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*Taken during work previously, looks cool right, with the microphone hahahahaa

Tried twelve cupcakes on Monday when I went  over to Raffles Place for a job briefing :) Had 6 pieces for $17 and tried one of the Monday special :D 

Doesn't look that nice cos it was kinda "destroyed" when i accidentally hit the carrier with the pillar LOL. Tasted not too bad esp. cookies&cream :) red velvet was kinda too sour for me and peanut butter was too sweet ): Lol. picky tooth. overall it isn't as nice as what people claimed cos IMO, the muffin part is too common. ): not that moist too. 

There's a few locations selling so you guys can check 'em out at their website here :) 

So there's this question on FS askin' me what i'm obsessed about & my answer is...


YEZZZZZ obsessed with leopard prints. my wallet, my bag, my micro cloth, my NAILS, my organizer etc etc AND MY iPhone casing toooo!! Gonna snap some pics and maybe post tmrw? ;) so excited over leopard stuff. GOES LIKE WOO LA LA :D a lil bimbotic sometimes to be so leopard-y. while there're people who think that some girls can't carry off leopard prints top/dress cos it just looks SLUTTY. No matter what, i still love it <3 HAHAH

Star$ breakfast on Wednesday after driving. Mad insanely tired cos i had driving at 730ammmmmm. earliest of all. Had problem waking up but sis digged me outta bed. Bad idea to drive SOOOO Early cos there was soo many vehicles on the road ): not worth th $$$ to drive in the morning, all wasted on waiting. Tsk. even circuit has lotsa cars than usual -____- Ended lesson around 9+ and went to get breakfast. :) craving badly for star$ so i had this red peppers wrap and hot white chocolate mocha. :) both awesomely good! costed 9 bucks only. THUMBS UP.

LOOKS YUMMY HAHAHAAH shall try the rest soon :)) first time tryin' their breakfast thou i love star$! always can't wake up on time for it. 

White choco mocha is (Y) be it hot or frappe. :D 

Virgin try at Activa oak charcoal peel off mask ytsd night. it was.... an unique experience. 

Bought it @ Watsons, 6 bucks per piece. A lil high price :/
Supposed to use it with some hydrating mask right after peelin' off but i couldn't find it at watsons ): 

This is how it is after putting on. Highly encouraged NOT to touch your hairline, lip & eyes area.

Looks horrible i know. Up till this "stage", there's no pain. Just very troublesome to apply and all your fingers will be soooo black BUT easy to wash off so no worries ladies! 

While waiting for it to dry up, i was surfing the net & watching YouTube. Found Rookies' Diary (心兵日記)  and i started watching it but sadly, the full series wasn't uploaded ): such a funny Taiwan show which shows how army life is at Taiwan. SUPA FUNNY SWEAR! :D

So after 20 mins, the mask is dried up and i gotta peel it off! instructions is written overleaf the mask sheet :)
HURT LIKE FUCKING CRAZY WHEN PEELING OFF GOSH. totally unexpected. it felt like my whole face is burning & someone is bbq-ing my face D: That's imo as i've low tolerance for pain like this. teared a lil :/

This is how it looks like after peeling off. Just like some paper sheet :/ SUPER PAIN. Can't rly comment on the effect as i only tried it once. maybe i can try it again but the pain is.... yeah yknow ):

After peeling off.. 

Finally had a good night sleep after facial mask :) skin always feel good, smooth and soft <3

First day aka second last day of work! Feels so corporate. 

SO CORPORATE RIGHT? Gonna wear long pants tmrw insteaf of skirt. 

W/ ZTW, my partner for teaching :) We reached like one hour earlier than the reporting time and we were chatting under the sun, at the bus stop. 

The second pic: we actually camwhored while the girls were doing some discussion/activity HAHA! hence explained this angle of pic 

So venue was SCGS and i'm sooo surprised that it's both Primary level and Secondary level combined! Nowadays young girls are rly sweet-looking and pretty (: don't think i look so nice and sweet when i was younger. haha thick skin after applying mask uh huh 

This capsule kinda thing is pretty cool and pretty in rl :) 
*PS. look at Zee's #likkaboss pose HAHAHAHA kiddin' 

They've swings in their parade square too! (do they call that parade square or quadrangle?)

Our booklets - THE "GOLD" PROGRAMME

The girls are sooo enthu, active & nice!! :D<3333
they rly participate in all activities and discussion and made no trouble for us *thank god* 
was pretty much nervous at first as i'm confused over what to teach and it's the first time teaching so seriously! there's teacher sitting at the back of the classroom too so kinda nerve-wrecking. very thankful there's Zee with me and also the girls who were sooo cooperative and nice ;) i'm sure tmrw will be better hehe <3 one full day tmrw! 8 - 5 pm  

Our "workplace" haha. this gave me an experience in teaching and i gotta say it wasn't too bad except i don't think i would go into teaching :/ just not ma cup of tea, haha. nevertheless, enjoyed this half day teaching ^^

So i gotta wake up at 5+ tmrw cos work starts at 8 ): we gotta reach by latest 745 to settle down and get ready all the materials. Thankfully i'm only taking half day and Zee will take over after lunch. (=

Super tired so i shall turn in after this post! 

ANYWAY This is the feecha post i was referring to in my previous post:

So obvious enough, I'm @paperandkisses haha and this babe @Annaleigh actually checked out Jassyjanes and have positive reviews! do check 'em out :) 

Thanks soooo much babe!!! :D

Btw, i'm sellin' this in perfect condition 10/10

*Credits to

Selling @ 23mailed :) 
Any babes interested or any enquiries can email me at :)
NO DEAD BUYERS PLS. Hate to deal with people like this :(

Okay till next time! xoxo

Char! :)

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