Monday, 19 March 2012

Four more days to weekends (and end of work!)! Counting down alr XO

Temple with mommy last Saturday after corp training! 
It was somewhere near Toh Guan! 
Enterprise Hub 48, #08-126

Had dinner there too, chicken rice! 
The people there are sooo nice & polite :)
Mom sweetie & i were pretty lost and we asked them fo directions! 
sooo kind too but that place is kinda ulu :( 
me no likey

The tofu sucks omg! 
But the vendor is nice so overall, thumbs up. :)
I think no matter how good your food is, if you're rude and stuck up, you'll still have poor business.
Vice versa yah 

Not convenient to take pics of the temple so not a single snapshot ): 
yknow uh, it's pretty disrespect to be takin' photos

Coming back to corp training, it's my last training with them before actual FAC! 
I feel pretty bad that i'm not spending enough time training them :\
i hope things will go well on Saturday and I await good news in Penang 
I can imagine my feelings on Saturday evening! 
Body in penang but soul/mind/heart in PLMGS gosh! 
*fingers crossed* i've 100% faith in my kids <3
do me proud, do us proud, do YOURSELVES proud, everyone! 


[credited to Google]

Last minute work assignment with F on Sunday afternoon! 
It was the setup for Gemfields event the next day aka Monday aka Today lol

It was a great afternoon with you dear! <3 
not to mention, with our Ang moh boss too lol ^^

It wasn't VERY busy but i'm glad the place is air-conditioned :)
It's at F1 pit building aka NDP 2011's holding room 
brings back lotsa memories for us, especially 2008 thou the holding room was at Suntec instead 

Our first "job scope" lol 
fairly simple, nothing too hard HA

The building looks ulu on the outside, but NUUUU it's pretty high-class in that particular room. and coincidentally, It's the same place where SJ was at last year :D

The view which i'm gonna face for the next 5 days ):

While working! (=

Look at the amount of stationary! 

Halogen fiber light! To erm... look @ the gemstone more clearly? i think, lol.

Hardworking at work hor.... ACT ACT ONLY (i know, you know HEHEHEHEH)
aye kidding, THANK YOU for helping me with the switch! :3

Slacking & camwhoring alr

AND THIS BABE, SLEEPING (ask Roger to cut your pay ^^)

I think I'm quite cute in this pic (above) hehehe don't cha think so too?
HAHAH OKIE, self-praise only XD bu yao lian

Had Popeyes before going home! 
It's pretty rare to have it cos there's no outlet in the West! ): 
I think the mashed potatoes is awesome except it's abit spicy
Overall taste doesn't suit well ):

BUT I <3 THE CHICKEN! HAHA i believe that's what attracts people to luv Popeyes ;)

Was sooo bloated but still went out with loves for dinner!
They makan, i look! RLY SOOO FULL.
It's at universe coffee house near Clementi (i think hahaha)

Baby loves XO

XO Fish head beehoon (2 THUMBS UP! I love how the XO taste is sooo great with the beehoon! I tried other places' before but doesn't taste as good!)

My hot milo! 
couldn't take any more soft drinks cos i had lychee drink & ice lemon tea earlier! ):

Sambal kangkong, mad love!

San lao hor fun! Good as well :)

Pretty love the dishes! Nothing too bad actually but it's only our 2nd visit and ordered same dishes LOL!
Forever the case hahah

First day of work! 
No time for camwhoring in the morning cos i woke up late! 
(are you thinking "yeah thank god no need see my face"???? hahaha)
Pretty thankful that I still reached on time! 

Couldn't take any pics because it's a private gemstone event by Gemfields! 
Kinda confidential i guess?
Only have this video of ME MYSELF 
(i whatsapp this to my mommy lol)

(Warning: don't watch it if you're sick of all my photos) 

Lunch was at 1230! 5 bucks somemore.
catered from ISS! Familiar right? SJAB. LOL.
Anyway don't understand why does it cost 5 bucks.
i thot $3.50 would be fine. 

But plus point is! We get to have drinks every now and then, like coffee/tea, juices etc
So it's orange juice overloads day ): 
and it's gonna be the same for the rest of the week sigh tsk 

Anyway coming back to the job scope, it's.. BORING, YA, BORING. 
First hour, i was yawning non-stop, soon, i was playing on ma phone
draw smth, hanging free, temple run, texting, whatsapp-ing and EVEN WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS
Yes, that boring :\
tweet: either i die of boredom, or i die of yawning
basically i just gotta weigh the gems in packs and pass them to the client to observe (is that the right word ._.)
and the routine IS THE SAME for every company. 
FYI, more than 30 companies -.-
For the rest of the 4 days, SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE, SAME STONES
I wonder how to survive but but but...

(yes that's my main point so in caps^^)
His name is Ethan (i think) NICE HOR?
HAHA actually even if his name was John/Peter, would be nice too awwwwww
No pics thou ;( he was there ytsd and F said he's (Y)-looking too! gosh maintain ah
other than appearances, he's a gentleman & helpful too hehe totally doesn't act likka boss
not like th other guy. -__- act like everyone owe him a million buck wtf 


[credited to Google]

PS. My female colleagues think that he's great too ^^ ESP HIS SMILE HIS SMILE HIS SMILE
okay enough about him 
he's my main motivation for the rest of the week... :d
okay enough about him (again .__.)

I rmb tellin' mommy that maybe i can "hook up" a rich merchant and prolly just marry off to India
(yes all rich Indians btw- not racist ah)
all interested in those emerald only, not even a glance at me, or even say "hello"
HAHAH okay lemme clarify, 
i'm not saying i'm very pretty or need people to say hi to me, 
but they rly don't talk to you, don't look at you, not even say "thank you" after finish viewing all stones -.-
rude right? yes they're. should have seen how they behave
threw pencil back on the table after borrowing it from us 
so in the end, i didn't even smile hahaha

okay better stop whining, i'm paid to do all these.
what rights do i have to complain? 


I shall survive. I will survive. I MUST survive. 

Oh aside from work, I'm in a dilemma of how to rank my IS elective modules!
Been having no IS for a year.. will be soo weird to have school on all 5 days next sem D:
I've 6 in mind! But i'm not sure which one i would wanna most :\ 
- understand r/s, love & sex (ERRRR everyone needs this i think lol)
- intro to social psychology (people's perception, judgement etc. good to know!)
- basic Spanish (always wanted to learn that after working in Serenity)
- business etiquette (useful in future right?)
- entrepreneurial & law (ermmm threaten people with law? HA)
- effective people management (so that i can manage my cadets & siblings better, esp my sis)

SEE??? I wanna learn all ): Can I?
how to rank...
shall think 'bout it during work haha bored rmb?

Can't wait to meet up with T this week & my girls next week! XO

That's all folks!
Have a great week ahead, lovelies! (:

last but not least,

Friends & everyone/anyone, pls help me vote for my 

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Till next time,

Char! :)

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