Friday, 2 March 2012


MY DEAREST 心心 & I. Given to me as a birthday gift from my beloved E. <3 
I named her 心心  cos I wanna everyone in the family, all friends around me BASICALLY EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY (开心)  ^^ (ok i think i sound kiddy aha)

Such a lovely Saturday and I was up early because I slept at 9+ ytsd HAHA. Dozed off in papa's room unknowingly and only went back to ma room at 11+. No matter what, i'm energetic now. Just came back home from lunch. Went to accompany mimi & babybro for tuition cum lunch.

Had Yong Tau Foo for lunch & some snacks. Sugarcane drink too! Soo sinful because i haven't been exercising for the past few days. Too tired from work. ): 
PS. I should have taken the -before- pic of food rather than -after- LOL

Gonna head down to Smoochiezz's flea market during one of the weekdays next week! Going during weekdays so that not many babes will fight with me.. i hope so LOL :D

Venue: FEP, Main atrium
Date: 3rd March (TODAY YEZZZ TODAY) - 18th March
Time: 10am - 10pm

LOTS OF COSMETICS, NAIL POLISH, TREATMENT etc etc. View their instocks here!


SCGS GOLD programme finally ended ytsd at 6pm! Don't get me wrong, it isn't that i hated working there, the students are good, environment is nice to work in (PS. Air-con in their classroom) YES I'm suagu cos cckss don't have air-con for us boooo. then again, they're independent school -.-

IT'S JUST THAT I'M TIRED, REAL TIRED, throat sore from talking for long hours, legs are breaking for standing for long hours. I'm not princess or 千金小姐 but i've never worked for such long hours before or started work soooo early before ): prolly other than Suntec but that was... no choice so yeah. Started at 8am and zee & i gotta report at 730am which was useless cos we did nothing even when we reached there early zzz.

Wore pants instead of skirt as mentioned in previous posts. I think pants look cooler than skirt, not that i think i'm VERY Cool HAHAH. skirt gives a feminine feel though. (: 

I think other than obsession of leopard preens, i'm obsessed with maself too hahah wtf

Pretty upset over the organization.. skills. we were told to report at 0730 but there was no briefing no further instructions no materials -.- and i rmb clearly that he said previously we gotta get mahjong paper for their mind-mapping activity BUT THERE WAS NONE. Clearly, it wasn't well-organized and they're people who are late. I highly doubt jam/massive jam isn't a very valid reason. though for school, i ALWAYS use this reason esp for morning classes. If people can reach at 0815 and still be "punctual" why must we make the effort to wake up so early and reach on time? earlier, in fact. yes jam might be unavoidable but you could leave house earlier, no? i don't think we accept that reason in SJ -.- then again, it's workin' life and i shouldn't be complaining when i'm getting paid from 8am onwards. it's just... my thoughts, all imo.

nevertheless, it's over and it's money that i care about. lol. and after these two days, i realize that teaching isn't my cup of tea. but it might be different for teachers. they teach at most 1h for each lesson and might have some break before next lesson whereas we had none. maybe a 20mins break after 3-4 hours. referring to secondary school teacher thou, not poly lecturer..

Lil girls havin' PE. (sounds so foreign hahahahha) they look sooo sweet, and i mean majority of them ): i'm so saddd that i don't look that good when i was their age. BUT I STILL LOOK GOOD (just not THHAATT good) HAHA WTF WHAT A THING TO SAY. Self-praise only zzzz

Their different blocks in school have different name. Pretty unique and their classrooms have names like.. 
5 PERSEVERE (primary 5 class) all different classes have this kinda "motivation" words. not like common names, 5E1, 4/4 (cckss lol) :) 

MEE REBUS for lunch at their canteen! Only $1.80!! Gosh been soo long since i last had such affordable -cheap- lunch ;D taste isn't too bad just that it isn't hot enough.. Funny thing is, I'm soo used to leaving my plates there after finishing my meal and ytsd I asked Zee if we're supposed to clear it ourselves LOL. Plus so used to Ngee Ann not needing to clear myself. :P

Miss Zee^^ <3
Babe, i can't thank you enough for these 1.5 days. <3 Without you, i wouldn't be able to survive cos i'm so blur and confused ): wouldn't even be the same even if other trainers. Have a good rest since we worked hard for two days and hope you'll recover ASAP! (yknow what i'm referring to..) Now just gotta wait for $$$ to roll in haha :) 

My final & last topic of the day ^^ Was soo worried that we would end early and have no activities to last them till 6 ): Thank god everything went pretty well and we let them off at around 530. :) 

Gonna re-charge fully before the next event which i believe would be more interesting :D Held at F1 Pit Building! But sadly it's corporate wear too ): 

So bro took a picture of me when i dozed off ytsd night. I decided to post it up cos i don't think it's THAT unglam hahaha. see my leopard preens nail ^^ idk what was i doing.. biting my nails? doubt i've this habit when sleeping though... HAHA

"A" Levels results was released ytsd at 230pm. How did you guys fare? 

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CONGRATS TO YOU ALL FOR SURVIVING THIS 2 YEARS :) Choose your path well because that'll determine your future and most possibly your future! 

To those who did well/up to expectation, *hugs* to you, great job :) it's a whole new journey ahead and no matter what happens in the future esp obstacles, never give up and always think of what makes you hold on in the first ever place. Think of the 2 years in your college years, think of the hard work and how far you've come <3 

To those who did not do as well, *hugs* to you too. it isn't the end. there's still many roads ahead for you to continue walking. don't stop, never give up. don't give up your dreams, it doesn't matter how long you'll take to accomplish it or how slow you're as long as you don't stop. :) Wipe your tears, brace on, LOOK FORWARD. Stay optimistic for negative gets you NOWHERE. Think ahead for the paths you gonna take in future. <3

To anyone, To everyone,

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I think two weeks later, the 16th, I'm gonna read this post and cheer myself up because it's MY turn to receive MY results :(( 
(It would be irony to give up since i wrote this post lol =s)

Till next time, ladies and gentlemen,

Char! :)

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