Tuesday, 13 March 2012

When life is more-than-just beautiful :)

With this kinda kiddy windmill ;) 

Had frog leg porridge for dinner on Sunday! THUMBS UP. 
It's opposite beauty world, at bukit timah :)

You can see the name of the shop from th pic above!

Sin Ma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge
3 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599730
Tel 64677317

Do try it for people who haven't tried before cos it's really good :) portion might be a lil small but you can order more hehe. they've other outlets in places like Geylang. Yes they're famous in Geylang too! :D


But this glass of ice barley sucks! :( 


Me & my spoon of porridge! HAHA this kinda pose is like very old school when people love to "pose" with their spoon/food (=

THIS. IS. AWESOME. the taste of kangkong is there, level of spiciness is just right. 2 THUMBS UP. 
Highly recommended :)  

This fish-alike thingy is pretty sourish, doesn't rly fancy it! :(

My lil baby bro <3

PS. for those who think i don't love my sis that much hence no picture of her, YOU'RE WRONG :P she didn't join us for dinner that night as she was busy with her assignment which was due the next day! (very specific details right) hehe ok la i know many people think it's excuses right cos i love my bro more but... :) 


Corp training the next day! 

All my fac members! 
Very excited & nervous for them next Sat! 

So.. most of the time during training, i'm stuck in the room doing home nursing with the girls! Rare interaction with my ambulance cadets :( 

Thanks to V who was my "patient" for all 4 cases:)

Very proud indeed of their progress thus far. Thou i dislike training new team from scratch, i always have this sense of satisfaction when they do it correctly, great coordination with good skills + procedure! :)

Driving aftermath! 
(don't get it wrong, the pic above is during my night driving, lol that's why the sky's dark)

Had 2 sessions of driving - one in the afternoon, one at night! 
I'm soo glad it's comin' to an end thou i know i'll miss BBDC, somehow :\

Went for simulator after my afternoon session! I was fucking starving during my driving cos i arrived too late to have lunch :( 
Couldn't take any photos in the simulator room so i'm gonna post those online!

[all pictures following: credited to Google]


This is the most similar to BBDC's. Not so complex thou. Like Daytona in arcade hehe

It's a machine invented by Japan which cost 120k as quoted from my instructor. Very cool but will get dizzy after a while, imo. I'm always getting into "accidents " lol 




Basically, the objective is to see our reaction time & how we react to accidents cos we can't experience rl on the road (DUH, touchwood*) But I find it not very worthwhile cos it's 13 bucks for 10-15 minutes only. Whole session is 50mins but gotta share with 2 other learners :( 
waste of money, cheater bug, maybe 3 bucks is good? LOL 

Had LJS lunch with loves before heading over to driving! 

Had both sets for 11.90 only! :) 

Had that guy again for driving :( I'm soo upset cos he's pretty fierce and make me stressed zzz
Learnt vertical parkin' & slope. Slope is pretty much useless imo, just like emergency brake. as in, you don't need to have one lesson for those stuff

Headed to salon aftermath & had BANGS.

Having my hair washed! 

It's my fav salon in SG. For those who know me well, you'll know that i don't trim my hair often let alone cut! because some hair stylists will cut according to how they like it to be, instead of going according to me :( Always regretted after cutting. But this salon is loved esp for K & C. Both are my usual hair stylists but they were on leave today. so.. no choice. 

Not very sure of salon's name cos it's all in Chinese and i didn't snap a pic of it :( 
Two shops after G1 hair salon! NOT G1 ahhhh
This salon will have another place for rinsing your hair & they've mani/pedi service too.
so, girls, if you wanna pamper yourself, you can do some hair treatment and mani/pedi at the same time. ultimate relaxation! XO
okay, guys also can if you wanna have cuticle treatment or remove your dead skins etc lol

Preparing to cut ma hair. kept reminding her not to cut TOO short that i can't tie anymore and she kept reassuring me too. Lol. Those cutting ma hair must have got rly high level of patience if not sure get pissed by yours truly. :((

When she's gonna cut ma fringe, she even asked me not to cry HAHAHA

End result..

Spent 26 bucks on both washin' & cutting!
they're having a promotion now till end of March, treatment + washing = $35 (it's a steal people!) 
GO TRY THEM OUT NOW:) I'm going for my treatment the week after next. these 2 weeks would prolly be busy due to training, work & gatherings! 

Pretty much happy with my new hair but i just regretted about the bangs ;( look so cheena? sort of? 
but i'm happy about the new length and my hair feels so light hehe
can't wait for treatment!

Soo sad that I didn't get my handsome instructor, H, for night driving ;((
no more hopes alr, he's on night shift this week but i'm having day driving for the next two lessons sighhh
okay, shan't sound too desperate but i'm sooo sad
i just pray real hard that i don't get my 1st & that fierce instructors tmrw *fingers crossed*
did i mention that i praised him the other day? 
he kept pressing me to tell him about other instructors so i just said "no la, not that they're not good but cos you good looking, so i wanna you teach me" HAHAHAH gosh, wtf. i didn't anyhow say that ok! it's true :) he's my most good-looking instructor thus far! 
after i said that, he went like "ok today parallel parking, clear you" 
HAHAH those who learnt/learning driving will know what i meant ;) basically just "clear" the stage like a video game kinda thing. 
and know what's the worst thing? totally lost my women's pride -.-
him: yeah i'm married, 2 kids
me: oh damn -.-
WTF MYSELF, YES FUCK. no pride alr. shouldn't have made any comment lo. 
(ma fav font & color, miracle pls!)

FINALLY completed stage 3 of driving! Getting real close to the "end" :) 
Only worried for parallel parking. Evaluation/review tmrw! wish me luck xxx

gotta turn in! nowadays always sleeping before 2 and i'm glad about that ;) early bird catches the worm!
driving + work tmrw, for 2h lol 

last but not least,

Friends & everyone/anyone, pls help me vote for my Mommy @ 

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just gotta "like" this pic (below) hehe
Voting ends on 30th March!! 

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Till next time,

Char! :)

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