted like beef (wonder if they cheated us.. tsk)
if it were rly beef then it's awesomely good. :)

OUR SPREAD ^^ yums

This tze char is definitely recommended & worth a try.
Affordable (:
Nothing commendable about the service but no bad points either. (: 
but bad point about the venue is that it felt pretty humid there, idk if it's the place or SG's weather
but there's no shelter so if it rains halfway thru your dinner (touchwood), then TOO. BAD, orbiquak

Outta with mommy 
we went to people's park, chinatown & maxwell so it's dressed down before the sun kills me

tried this stall which was recommended on 面对面 (channel 8's variety show)

Soup & chili flake is what makes the noodles great.:)
you can buy the chilil flakes if you love it! 
4 bucks per bottle i think but nope, i'm not a fan of it 

THIS CURRY MEE IS MY FAV! (of cos cannot be compared to Penang's but good enough)
i don't understand why this stall has no queue, so sad, it's soooo nice 
duh, it's imo. 
oh and i think SG should allow pig's blood to be imported
yah yah i know sounds gross and heartless to eat it but oh trust me, it's good

Sugarcane with lemon

Walked around Chinatown and i didn't know there's soo many things there!
sounding like a foreigner nao but i rarely walk arnd chinatown cos i don't think there's anything there like only tourists stuff 
gosh so many things. and affordable too!
can bargain bargain (must bring out auntie's spirit HAHAH)
spotted Incanto Dream $40 for 100ml 
I'm soo getting it hehe

Walked over to maxwell for 老伴豆花 BUT IT WAS SOLD OUT WTF.
They opened at 1130 and it wasn't even 2 then but SOLD OUT.
OMG, imagine my sadness. :\ 
le sigh, prolly going over to old airport for it tmrw 
*fingers crossed* that it wouldn't be sold out + no queue PLEASE
i heard rly good reviews so i hope i'll love it too! 
(actually maybe not, i hope i don't like it so save $$$ HAHAHHAA)

So i couldn't have 老伴豆花, i went to have this instead. 

too sweet :'(
and this middle-aged woman spat -on the floor- right in front of me, killing my appetite for ma tau huey.
fucking disgusted. don't understand why some people do that -.- no tissue? no etiquette?(thou it's food court) -.- INCONSIDERATE 

crayfish+prawn kueytiao for din

this is the awesome gravy. (Y)
this stall is SOOOO DAMN POPULAR cos it's FOREVER long queue.
plus it's not cheap, 6 bucks for my meal. 6 bucks can be 3 meals, right?
3 Mac chicken ley *cheapskate mode*
doesn't matter the time, doesn't matter the day, doesn't matter the price,

Met Z for nails therapy!! 

Wore my maxi but made it into a top with my hw shorts


With Z!

My first time trying out home-based salon other than the one in Penang.
it's @ woodlands and you can check it out here

<3 *inserts lotsa hearts*

How i wish i own all these. :'(

her cutie album cover

she has lotsa designs and you can choose any you wanna from any price range!
price ranges from 10$ - 25$ BUT no filing, no removing of dead skins etc.
JUST PURELY PAINTING. so make sure your nails are cleaned before going for her service. :) 

so starting wasn't good cos she owns a dog and i believe the dog was being over-friendly (like what dogs are.. usually) and I DROPPED MY PHONE WHILE TRYING TO ERM, ESCAPE? LOL. 

[credited to google]

i rly think she should put a lease even before inviting us in. 
and prolly release him/her if customers are dogs-lover?
maybe i'm saying that cos i'm scared of dogs but seriously not everyone love them like you do, or the owners do. unless the dogs are not over-friendly, just sit there and stoned. but that's like retarded -.- 
NOTE: I don't anti-dogs, i'm SCARED of them. 

apparently her (manicurist) reaction was quite huge when she THOUGHT i own a dog. 
LOL. yeah maybe i'll own one in the future.


Z getting her nails, ready for disney nails ^^

While waiting! thank god it's air-conditioned 

colorful yo


50% done :) i love it like this actually.
th color combination is perfect. suits my dressing (according to Z hehe)

Almost done!
I'm sure those who goes for nails therapy would know that usually salons use this...

[credited to Google]

UV nails lamp to dry our nails BUT to my surprise, Goobynails used this...

Mini fan ^^ 
to be frank, i thought it was quite funny but i find it a good idea & pretty cost saving. 
plus most imptly, it's effective right? thou UV nail lamp works better DUH

My turn to get my nails... fanned 
Thanks to Z for taking all these pics while i'm getting my nails done! 

End product. :)

[credited to Z's twitter] 

Left is mine, right is Z's!
look at her disney mickey nails esp the thumb!

Taken with Instagram! Love the effect!
side track a lil, i'm back on instagram hehe
i rmb i "quitted' instagram cos i forgot my login details tsk 
but out of a sudden, i knew that instagram was on Android and i keep seeing people posting photos on instagram (from my twitter)
AND JUST LIKE THIS, I went back to it (RANDOM HOR?)
i hope i'm not spamming thou. i love the effects!
you can follow me at 14_romantics

Overall, i'm pretty satisfied with Goobynails. But i prefer Citibella.
(no comparison here cos citibella is a salon. just ma own preference)
idk if it's cos both Z and I were there so she didn't talk much, or is it... she just don't talk much?
mind you, she wasn't rude, just... awkward silence 
it would be REAL awkward if i were just there by myself. :\ 
and her house isn't very accessible, unless by cars/cabs. 

fish manhattan after our nails therapy. :)
their 3.99 deal! SO WORTH IT GOSH
there's a queue when we left! 
and every table (almost) had the 3.99 deal ahhaha singaporeans lo

look at the portion! only for 3.99++
we were so bloated after this meal and we couldn't finish it all!
had to takeaway :\


Top from Cotton On, 5 bucks only i think.

hehe i love ma nails that i keep looking at it and praising it in my heart 
LOL bu yao lian

Annual POP rehearsal.
i hope i can take leave from school on 20th for actual parade! (aka skip school)
lemme tell u, the sun is a frigging killer
it was fucking hot, more than just hot. 
was wondering if my lenses and make up will melt under this fiery sun

So proud of the boys! ;)

met up with E after training for dinner! 
satisfying cos we had claypot rice hahaha! all 'bout food lol 

taken pretty long ago! i hope we can take new pics soon. ): 

I was at one of the retail shops today and i happened to hear this song!
lotsa memories came back cos this was my fav song when i was sec1 or 2 i think! 
it's a very short & sweet song by 1st lady. (: 
i hope you'll enjoy it too!

it's going to be 2am and i'm surprised cos i'm usually asleep by this time!
yes, be shocked, but my body auto start dozing off at 12+ and prolly be fast asleep by 1am lol
yayyy to healthy lifestyle

[credited to google]

That's all folks!
Have a great week ahead! (:

jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Char! :)

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