Monday, 5 March 2012

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Hi! Hello! 你好! नमस्ते!

(too lazy to google for "hello" in other languages LOL pardon me)

PS. Stay tuned till the end for my vlogs!!!! *excited not hehe lol

So it was Sunday aka family day ytsd! 

Met up with T, J & W in the afternoon for lunch!

Had pizza hut's prawn aglio alio and i miss Zesty's
on a side note, TOAST BOX is comin' to np (or came idk) 
i'm not a fan of it but i'm glad for a change :)

ok, i forgot what pizza is this but this is mad good! :) i prefer this to other flavors!

Realized that we didn't take group photos booo :(((

I'm soo proud of them for surviving these 2 years of college life! <3 You guys are great and you should know it :) I'm more glad that we're still keeping in touch despite having individual lives. Very very thankful for them X

after chatting with them over lunch, i begin thinking of my future after diploma. 2 years isn't very long. what am i to do after diploma? work in hotel industry? what if i cannot get into uni and pursue a degree? what if i can't get a good-paying job? what if i can't even graduate with a diploma? (idk how that happens but yeah whatever) when i think of "future", i see.. nothing. i don't see myself in the hotel industry. i  would love to pursue degree in law but that isn't possible, given my grades. not being pessimistic, just knowin' my own limits. it's time to think of "future" and what i wanna see myself to be in say, 5 years? 10 years? 

when i was in mbio, i see myself being a researcher/scientist in future, lol. after failing, after transferring course, i realized that i lost my direction of life and just going on with the flow. is that what life should be? i'm wondering...


So, Papa didn't have to work so as usual (on sundays), we had dinner tgt @ 天外天 @ Hougang! I believe the address is, Blk 6 Hougang Ave 3, from google, lol. There's a few other locations & you can find out at Google :) 

It's located in a coffee shop just like a "tze char" stall. VERY CROWDED AS USUAL! No matter which outlet we go, it's FOREVER crowded! And so, ah pa got their contact number and we'll call before making our way down next time! :D

They're famous for their 鱼头炉 (Teochew style! :D) so it's a MUST try when you're there.:) other dishes are pretty common just like sambal kangkong (with/without cuttlefish), fried chicken wings, ngoh xiang, prawn paste chicken, chili toufu with prawns etc. 

IMO, you must be really really patient to wait if not you would just be cursing and cursing. The waiting time is around half an hour IF they're fast! We had waited 1h+ before previously!! Super annoyed but LOOK AT THE CROWD, you'll just be turn off. THEN AGAIN, TRUST ME, GOOD FOOD IS WORTH THE WAIT AND YEZZZZ IT IS! 

Do drop by and try one day! Go there one hour earlier than your dinner time ok:) 

After dinner, we dropped by Swee Choon to get Lor Mai Gai & other dim sum! (dim sum for supper, lor mai gai for breakfast LOL supa greedy) 

Located @ 191 Jalan Besar , Singapore 208882 :) As expected/usual, a lot of people dining in and queuing to take away! There's a counter specially for taking away! :) 

the people dining in at 10+ 

Look at the menu! just by looking makes me drool! *greedy pig* it serves a lot of dim sum such as egg tarts, Har gao, Siew mai and Chicken Claws etc. 

AND! This superb place is awesome for late night dinner & supper for some! Just look at the opening hours..

Only ONE thing which isn't too good is.. it's not very accessible and even with cars, parking is uber tough there so ah pa never wanted to dine in :'( i hope they'll move to BPP! Hehe, in my dreams, maybe. :') 

their Portuguese egg tart. :) not too bad, rate 9/10 cos the taste isn't that strong, kinda bland i would say. still nice overall :) 

Idk what is this but there's prawns in there. Lol 2 THUMBS UP COS IT'S GOOD, VERY GOOD, SUPER GOOD! AHAHA MUST TRY (Y) HEHE

Ahhhh, this awesome lor mai gai! rly different from usual one but no pic of the actual cos i ate it HA! LOL. 

That concludes Sunday with lotsa food! Time to start my jogging routine! :(

That is me when I'm jogging, lol.

[credited to Google]

Today aka Monday is good! Simple yet great :) 

Had 2 driving lessons at one go, one at 13 20 & another at 21 10. Both non peak so cheaper! yezz i'm that cheapskate but it's a big difference of 10 bucks!! Can have 2 meals alr. -___- stupid BBDC. Now they gonna increase fees from next Thursday onwards so i gotta complete all practical stages by next week tsk! 

Learnt U-turn @ 1320. Pretty fun & not as tough as right turn! at least there's nothing much to rmb except the procedure :') 

[credited to Google]

So happy that the instructor rmb me from last lesson! :D rarely they'll rmb since they take sooo many students per day! imagine how many people they meet right? He looks so different after his new hair cut and w/o his shades! i don't even recognize him ): 

[credited to Google]

I kinda like him as an instructor! Fun, talkative (to pass time) and good teacher! 

Right after lesson, Westmall for simple (??!!) shopping! Spent like 50+ wtf. 

[credited to Google]

Let's see what I got!! 

(instead of me typing and you reading, i've done a vlog of my haul!)

check it out! 

Pictures from my haul! 

All 3 at $39.90! 
(U.P. $43.70) 

To prevent my lil bro from consuming it! LOL

Pretty excited to try this (X

my fav. facial mask currently. nice grain smell hehe lol

Lovin' myself, as usual. 
Who will love you if you don't even love yourself? 

Drivin' at 9pm was nothing much and it's pretty useless imo. 
it was learning how to drive on slope and controlling movement of the vehicle using handbrake then accelerator to get going. BUT! I'm driving a auto car! It isn't even needed in TP (according to my instructor) so why are we spending 60 bucks to learn it? -.-

Nevertheless, i still enjoy the feeling of being behind the wheels and driving on the streets :D

OH YEZZZZ So previously.. I bought this charcoal blackhead peel off mask. 
This vlog will show you my routine skincare with this peel off mask! Videos and pictures shall do the "talking" (: 

Warning: ULTRA SUPER UBER VERY painful when peelin' off! (but maybe it's cos of my low tolerance fo pain) fuck the salesgirl who said it's sooo enjoyable to use it & when you peel it off, you'll love the sensation (sounds sick i know) AND NO PAIN AT ALL. but NUUUU IT'S FUCKING PAIN like burning and peelin' off your skin torturing you 

i wanna promote this product but turns out to be the opposite because of the pain -___- trust me, it's all worth it.
IT. IS. EFFECTIVE. (for me, that is)

From this korea shop at BPP.. :)

This is how it looks like on my nose lol..

PS. I know i look retarded, don't have to remind me, thanks (=

Okay that's all, i better turn in for work at 230pm tmrw! thank god it's at the west side and i can sleep in more! pig is me bye bye X

Char! :)

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