Thursday, 26 April 2012


you can read day 1 here :)

Ahhhh so beautiful :') 
cfm good mood if wake up to this view every single day 

Had breakfast @ the resort.

Mad love for the bacon & sausage!! :)
have always have love-hate r/s with sausages cos their shape turns me off (if you get what i mean) but i love them as food!! *okay, like redundant opinion HAHAHA

Just so nice to have breakfast every morning (cos i rarely have breakfast) and it's only a few metres from our room! (: 
convenient for everyone! 

Prepared for elephant ride & hamster bola after breakfast ^^

Seriously the sun was still as frigging fiery even thou there's wind & everything else -.-

New sets of linens ^^
so thankful that the person came in and cleaned up cos our room was full of sand and i felt like i'm sleeping on a beach instead-.- 


Elephant ride was just 5 mins away from our resort, lol. 
(actually less than that)

the elephants were rly... uhm, tall & huge.
seriously i don't think Singapore's zoo's elephants are THAT huge.
(or maybe cos i haven't been to the zoo for ages..)

shan't get into details of how i took SOOO long just to get up on the elephant. 
*fobia ketinggian*
and worst thing, the elephant which i was on, refused to get down of the hill, wtf. 
i rly thought imma gonna die under the hands of an elephant. -.-
& that would prolly be the funniest reason of death, wth

[credited to W]

It was a fun ride thou i can't understand what the guy told me most of the time!
HAHAHAH whenever i asked him a question (in bahasa), i don't understand a shit about his reply lol!
so i'll just go like "okay okay" *nods* 
lol this is like what the hokkien saying goes, smart is good, but don't act smart (wtf myself)

[credited to W]

[credited to W]

Seriously this elephant (forgot her name tsk) loved W alot!! lol
she's the only one who's still on the elephant after the entire ride.
<33333 aww elephant's love *inserts lotsa love*

[credited to W]

YY was sooo cool! she got to sit in front instead of that guy!!

[credited to W]

[credited to W]

feel so ashamed cos majority of Singaporeans are so self-centered -.- LE SIGH
(of cos you may think that they should be nice to tourists cos we are their source of income but hello, i bet Singaporeans are not even polite to tourists -.-)
Anyway that aside..

Went off for LASER QUEST!
Virgin experience (i know SG has it too but yeah..) and it's frigging tiring omg 
老了, lama sudah tsk

PS. laser quest's photos  [credited to W] :)

Interior of Laser Quest.
$11.00/pax for 15 mins :) 

So we spilt into 2 groups & thought that we were gonna VS each other lol!
 but in the end it was within the group -.- 
FUCKIN' HOT IN THERE (thou there was air-con)
nevertheless, it was rly fun & great shooting one another with th girls & with the guys scaring us -.- 

Score sheet. ^^

Proceeded on to hamster bola (not the actual name of the activity but everyone said that so i follow suit HAHHA wtf detailed explanation) 
it was within the same "club" so we just walked over to the pool. :D

PS. Some of the photos are credited to W :)

So we gotta get into this bola and go into the pool. :))
sounds cool eh? wait till the end!

The guys went in first while we, the girls, had a GOOD LAUGH XD

We gotta balance in the bola and try walking in the pool. sounds easy but TOTALLY. NOT.

filling in the bola with air ;)

This was us, the girls, tryna our BEST to balance & walk
it was rly hilarious. we were all laughing in the bola and frigging tiring

This was what happened after trying. might as well just lie in the bola, enjoy the clear blue sea (pool) & the sky. :D thank god for nice weather

in the end, th malay guy demonstrated for us the ACTUAL way to do it. 
and wtf, he walked the whole pool gosh! awesome shit really!!
we were all awed by him (: 
then again, he said he practiced it EVERYDAY so i reckon if i stay there & practice, i'll be able to do it too. ^^ (self-praise lor)

8 bucks for 15 mins!! per pax. :)
i can't help laughing when recalling about the hamster bola. HAHAH it was really funny watching the guys tryna balance BUT kept falling. IT WAS MORE HILARIOUS DOING IT MYSELF. HAHA gosh we kept falling and screaming like nobody's business. (LAUGHS) worst still, there were lots of people (mostly Caucasians) watching our stupid acts. how i wish i took a video down. :'( 
so tiring falling and standing up again. YOU GOTTA TRY IT TOO! (to experience the funny-ness hahaha)
apparently mom said there's such thing in SG, but i'm not too sure! :/

Went for lunch & back to resort..
(u must be thinking that we were going to see beautiful coral reefs and those mini cutie fishes... wait till the end, tyvm.)

We took a.. boat (?) to the place where we get our snorkeling equipment. 
or was it sampan? lol, no idea.

Pretty nice to be in the middle of the sea with the great wind (X

GROUP PHOTOS W/ OUR CAPTAIN (the guy at the end hehe)

So we got our equipment & "sailed" to the place where we gonna snorkeled.  
the wind was horrendously strong BUT SUPER SHIOK. 

our snorkeling tour guide! dk why he sleeping -.-
okay la, maybe not he's sleeping, just coincidentally that moment when he blinked/closed his eyes?
LOL wth am i talking 'bout

Our equipment on board ^^

Helping us clean our goggles with sea water lol!
convenient method hah

here goes the story...

the weather wasn't fantastic by the time we were ready so we kinda just stopped in the middle of nowhere and... stoned. lol retarded us

finally we were allowed to snorkel and so off we went!!
*gosh i can't never ever forget this virgin experience*
the current was so fucking strong and we had to swim against the waves -.-
of cos i'm not a strong swimmer so obviously struggling in the big sea ( yah just imagine the scene)
WORST STILL, due to the bad weather, there wasn't any shit for us to see -.- 
it was just stupid rocks which caused us to be have cuts ugh. 
It started raining after we got down into the sea wth.
funniest thing was, we had to swim towards the sampan and go according to the direction our tour guide gave us.
initially, W & I wanted to get "onboard" and stopped snorkeling half-way. 
we were so fucking close to the sampan AND. YET. HE. DROVE. AWAY. WAOLAO
(okay, at this point, i'm like laughing cos it's pretty funny when i think back)
AND AND AND he still gave hand signs for us to follow him GRRRR
obviously we can't shout nor scream right?
SO? we just had to swim on. 
we were just struggling & trying to swimming, HOPING IT'LL END SOON. 
guess whut? we spent 35 bucks struggling. struggle still must pay, haiyo. 

finally IT ENDED. and we went back to the place we came from.
the rain was horrible and we were all shivering -__-
but it seemed that the guys thought it was a fun experience (lol)

no idea why we all had towels over our heads lol!! *laughs*
quite a epic pic and i can't help laughing whenever i see it
i hope i wasn't the one who suggested that "pose"

The guys & the tour guide!! 

not an expert in photography but  i think it's pretty nice, no?
such a nice tour guide thou only for a short while ^^

One of the shot while otw to resort to wash up.:)
i thought it looked like a tumblr pic! 
if only the mickey can be towards the right a lil, that would be really perfect! 

Showered and felt soooo nice/good/awesome!! 
FYI. had 3 layers on while snorkeling. rly super uncomfortable tsk.

our group pic @ the beach!

Chilled and headed for dinner at 7-ish.

 Another Kelung's outlet. SEAFOOD OH YEAH

Coconut drink for dinner, like as usual.

Photographer YY @ work (:

needless to say, you can tell from the photos that ALL THOSE WERE SO AWESOME YUMS!
had our fills of fresh seafood! this meal costed 170+ i think (: 

Don't ask me why i'm in pink instead of white, tyvm. :)

After our satisfying dinner, we went for fireworks!! 

not only we got to watch the fireworks pretty close to us (VERY BEAUTIFUL OH YEA), we got to light it up ourselves too! now, you can't do that in singapore unless you gonna join the army and pop it (w/e it is called) during NDP lol

Really so beautiful but i took a video instead of photos! :x

pretty weird of us to leave the place after 15 mins hahha back to resort!!
supposed to ride motorbikes (or was it scooter) but it was dark so we reckoned it's of no use since we can't see much things :(((

day 2 pretty much ended with us going to bed early cos we gonna catch the sunrise in the morning! 

[credited to google]

 (: / :( 

jusqu'à la prochaine fois,

Char! :)


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