Saturday, 10 March 2012

Thankful for an awesome Saturday XO


1st & foremost,

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Finally got on tryin' my new red wine facial mask!

plus point, it has this very nice smell! 
Idk how to explain that kinda smell but it smells like cherry HAHA
(you gotta try it to know that smell!!)

Bad point, not very sticky! Prolly my face is too big :'(
Doubt i'll get it again. still prefer my fav cutie mask!


SJ training in the mornin' and I'm sooo worried for their progress!
Competition is in less than 2 weeks and things are not looking good nao. :\
Hopefully they can learn & absorb as much for the next 4-5 trainings before actual on 24th! 

*fingers crossed*

Went over to SIM with W for their OH 2012! 

Their goodie bag! 
(PS. Nothin' inside except two pieces of paper lol)
Wanted to exchange for an orange colored one but was too paiseh :/

I think their OH is pretty much confusing as there's no signboards/ushers etc. 
All "booths" were located @ their atrium with all universities at the same place!
Not exactly VERY crowded thou. 

I would prolly say SIM will be one of my choices after i graduate!
they offer higher diploma in international hotel management (or smth along that line)
and bachelor in psychology too! And of cos, many many other courses/universities.
Plus point: Bank/study loans are allowed even for global universities like 
UOL, RMIT, Wollongong (?)
So i guess $$$ isn't a problem with bank loan.
Their degree cost like $38,000 for entire programme while local university cost an average of $26,000. :)

Had their free popcorn lol. 

You can visit SIM and get their brochures anytime! :')

SIM University (UniSIM). 
461 Clementi Road. Singapore 599491.

Walked around for a while before we headed over to NTU!
Yezzzz, i know i'm only graduating in two years' time but no harm lookin' around and accompanying her :)

Nanyang Technological University 
50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798 

(Beware: Next paragraph gonna be full of profanities & complaints) 

Fuckin' lost when we were there wtf. Had to find this LT4 for NIE Talk.
Campus was so huge that there's different "main" hall so we couldn't ask for direction-.- 
was rly cursing and swearing. and my flats was givin' me blisters wtf
Walked around the campus for 0.5h i guess or more than that before we finally found that moronic place. Totally like free& easy tour ourselves wtf. Climbed slope, stairs, walked, asked around. 
*Think of climbing NP hill for 10x and then the LSCT-Blk50 seventy flight of stairs for another 10x*
okie, maybe too exaggerated haha
BUT STILL! No ushers, no signboards, nothing.
Fucking starving by the time we found the EXACT LT for the talk. Wtf. 
And no fuckin' seats so my feet was totally suffering and we were panting like fuck. 
GUESS WHUT, fucking talk ended in 10 minutes after we entered-.- and most of the info can be found on the website-.-)

Okay, enough of my whines, i'm not blaming NTU, not blaming anyone, just wasn't mentally prepared for it, SO I COULDN'T TAKE IT. and worst still, the weather was a fucking killer. 

but i gotta admit, pretty much fun to get lost in a "foreign land" with W. ;) 
contradicting much, i know. 

On a serious note, i'm also considering NIE after graduating. DOUBLE LOL. 
And then W will be my senior <3 hehe love love
Maybe I can teach Music? Lol don't even know how to play the recorder/read a single music note :\ 
Hmmmmm prolly Chinese. Maybe! in future, we can use English to teach Chinese.
That would be awesome :') 
Okay, no seriously, I would prolly choose Humanities except Geog. (X

Benefits of NIE:
1. Steady Income after graduating (teacher leyyyyy) 
2. Allowance during training/studying
3. No retrenchment unless you resign or you commit a serious crime
4. No work on weekends (Just like normal job too) 
5. Bonus/increment of salary (quote from the lecturer ytsd ahaha) 

IMO, cons would be:
1. Long hours (Just like office job but which job is short hours?!) 
2. Aged faster (yknow angry with pupils, scold them, more wrinkles blah blah)
3. Mark the same god damn worksheet for 40x (sometimes more)
4. Stress when students can't do well (Which job no stress ah. Taitai lo. HAHAH)

Of cos, that's not all. But all jobs have their pros& cons so I would consider being a teacher :') 
It's just i can't control my temper, what if i spout profanities? 
Like, FUCK YOU XXX GET OUT OF MY FUCKING CLASS??? (will i get fired lol)
BUT, imagine me saying this:
Hi class, I'm Miss lim, you can call me Miss Lim or Miss charmayne. Please put your finger on your mouth during my lesson so you don't fucking talk *evil smile*

HAHAH GOSH next time if i EVER EVER teach at cckss or if i ever ever be a teacher, i would be colleague with my hubby yayy ok

haha better stop my NIE stuff, reminding myself i'm only graduating in 24 months. (and NIE isn't as easy to get in-.-)

FINALLY LUNCH OMG. Had mee hoon kueh with fried fish. Sucks like shit! 
But it was only 2.30$ lol cheap

Got star$ after lunch and headed to JP! 

Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2  
Singapore 648886

Shopped a little and finally got my pair of oxford @ Giovanna
Most basic pair!! AND ON SALES, 15 BUCKS ONLY
(PS. those who got it for less than 15 and similar pair, DON'T TELL ME TYVM)

Not exactly my ideal color but good enough! :D
Happyyy izzz me hor
Always can't find the ideal pair of oxford.
Either i dislike the color (red, black etc) or sizing doesn't fit. :(
Gonna wear this pair out for SJ & Driving tmrw 

Headed over to SASA to get my pencil eyeliner and fake eyelash!

My previous Cyber Color auto eye definer pencil died on me :(
Bought an exact same one thou!
It's user-friendly & cheap (8.90 onlyyy!) but smudges a lil so i usually will use my liquid eyeliner to go over it ^^
There's grey, black & brown.
now, they've this new auto eye glitter definer pencil! 
Almost same as mine but there's glitter lol
Costed 9.90$! For babes who love glitter, you might wanna try it out! 

One pair for 1.95$ only!!! (PROMOTION)
Usually cost 4.90$
Never tried this brand before. Will try and let cha know if it's nice :) 

Headed over to Guardian before home

Finally found the blue pack!! Searched for it at Pharmacy & Watson but couldn't find it! 
Wanted to get more but there's only 2 left :( 
Shall try my luck at CCK polyclinic tmrw morning! 
So glad that my nursing girls can train with a decent pack tmrw *smiles*

Got Mac for family at BPP! 

tried this 1-for-1 Chicken McBITES

Tasted like KFC popcorn chicken. not very special.
Still <3 my McSpicy!! hehe

That concluded my Saturday. Pretty simple yet awesome esp with W (:
Finally I'm staying at home on Sunday! the only stay-home day this week!
pretty lazy to even go out ):

Corp training -> Driving/Simulator 
not very excited for driving simulator after S said it's a waste of time & $$ but compulsory ):


Learn to love yourself, love to smile because...

[credited to Tumblr]

that's all folks! rmb help me vote for my mommy okay!
hehe ty! <3

Till next time,

Char! :)

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