Saturday, 31 March 2012


As the title says,
yes, it's stay home weekends fo me because... 

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I'm sick :( down with mild food poisoning.
(so technically i'm not THAT sick cos i'm still able to "churn" out this post LOL)
 but on a brighter side, i'm kinda too lazy/tired to head out so i'll treat these few days as 'resting days' @ home :) 

One of these days, I met up with my girlz for lunch! 

Swensens @ ION Orchard

The mini burgers which Tw had were sooo cute lol
There's different flavors to choose from too. :') 

Headed over to FEP to shop arnd. :) 
Gosh, i discover S loves shopping like mad too! 
like on a scale of 1 (hates shopping) to 10, she rates herself 11 lol 

Shiny sparkling big bear we found outside one of the retails stores

Candylicious @ Taka

391 Orchard Road, #B2-25/27 
Takashimaya Shopping Centre

You can find out more about Candylicious and their e-commerce store here :)
they've an outlet in RWS too! 

Walked over to Lucky plaza!
And otw there, S & I went into this sex shop!
my virgin "visit" *coughs* lol
Saw like condoms which were BIG enough for elephants
and some were small enough for babies, i suppose? lol
then again, why babies and elephants need condoms? hmmmm
OH AND this interesting gummy panties so that guys can eat (uhm, chew?) them while makin' love with their partners (kinda saw this online before lol)
not to forget, this amazing blow up dolls if you don't wanna visit a prostitute/duck 
it could be an old man/sexy girl/plus-sized ladies/ whoever you prefer ;)

Well if you're keen in big boobs babes then.... 

here it is 
i've no idea if "she" is that hot after blowing up

[credited to]

another one lol if you're interested to make out with a hot fireman

[credited to]

and prolly rl would be like this...

[credited to google]

actually... Kinda cool hor?
Don't get me wrong, i'm not sick in the mind to search fo all these photos,
just for this part of the post

MY FAV/BEST BUY that day!

Thanks to S & F for recommendation :)

Got it @ lucky plaza, one of those perfumes stores!

This is how the packaging looks like. :)
28 bucks for it!
but we got discount as we bought 2 so it's 25 bucks for us each!

Started using it the next day and it smells awesome!
I would prolly describe it as sparkling apple juice?
yezzz that kinda feminine and sweet smell
Very different from my salvatore ferragamo but i love both! :D 

f21 sales! :) 
but i got nothing -.-

This knit top costed like 20 bucks but i look sucky in it:(
it's pretty much uncomfortable to look at, no?
like trypophobia :/
fear of holes so i decided to give it a pass

 Work @ BBSS! 
2nd session with them!! (read about my 1st session here)

Some activities which kill time and prolly... change their mindset?

There's a 3rd/final session and hopefully i'm able to make it! $$$
School would have started by then le sigh :(

It was ma 5.01 evaluation the other day! 
I'm soo glad things went well and now just waiting to book TP!
can't book yet cos time table isn't finalized :\ 
all the test dates are all weekdays aka school 
i'll miss bbdc and all those funny instructors!
they made driving so fun with all their jokes and stories (X
my last instructor told me that this student failed to do E brake (supposedly forgot or wasn't alert)
and when tester asked her about it, she replied "oh i thought you were hitting mosquito" -.-
LOL cracked me up totally but the tester was furious = immediate failure
like wtf, what kinda reply 

Thanks to TW's recommendation, i went to consult this TCM about my skin problem! :\
Ugh, looks like it's not gonna recover that soon. the itch is killing me every now & then. 
i rly wonder what triggers my so-called rashes. :(
one bad point about this clinic is that, the consultation area is "opened" which means everyone or rather, all the patients waiting, can hear w/e you say or w/e the doc says. NO PRIVACY. :\
and the clinic smelt like detergent! super gross till i couldn't wait in the clinic

plus point- the doc is pretty humorous! 
and he suggested that i should take beef noodle once or twice a week! :D
and refrain from eating durian or drinking green tea. 
thank god YAY, i don't fancy eating/drinking both :) 
gonna go tpy for their signature beef noodle with mommy next week. :)

Hearts to mommy who went over to the clinic earlier and got the number for me. 
only waited for around 0.5h! 

Those who are interested, the clinic is located @ Chong Pang

[credited to TW]

Thanks babe for yr recommendation! <3

Had this sucky noodle after consultation. 
but the boss is soo nice & friendly. :)

This is.. THUMBS UP
Take away 8 pieces (min. for separating the ingredient) and it's soo awesome
would go back to have it again. :)

Dress down to Bugis to meet W! <3

it's really dress down cos i don't even bother wearing my lenses. 

lotsa love xxx

Had Astons and gosh my first ever time NOT enjoyin' their food :'(
such disappointment but it's kinda my bad too

IBC rootbeer. 
Ordered wrong drink -.- not the usual one which i wanna
(that's my mistake)

Ahhhh this is always nice. :) 

This big chuck of salmon spaghetti is sucha disappointment
sucks like shit wtf
should have just heed W's advice to order my usual chicken :'(

Ordered 2 sides but i was too bloated to finish them up -.-
BUT! both were yummy. ;)
not to mention the fact that i didn't finish that sucky spaghetti too

W's grilled fish! omg feel like having alr

had so much catching up as usual hehe
and i got more and more excited telling her about EM, lol
how gorgeous and cute he is :P

walked over to Bugis for desserts! 
we were too full so we decided to walk instead of taking a bus!
gosh i didn't know there's shesha at the bars along Beach Road!
gotta try it soon :)

Ah Chew's queue was horrendous so we decided to try Desserts First
not too bad except the place is kinda cramped and we can hear everyone's conversation -.-

Got this at Watsons' private sales on 28th!
i've no idea why they called it private when everyone, young or old, male or female, human or alien, can buy from it -__-
nevertheless, i'm one of the aliens who spent 50 bucks there! 

$13.90!! for 10 pieces! what a steal!

love my new mask! it's so sticky and "transparent"
i dislike masks which doesn't stick on the face (or maybe my face is just TOO big) 
and i hate using 3D masks too
happy with ma new buy

Erm... i bought this pack of plasters cos i find it... CUTE
haha it's sesame street and i <3 it esp elmo! 

EXCITED to change my hair color to milk tea brown!
i hope it's bright enough unlike my current color! :\

Liese is rly one good brand to use if you're thinking of dyeing yr hair. :) 
user-friendly and no strong stinky smell! 
Not to be biased, i've NEVER used other brands before so i've no idea if the rest are good
But, LIESE is good enough for me. :D

Got my new moisturizer from Za! so pinky and sweet-looking
shall try it as soon as i finish my current emulsion (also from za lol)

Can't wait to watch The Hunger Games next week!
No one said it sucks thus far! all the good reviews hehe
i hope i don't fall asleep like how i did when i watched Transformers last time
(yeah, i know long ago but i can't forget cos that's the first ever movie i dozed off -.-)
but anyway even if i were to fall asleep, doesn't matter cos i'm watching it for free ;)
rmb my GV free ticket by R? 

[credited to Google]


[credited to Google]

5th APRIL! Gonna watch it real soon!

[credited to Google]

how awesome?!
A good note to end my 6 weeks break and to start a new academic sem. :) 
can't wait!! (for the trip, not new sem-.-)

Sometimes, i rly wonder why are some people so pushy... le sigh

That's all folks!
Have a great weekend ahead! (:

Till next time,

Char! :)

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